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   Chapter 4 The Arrogant CEO

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" It's ok dear! You don't need to hate him. It's his private life and I just wanted to warn you since you are going to be his new PA. "

" yeah, you are right Lisa!. I don't want to interfere in his life!."

" you should also take care of some things!. Do not flirt with any employees in our office. He just hates it. He will call you at any time even on Sundays so always prepare yourself for that. Being his PA you need to travel with him abroad to attend his business deals and meetings.!"

" I am ok with it but do he really assign duties for us on Sundays too?"

"  Yeah, and he will pay you twice the salary!."

" But still it's wrong. We need Sundays to spend with our family right? I don't want to get called by him. It is so annoying!."

" yeah it is but we could not do anything about it since we are signing the job contract for 1 year!."

" whatever!."

" shall we start to learn the other important sections of your job?."

" Yeah, sure!."

Lisa started to explain her duties. She was

Impressed in her to see that she is a quick learner and her coordination skill is awesome. She was happy that she could leave the office after handing over her duties to Maya confidently. She can do it very well and Lisa was happy to leave the company without any issues!.

It was around 1 pm and Lisa brought Maya to their office cafeteria on the top floor. Lisa saw her friends over there and she took Maya with her so that she can introduce her to them.

" Hi everyone!. This is Maya and she is the new PA of our CEO and Maya this is Britney from the finance department, Lilly from HR and Max from sales!."

"  Hi everyone.!"

" Hey you are so lucky to be his PA, I mean he is hot, handsome and bloody rich and girls including me wanted to be with him. Oh God, I envy you.!"

" What? I don't think so, Lilly!. He must be handsome and rich but he is arrogant and ruthless. I don't think he deserves your attention since you are so naive and simple and you deserve the best dear!."

" Do you really think that I deserve a better one?."

" Of course Lilly!. And you will find your prince soon who will cherish his love for you and you would have a feeling like you are on cloud nine!."

"Thank you, Maya. I think I should not get crazy for him!. "

" Yeah, that's it!."

" I think you are pretty good at convincing people and I think you are going to be a great PA of that health freak!."

" Thank you, Britney!."

" I think our CEO will be in great trouble if you work for him staying nearby hid side!."

" What do you mean Max?."

" Don't get me wrong! You are so hot and gorgeous and I wonder how is he going to survive with you? He is a womaniser and a playboy who just used to ditch girls like tissues and you are going to give him a hard time sweety!."

" Stop it, Max, you are actually frightening her!."

" Hey, I am sorry Maya, I didn't mean to frighten you!."

" it's ok Max!."

" Are you from India? Are you staying with your parents?."

" Yeah and I am an Indian and I am staying with my uncle and his family!."

" Oh, that was nice!."

" Come to Maya let's leave it's already late and we should be leaving now!."

" ok Lisa, bye friends!."

Lisa and Maya left their friends in the Cafeteria and they just ran back to her cabin to finish off the pending works.

Max didn't want Maya to leave him so soon and when she was with them, he was staring at her as if she is the only person sitting before him!. He wanted to know her more and make her his. He knew that Aiden could easily get her into his bed since he is the most handsome man their company. So he made a description of his boss's private life to her in order to make her stay away from him. He wanted to meet her and confess her his feelings for her but he was really worried if she rejects him at once he won't be able to take the pain. So he decided to wait for the perfect time!.

" Hey, Max what happened to you? "

"Nothing happened!."

" Do you have a crush on


" who told you the stupidity, Lilly?."

" Don't try to fool us!. We knew that you felt something for her!."

" Na it's just she is so gorgeous and I was just enjoying the view before me!."

" That was a gross man!."

" Come ladies it's getting late!. We need to get back!."

Max left with his friends to their cabin and Max wanted to meet Maya. So he decided to meet her in the evening and offer her a ride to her home!."

Lisa explained her the one-fourth of her duties and she was really impressed in Maya! When it was around 4 pm, Lisa just left the office informing Aiden since she has a consultation with the doctor and Aiden gave her the permission!."

Maya completed the remaining works and she began to knock Aiden's room for his permission to leave. She actually didn't want to go inside his room because of his anger management issues!."

" come in!"

" Excuse me, sir, can I leave now!"

" yes!"

" Thank you!."

When Maya was about to leave the room he asked her!.

" Are you from India?"

" Yes!"

" Ok! Tomorrow be here at 8 am and do things properly! I don't like to hear excuses! If I am giving you something, do it correctly within the given time!."

" Ok, sir!."

" what are you waiting for? I have done talking to you! And it's your cue to leave my room!"

" Sorry, sir!."

Maya literally rushed back to her cabin and got her purse and left the cabin within seconds. She was really worried to hear his comments! Her heart was beating loudly and her breathing became heavy. She git inside the elevator and reached the parking lot and she was shocked to see her waiting for her inside his car. She seated beside him and gulped the bottle of water she saw in the car.!

" Are you alright Maya? You are sweating heavily and your whole body us shivering? Have you seen a ghost?."

" it's nothing Uncle. I was in a hurry and I reached here almost running because of which I became so thirsty!."

" But what happened your phone? I had been calling you for half an hour but there was no reply from you!."

" My phone!. Oops, it's in my cabin. Uncle, can you wait in here? I am going to get it back! Hope you don't mind waiting!."

" No, take your time honey!."

Maya went back to her cabin and when she was searching for it. She bumped on a wall and she closed her eyes tightly because she was about to fall on the floor, but someone grabbed her a pulled her towards him.

She opened her eyes gradually to see Max smiling at her.

" ho, it was you, Max. Thank you so much for helping me out.!"

Maya removed his hands from her and she found it annoying to be close with him.

" What are you doing here?"

" I just can't check you. Can I drop you to your home?."

"No thanks, my uncle is actually waiting for me. "

" well next time if you need a lift just feel free to ask me!"

"of course!"

" ok so do you want me to wait for you till you leave!"

" no no it's fine! I just wanted to use the washroom and I will leave once I finish my business three!."

"Ok so bye Maya. !"

" Bye Max!"

Maya knew that something is not just right about Max. During their lunch, he was only starting at her and it really irritated her!. She has no such interest in him and she didn't want to give him any false hopes. so she had deliberately avoided him and she knew that he was hurt. But she found it right to make him realise the fact at the earliest.

Maya began to search for her phone on the table and on the floor. She was so lost in her search that she had again bumped on a big wall, but this time she fell on the ground and she hurt her leg badly.

" Not again! Max, Are you waiting for me? You should have left! It's already late!."

Maya rubbed her hair and murmured it without noticing the person before her. But hen she did not get any response from Max, she raised her head up to see him but to her surprise, it wasn't Max, she had bumped on. It was him and Maya could clearly see the annoyance in his face!

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