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   Chapter 1 Maya and Aiden

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She turned back to look the locked house where she had spent those beautiful days with her nanny? Sagun Sharma since her nanny is no more she can't spend the rest of her life there... today she will fly all the way to New York City to start a new life... it was her uncle Milan Sharma who insisted her to leave India and start a new life in New York... she is such a stunning beauty that her uncle doesn't want her to stay alone....

After leaving her nanny's home she visited her best friend Priya Agarwal who is currently working in a company as HR manager.......when Maya arrived at Priya's flat Priya gave her a tight hug...

"hey Maya when are you leaving????

"evening 6 pm "

"hmmm seems like you are excited to go there...well!!don't forget me after all I am your bestie and always be in touch"

" hey why are you so sad yaar....I am not excited to go there.., , you know the real reason of the so called New York trip!!!"""

"don't tell me it's because of that Rahul Ahooja the arrogant playboy in your college"

"yes...he is really making me crazy I don't like him and I had already told him... but he is kind of forcing me to be his girl friend.... I will go crazy denying him!"

"but he is actually good looking and rich. You are also a stunning girl and you guys are just made for each other then why do you keep on rejecting him ??"

"Priya he is a playboy and he needs me for a one night stand I guess! He is not in love with me, its just an infatuation and I don't want to be the girlfriend of a person who is only interested in my body!"

"omg ....stay away from him... I thought he was in real Love with you! Anyway!!I am gonna miss you dear .. "

"me too yaar"

"hey it's already late you need to catch the flight hurry up "

"oops !I am coming "

They reached at the airport and Priya gave her a beautiful chain with locket M

"wow it's awesome man I loved it... thanks you"

"love you too!!!! Bye "

"bye priya "

Maya hugged her last time and went inside to catch her flight.....

Maya was sad to leave her friend but she has no other go, Rahul had always tried to force him on her. And when she had no one left in India. She didn't want to stay here to get haunted by that arrogant bastard. So she decided to stay with her uncle who was living with his wife and daughter. She never wanted to be a burden for them but Rahul is acting weird these days.whenever he saw her alone in anywhere he will start to touch her in appropriate way even after her denial. He is trying too hard to make her his. She never liked him or loved him but he made her say that she was in love with him and love him until her last breath because he threatened her that he will jump off from their college building. He was actually standing in the terrace of that building and it was a 50 feet long building. Everyone has gathered around before it and she was summoned there by his friends. she could barely see him standing in the top of the building. Her friends, teachers and the students were began to curse her and scold her for denying his true love and forced her to say that she loves him.

She was literally crying that day but she finally said those words to him.

" Rahul I love you!"

He got down from the building and kissed her cheeks. It was a disgusting and she felt so annoyed. She was trying hard to make him realise the reality of their relationship but he never listened to her! He made her sit with

him in the canteen and in their class room. Somehow she had completed her studies and when her uncle told about the idea to settle in New York. She agreed to him at once without thinking much. She wanted to run away from him and she had deleted her profile from the social networking sites. She had warned her friend Priya not to share her details to him.

She had already handed over her resume and other details to her uncle for applying some jobs.

Aiden Eric Lystonne

Auden was the son of billionaire Bruce Lyston. He had lost his parents including his little brother at the age of 10. His grandparents looked after him all these years. Aiden was a simple, kind and a loving man. But his girlfriend Mia's treachery made him a man of iron. She has cheated him without friend Alex and it broke his heart. He wanted to touch her after their marriage but she forced him to have sex with her and he did the same to make her happy. But she was a snake, she never loved him and she always wanted his money. Aiden's granny never liked her and Aiden never bought her to his home. He was actually waiting for his grandparent's blessings for their marriage. But he caught her cheating him with his best friend.

He started to drink alcohol and he had slept with so many ladies to forget her but he could not forget her and her memories made him consume more drinks. He could not concentrate on his business and his company was about to get perished. But his grandfather Luthey Lyston forced him to stay in a rehabilitation centre and finally he refrained from the habit of drinking. When he was in the rehab he used to gym hard and his body had changed from the soft one to a perfectly fit body with strong muscles. After got released from there He realised his mistakes and he began to work hard as a robot in day and night to get back his ancestor's wealth which he had ruined before. Within Three years he became the most eligible and rich billionaire of New York.

His employees feared him and they never had the guts to say something by looking at his face. Ladies went crazy for him and they were ready to go at any extreme to make him their. Because he was the most handsome man in New York. Even though he had got everything in his life but he was not happy. Mia's memories used to haunt him in the nights and he never had a good night sleep in his life. Her memories gradually made him a ruthless man.and he started to hate everyone and punish them for their silly mistakes. Especially when girls are doing some mistakes he will make sure that they are thrown out of his office premise. Even though he was handsome and rich, ladies stayed away from him.

He was on the way to his mansion after finishing his meeting ... it took around 3hours to finish the damn meeting...and he bagged the deal which will expand his businesses adding more fortune....well he was working hard for this deal..his employees did the best...

When he reached his mansion he got the call from his PA Lisa

"sir when will I arrange the interview ????"

"Monday sharp 11am"

"k sir Gd night"


"oh shit!!!how can I forget my PA Lisa is going to resign the job since she is moving

With her husband to London. She was a good one strictly professional and never tried to seduce me... and about my new PA I need the best that's why I am interviewing them personally .. it was such a tiring day I feel really exhausted....." and He went to bed after a cold shower ... .

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