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   Chapter 3 Meeting the CEO

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She stepped inside the elevator and pressed the door to 50 the floor.... the lift opened revealing a beautiful office at the end of the floor..she went directly there ..every candidate is waiting inside a hall near to the office. when she was about to sit there she saw Melisa coming out of the cabin.she was very angry and ready to break everything on her path and the girl looked like a mess, Some of them were laughing at her while others were sad to see her in such agony.

Maya was little tensed and she started to pray her favorite goddess matha Devi, to give her enough strength. she saw all the candidates wearing a slutty dress for the interview and she found herself as the odd one out since she wore something professional and it covered her whole body.

She felt disgusted and annoyed to see the ladies making their outfits more and more revealing before going inside the cabin to attend the interview. She could not guess what was going inside the office room because everyone used to come crying or cursing the interviewers.

She was tensed and worried to attend the interview. Her fingers began to tremble to see them crying and she felt sorry for them.

"Maya Sharma. "

"it's me"

"Oh! what are you waiting for jQuery21406721764175496763_1585055091338?? It's your turn. Just go inside"

Lisa finished her sentence and lifted her chin to see the girl. Lisa couldn't take her eyes off her and she watched at her nonchalantly, she has never seen such a gorgeous girl before her and she was happy that the girl was not wearing any revealing clothes to provoke her Boss. Lisa wished her all the best.

Maya was nervous when she entered the cabin she found Lisa standing beside a Man. She has never seen such a handsome man, he was going through some papers and she was just admiring the magnificent creation of God. She couldn't take her eyes off him. His face is just perfect with hazel color eyes and long eyelashes. He has got a perfect jawline with dark brown color hair which was perfectly combed back. His body smell mixed with the smell of cologne was an addictive one and she inhaled the heavenly smell. She saw there was mysterious and dangerous cold aura around his head which frightened her the most.

" Oh My God! what a handsome Devil! Priya must see him and she will go crazy to see him for real."

"Excuse me ... please be seated ..."

" hoo hmmm ha ok ... thank you..."

Lisa rolled her eyes at Maya and she excused her boss.

"Thank God they didn't hear me..."

Maya took the seat before Aiden, He has already lost his patience because of the slutty candidates and the last candidate has pissed him off. He thought Maya would be the same as them. He asked her only one question

" How far will you go to bag a deal mean If it's about pleasing the customer sexually."

" What the hell? I heard you people are interviewing us for the post of your PA and I didn't know that you are expecting a sex worker here who will sell her body for monetary benefits of your company. Well, I think I am a misfit for this job."

Aiden was not expecting that and when she was about to exit the room he asked her to complete the interview and she agreed to him. Aiden realized that the girl is not here to seduce him and he took her resume to go through it.

Maya took the seat cursing him inside her mind, she didn't know that the person before her will ask such shameful things openly to her. She has completed her studies from a convent and she felt it disgusting to have sex before marriage. She rolled her eyes at him and bit her lips so hard to pacify herself. She knew that he was going through her resume and it made her little uncomfortable, she started to feel nervous and rubbed her palms together.

Aiden began to study her resume, he never expected that the girl has an excellent grade in her academics and she has completed her studies from IIT. He was quite impressed in her resume and asked a complicated question and she answered it with perfect examples. She finished her answers and his full focus was on her resume.

" Excuse me, sir Is there anything you wanted to know?"

" No, It's okay. I just wanted to know that you..... "

Aiden looked

at her for the first time and he couldn't finish his sentence. She is drop-dead gorgeous from top to bottom. She is wearing only light makeup and her black hair which was tied up as bun. She is so pure and innocent. Her pointed nose, thick black eyebrows everything looked just perfect. she has beautiful black eyes and fluffy rose lips which were inviting him to taste its sweetness. He could feel the hardness inside his pants and he knew that he was sexually aroused because of her.

Maya was very uncomfortable seeing her boss staring at her without blinking his eyes and she stayed silent for a while but she couldn't bear the burning glance of him and she asked him politely.

"Sir you were about to say something to me."

" Ho Yeah I was. I just find out that you are an IITian and I am quite impressed in your profile too. Well about the job, You see we need experienced candidates for this job and you lacked it. So I was thinking to keep you here on a contract basis and when you will finish the three-month contract efficiently, I will give you this job."

" What? Are you giving me the chance to prove myself?"

" Yeah."

" Wow, I got this job and I will become permanent after the 3 months probation. You are such a nice man and I am so happy for me. Thank you, sir, Thank you so much."

Maya couldn't believe her ears and she jumped off her seat and started to clap her hands. She was behaving like a kid turning around and stomping her feet. Aiden was mesmerized in her beauty. She has got a perfect curvy shape with a rounded breast and a thin waist with a nice ass. He couldn't control the pain inside his pants and he was angry at her for making him suffer too much.

" Get out!"

She heard the commanding voice from him and she was embarrassed in her behavior.

" Sorry sir, I didn't mean to irritate you. It's just that I am so happy to ."

" I told you to get your ass out of here. Can't you hear me you fool?"

Maya became speechless to hear him and she left the place at once with a sad face. But before closing the door she replied to him.

" I am sorry."

Aiden knew that she was hurt and he never wanted to show her that her charms have affected him. Her attire and her elegance everything attracted him and he was trying hard to get her out of his mind.

She left his room within seconds...Aiden was staring at her back...she wore a simple peach color polka-dotted shirt and skirt which perfectly covered her hourglass body..she never tried to seduce him nor showed her boobs to him. she was dressed neatly with minimal makeup, yet she looked stunning...he never starred any girl like this before even Mia is nothing before her! but she is different..she is unique and innocent...moreover her black eyes are just like his mother's...Her smile brought happiness to his heart. He wanted to know more about her since She is a super gorgeous girl with a hot and sexy body and he never felt the attraction towards anyone. Even Mia was also not able to make him stare at her lustfully!

" what the hell? Why am I thinking about that bitch! I thought this one is different but she made me remember Mia who is the queen of bitches. I hate to remember her and the feeling is just killing me!. I think I am overreacting, she must be beautiful but she could not get hold of me. I must be sexually frustrated since I had not enjoyed my nightlife these days! I must go to the pub and fuck some bitches until I release my frustration."

Aiden took his phone from the pocket and called his best friend Roxy.

" Hey, wats up man? Are you alright?"

" Na I am fucked up. I was thinking about to visit your pub today."

" Wow! You are welcome, man. I will be there at 10 Pm. Are you coming alone? or you are taking Catherine with you."

" Catherine? Who was that?"

" You didn't remember her. The famous model. You were with her when we met last time."

" Oh is it? I didn't remember her."

" Oh man, you are unbelievable. I think you had already bid bye to her by sending flowers to her."

" Think so. Lisa had managed them and I just need to allot some funds for them."

" Yeah. Typical playboy. Anyway, see you at 10."

" Yup. Bye man"

" Bye."

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