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   Chapter 2 Nervous to attend the Interview

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Maaya reached her uncle's home and he gave her the most beautiful room in his apartment. Uncle Milan was living with his family Julia, his wife and Mishel his one and only one daughter...Mishel who is only 10 years old...

Everyone greeted her with gifts and hugs ....but still she missed her nanny so badly....aunt Julia gave her breakfast with orange juice ....she drank it but didn't feel like eating the French

Toast...after which she went to her room to take rest...

Her uncle's house was a two-floor apartment and it was neatly arranged by her aunt Julia. Her room was on the second floor. She liked her room and it was painted in pink which was her favourite colour, Priya used to taunt her because of her craziness for pink. Maya realised that she forgets to call Priya to inform her that she has been reached safely. She took the phone and called her bestie.

When she was chatting with Priya her uncle Milan came to her room and asked her future was an unexpected question from him but she told him that she is in the search of jobs.., then her uncle told her the vacancy in lystonne enterprises.." I want you to be an independent girl Maaya ..just like your mother. I have already sent your CV for the job vacancy of PA in lystonne enterprises ....don't get me wrong.."

"What !!!! omg lystonne enterprises!!! uncle, I don't think they are going to hire me because they always pick the best ..unfortunately I am not the best..."

"Oh come on Maya it is just an interview...try your luck sweetheart....your hard work will get paid soon, baby...Now you take the shower and come with us...your aunt wants to get some nice western dress for you ...make it fast Maya..everyone is actually waiting for you !"

"Ohh I will try my best uncle but please don't spend too much on me ... I have already bought some..."

" but they are not from New York, right? come with us... We are going to make this day a wonderful one. You sister had already got outside and she did not like to get waited! Come let's go!"

"hmmm..well then it's ok! I coming!"

They all went shopping and bought numerous things for her and Mishel.... they had the lunch from the Hard Rock Cafe ...Maya was very happy...

After having lunch and watching the movie Aquaman they all went back to home...

"thank you made my day...."

" Oh come on honey you are like our bigger daughter... Mishel's sister no hard feelings...."

"hmmm...God night auntie "

"Good night sweetie "

" shall I sleep with you Maya "

"of course baby ...come with me..."

"yuppie ??"

"Mishel don't disturb her! She must be tired! You can sleep with us, baby!"

" it's ok uncle, I don't mind!"

" by the way! your interview is on tomorrow... Don't forget.."

"ok uncle Goodnight"

"Good night"


Aiden was sitting in his office cabin scanning the CVs of eligible candidates...Lisa was helping him to rearrange his schedule...

"Start the interview"

He told her and asked her to call the candidates one by one!

"ok sir"

Lisa got outside and addressed the candidates. And she informed them that the interview is going to begin. She called the first name from the list.

"'s your turn get inside and all the best"

"thank you"

Melissa got in and she just seated before Aiden. She was mesmerised in his handsomeness and began to scan his whole body lustfully. she didn't realise that he had been calling out her name!

" are you deaf! If you can't get off your eyes from me, I don't mind giving you a pic of me!"

She was embarrassed to hear his comment but she never showed it in her face.

" sorry sir but you are unique!"

She was wearing a transparent cloth As if she wants to reveal her whole body to the CEO. she was trying hard to make

Aiden fall for her, her hip movement and her slutty voice everything made him angrier....unfortunately her effort scattered into million pieces When Aiden told her to consult a sexologist for her sexual frustration. Melissa left the hall almost on the verge of one was Lilly then Sofia etc....but all of them tried to seduce him, it pissed him more... He wanted his PA to decent and professional.

He was annoyed to go on the interview and was about to hand over the burden of interviewing to his PA. But when he heard Lisa telling him that there was one more candidate is still waiting outside to get interviewed, he asked Lisa to call her.


She reached before the lystonne enterprises at 10:45 am and she was shocked to see the building it has around 53 floors and it was in a spiral shape with beautiful glasses... It was a unique piece of art and she liked its interior too.

She wished the guards good morning and find a receptionist in the front...

"Gd morning ...I am here for an interview...can you guide me there"

"of course .., it is on the 50the floor. You can use the elevator to get there and it's on the furthest end of the corridor. All the best!..."

" Thank you!"

Finally, she went inside...she was shocked to see the interior of the building she has never seen such marvellous chandelier inside the office and it was brightening like the morning sun. The wall paintings, lights and the furniture were awesome. It was such an excellent piece of work...she stepped inside the elevator and pressed the door to 50 the floor.... the lift opened revealing a beautiful office at the end of the floor..she went directly there ..every candidate is waiting inside a hall near to the office. when she was about to sit there she saw Melisa coming out of the cabin.she was very angry and ready to break everything on her path''. ...

Maaya was little tensed and she started to pray her favourite goddess matha, Devi, to give her enough strength. she saw all the candidates wearing a slutty dress for the interview and she found herself as the odd one out since she wore something professional and it covered her whole body. She felt disgusted and annoyed to see the ladies making their outfits more and more revealing before going inside the hall to attend the interview. She could not guess what was going inside the office room because everyone used to come crying or cursing the interviews. She was tensed and worried to attend the interview. Her fingers began to tremble to see them crying.

"Maaya Sharma "

"its me"

"what are you waiting for ???? It's your turn ...come inside"

Maaya was nervous when she entered the cabin she found Lisa standing near a Man.. he was like a Greek good...handsome with a perfect jawline..and those beautiful green eyes..his perfectly built body...those strong muscles..he looked like a Hollywood actor. But his eyes were cold and a dangerous cold aura was around his head which frightened her. But his eyes had the power to attract anyone to him.

"omg, what a handsome man!!!!"

She thought to herself!.

"excuse me ... please be seated ..."

" hoo hmmm ha ok ... thank you..." thank God they didn't hear me..."

Maaya took a seat before Aiden

Lisa left them after wishing Maaya all the best

Aiden just ignored her ..those sluts candidates were already pissed him off.. he thought Maaya would be same as them. He asked her only one question "why do you want this job?"

She began to give him the answer in a well-coordinated manner that Aiden was actually impressed, but without sparing a single glance to her he went through her CV...his just eyes got sparkled reading it.she has completed her studies from MIT with pretty good marks...Aiden looked her for the first time. And she took his breath away.!

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