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   Chapter 4 The Arrogant CEO

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"Omg he is really an arrogant man. he was about to kick me out of his cabin...I never meant to irritate him but he was so pissed! I should not behave like that it was an unprofessional way of expressing my happiness...well I have to be more careful in the future...I should inform my uncle about the good news."

Maya thought to herself and She grabbed her phone from her purse and dialed Milan's number.

" hey what's up girl? Did you finish the interview? Shall I come there to pick you?"

" uncle! I am so happy! I got the job and he asked me work here for three months on probation.!"

" wow! That was amazing! Well congrats dear! I will tell your aunt and Mishel about the news! We will celebrate it at night."

" Of course and the treat is on me uncle! Ask Mishel to find some nice restaurants so that we can celebrate to from there!"

" Yeah I will."

"Thank you for sending my application here! it was because of you I got this job."

" Hey you silly girl it's just an application and you got this because of your hard work."

"Hmmm, Uncle I think someone is waving at me I will call you later, need to go."

" It's ok dear! bye, I will pick you in the evening! Take care!"

" You too, uncle."

Maaya saw Lisa waving her hands at her and asking her to go there. She walked fast after keeping her phone inside and finally, she reached before Lisa who was smiling at her happily.

Maya was confused she should be the one who supposed to give her a warm smile for getting this job and why is she behaving weirdly. Maya couldn't understand the sudden happiness on Lisa's face and she too smiled at her.

" Congrats Maya! I am happy that you got the job!Sorry for not introducing myself to you. Well... I am Lisa Steve the former PA of your boss!"

" Thank you Lisa! But why are you so happy for me? I mean I should ve the happiest one not you right?"

" Ho it's a long story dear, You are from a different country and that was why you don't have any idea about our Boss. I was appointed as his PA by his grandfather and When I was asked to work with him I was happy like any other teenager for getting the golden opportunity to serve him but his attitude and temper made me realize the fact that working with him is nothing but hell. I am not up to frighten you my girl but it's the truth."

"Oh, I see. Did he fire you, Lisa?"

Maya's face becomes so pale hearing her comment on their boss. She knew that the man is rude but little did she know that the man is a real terror. She gulped the lump formed inside her throat and her palms began to sweat. The question came out more like a whisper and Lisa rubbed her shoulders to pacify her.

" Just calm down hotty. He is not always rude and I will teach you the technique to keep him calm, and I am the one who is resigning the job."

" Thank you, Lisa. But why are you resigning this job? Did he force you to sign the resignation letter? Did he threaten to kill you?"

" No No No. He is not a monster. He never wanted me to resign from this job and he had offered me a double salary too but I am moving out with my husband to London! So I won't be able to continue here! And we were in the search of a perfect girl who could be molded into a perfect PA!and finally, the quest ended and we have got you!."

" Thank you, Lisa. But I don't think that I can handle him. He is too arrogant."

" Did he ask you to get out?"

" Yeah. But how did you know that?"

" I knew everything about him sweaty. Don't worry you are going to be a perfect PA to him.'

" Thank you so much, Dear."

" Ok Listen, Maya. He has asked me to teach you the whole PA stuff by the end of this month. So I want you to start the job from today onwards. I have arranged your cabin here. You can use the new I phone and Ipad too. Your PC has been sent to update some settings. I will give you the index of the works you are going to do for him."

" Ok Lisa. I don't need this phone. I have already bought a new phone and my granny bought this."

" Yeah But it's an old model and I don't thi

nk that you are allowed to use it in the office."

"I can use it, It's my phone and why would I need to get permission from our Boss to use my phone?'

" You clearly don't have any ides about him. You are such a silly little kitten."

" Lisa. can you please tell me about him? I mean what makes him angry and what should I be careful about?"

"Of course. Talking about his official matters, He is a very strict, punctual man who never forgives you for your silly mistakes. He can sue you like anything his denial letter won't give you a job anywhere in this city. He is too powerful and rich. He never entertained people to do their work unprofessionally or half done. His main focus was on bagging deals and getting richer."

" What? He is a billionaire and he wanted more money. Unbelievable Lisa. !"I know it sounds weird but I don't think that I am going to stick on here."

" I know it sounds tough but we can do it. You will find some difficulties first but you will get used to everything in a while. So don't get tensed! But wait a minute, What the hell happened to you? Are you nervous jQuery21406721764175496763_1585055091338? why are you so sad? I mean your face has become pale as if you saw a ghost!!! what was troubling you?."

"No dear! I am perfectly alright!!! There is nothing to worry's just a mild headache since I had skipped my breakfast. I am good. Please, carry on Lisa "

"OMG! You didn't have anything in the morning and it is going to be noon. Do you want me to order anything for you?. Or shall we go to Starbucks?."

" No Lisa I am fine! Thank you for asking me! It's not a big deal."

" Maya please don't skip your food! In fact, you should be having double breakfast to get extra energy to withstand the outcomes of becoming his PA. I don't want to frighten you but it is the truth!.do you need coffee??

"No thanks...I will be careful to have a proper breakfast.!"

" OK! Shall I continue to read the chart?."

" Of course.! Go on."

" Ok, we will start with his meetings and other schedules for one week!I have already prepared the chart and you need to update the list by prioritizing them and he needs coffee at 10am with 2 sugar cubes and no cream....and those are the lists of people whom he never wants to contact him. You can say that they are all blacklisted. did you get me dear?"

" yup !go on Lisa I am listening "

"it's your first day and I don't want to stress you out, dear..."

"hmmm, that's so nice of you!! !hey, Lisa can you help me?"

"of course dear...I have sensed something is bothering you! Now just tell me what is it? spit it out!."

"Why is he mad at everything??? Just a moment before he was about to kick me out from there...I was really shocked Lisa? Is he bipolar or something? How is he, Lisa? Do you really think that I should accept this job!"

"Oh, my dear .... that was why you became so pale!!!! Well you are right, he is mad but not bipolar! I don't want to frighten you by detailing his character. But you should know him otherwise you can not survive here!.

" Ok."

" Our boss is the young CEO of the Lystone groups. He did not like to repeat himself and keep in mind that never ever fall for him. He is a well-known playboy in the City. He can use you and break you within seconds after having fun with you. So always listen to him and please be punctual. He just hates latecomers!.I know he is handsome and rich. Girls will do anything to attract him towards them and he just hates it especially inside his office! He had no interest in them. He is a playboy but he never entertained anyone to fall for him. If he wanted someone he will take them into his bed but only after the office hours. He will make a deal with them and he used to pay them pretty much money for warming up his bed!. But if they started to love him and act as his girlfriend in public or in any event he will make sure that they are kicked out of the city. He will haunt them like nightmare!You must be thinking why am I telling you all these dirty secrets of him, right?"

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