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   Chapter 74 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

There she is standing in the doorway with the support of Abhi and looking at me with tear-filled eyes while Abhi was looking in between us with different emotions in his eyes. I can clearly see the fear, hurt, betrayal, fear of loss and everything in them. It made my heart cry in pain for him but what's even more surprising and shocking is that my heart is struggling to beat normally after seeing her face like that.

I knew the reason why it's painful for me to see Abhi in this state but I never thought that I would feel this way about her.

Seeing her standing there like that in a helpless situation is making my stomach form into knots with struggle with my feelings. Everything is very confusing at the moment. The feelings, the pain, the love, everything fell apart into pieces by making me confused and hard to pick them up neatly.

Behind her was my dad, who just stood there like a statue with sorrow but not trying to make any eye contact with me and instead he was looking down silently. I know that he thinks that I am hating him for not informing me about it but how can I ever hate him?

I agree that I am angry at him, but hate is a very big word and I am not ready for it at the moment. I have lost one parent and I am not ready to lose one more because of this matter even if he is not my own father. I may be angry at him at present but I know from the heart that I will definitely forgive him.

The only question is when and how?

"Athira…." aunty said taking a step towards my direction while I sat there looking at her without fluttering my eyelashes.

"I know it's hard for you to digest it or even think about it. But please give me a chance to explain it before you decide anything" she asked with hope-filled eyes while coming near to me and taking a seat on the opposite side of me.

Abhi too sat beside her without uttering a word but looking at me with an expression that was conveying to say yes for a moment. It was assuring to know that he is still with me at this moment.

Dev and Brother too occupied the seats on either side of me with silence and was looking at me expectantly. I can feel the tension and burden on my shoulders with all the eyes looking in my direction.

I too need to know the answers to all my questions that were raising in my head but the question is am I ready to hear them out?

Probably yes. Because I need to listen to them if they are linked with me and basically if it's about me. So even if its harder to digest and face them at the moment, I think I need to prepare myself for the blow that's going to come in the form of truth which I was not expecting in a billion years.

"I too am responsible for this" dad said silently glancing at me with regret and pleading eyes and continued "so I think I need to explain it as well" he completed by sighing in return and coming towards us with silence and occupied the left sofa of my side.

Now it was all on me to respond and I think I need to give a chance for them to listen before deciding anything or coming to any conclusion. So taking a deep breath I nodded my head in agreement for them to continue.

I can see the relief in aunty's and Adi's eyes while dad stiffened slightly with fear-filled eyes. It made me confused but to some extent, I think I might have got his fear.

"I think we have to tell you from the start of our friendship for you to understand our relationship." Said aunty looking at all of us and then resting her eyes on me. It made me a little bit uncomfortable but I stood on my spot without backing away.

"It was the first day of our college and both me and Spandana were very excited for our first day. We were very happy to be together again even in our college that we took the same classes. Most of them said that it was crazy but we thought that it was friendship." She said remembering those days with a chuckle. I can see that even dad was smiling a little at this.

"I think it was the best decision of our life because if not for that then we wouldn't have met our gang. It was funny though because we never thought that we would meet the best friends of our life." She said giving us a genuine smile but it became sad very soon. I think it's because of remembering her friends.

"It was our first class I think when we met Priya who was sitting silently at the back of the class alone. So we thought of occupying beside her and making her our new friend. So we went and sat beside her with friendly smiles on our faces but she just looked at us for a second and then got back to looking down." She said chuckling and continued "We both looked at each other with confused faces because we didn't know what was wrong with her. But again we tried to talk with her slowly and after trying three times she responded to us with a tear-filled face." She stated, looking at dad to which he chuckled shaking his head.

I can see that they both know the story by heart and were reliving it again.

"Now we were literally shocked to see her expression but then she explained to us that someone was teasing her and that she ran away to this room immediately. But found out later that it was our classmate and he was none other than Mohan." She said with a smirk while glancing at dad.

"It was not my fault that she w

er apart." she chuckled lightly remembering the scene and continued "sometimes I used to feel like she was the mother of Athira than me because she always used to carry her in her arms without giving me" she said looking at dad with glum eyes.

"So, without much thought and looking at Athira with concern he tried to park at the roadside…… But the only mistake he made was to look back to Athira when she started hiccuping in her cries..." she stopped and covered her face with her hands while sobbing.

"It… It was all in a flash of the mom… moment Mohan. It was like one minute we were happy and the next minute we were spiraling down the road filled with so many trees and rocks." she continued explaining with sobs and hiccups while covering her face. Even dad had closed his eyes while listening to her.

"I don't remember much of anything after that. I fell unconscious and only got up in the hospital after a day. When you fill in everything that had happened with us….. It felt like someone had thrown a bucket of ice water on me." she said looking at dad with grief and sorrow.

"When I realized that my best friends had died on the spot in a car accident leaving me alone with these injuries, guilt started to creep in knowing that I was the reason behind all of this." She said clutching her stomach and crying her heart out that I too cried with her. Abhi hugged her tightly from trying to stop her and Adi seated there looking at his mom with a stiff expression. I think he knew everything from the way his expression is.

"The worst part was that my baby…" she said after sobering up to some extent and looking me in the eye.

"Police said that they can't find your body for several days and I lost hope for you. I was staying sane only for the sake of you but when police had surrendered their helplessness, it was my time to breakdown and fall apart. Guilt was eating me alive that three lives had been sacrificed because of me." She said averting her eyes from me to dad with an unreadable expression.

"So I did what I thought was correct. I silently ran away from all of you and never came back because I couldn't face you. I don't know when I would be able to face you, but when I can, I thought of coming back. But then I remembered my son and Girish. He stayed with me all throughput my breakdown and supported me in my worst time." She said now looking down and not facing anyone.

"It was my choice to not contact you, so even Girish stopped texting you or calling you." She said with guilt-ridden eyes.

"But I wanted to move on from that incident. So I launched the company which me and Yashwanth together thought of doing it and it was none other than Jordan Saint Architects. I gave my everything to this company, and spent all the guilt I felt for them on the work. It was not easy grieving for both my best friends and my daughter but I copied it with my two sons." She said looking at Mohan with tear-filled eyes.

"Two sons? But as far as I know, you have only one son and one daughter right?" Dad asked looking at her in a confusion that it made me snap my head in his direction with a shocked expression.

One son? What does he mean? She has two sons right? Or again there is a story to it?

"Yes. I have only one son." She said after taking a few moments with deep breaths and continued "but I adopted Abhi as my own from the moment Spandana and Yashwanth died" she said making me gasp and look over at him who had a wide-eyed expression on his face because of this new revelation.

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