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   Chapter 72 Destiny or Coincidence

Destiny or Coincidence? By sprinklePT14 Characters: 12143

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Abhilash Ponnam

I got inside the car thinking about her reaction from our earlier call. She never does like that and she even sounded a little bit off to me while talking. It felt like she was trying to hide something from me. I know that she won't do it wantedly unless she thinks that I might get hurt because of it.

Even yesterday night she didn't call me and reasoned that she was feeling sleepy. I know her well to know that even if she was feeling sleepy, she will call me to say good night. But she didn't do it and it's tugging at the back of my mind repeatedly that something is wrong with her.

She assured me that she is doing fine but even in that assurance it felt like she was trying to convince me along with her.

So I immediately called my mother to check up on her while I reached there for myself to see if my queen is fine or not.

I cannot think of anything else except for her. What if she is really hiding something from me? Why is she feeling stress? Is Everything fine? Did she eat anything from last night or not? Etc etc. It's like my stress is increasing with each passing second being away from her.

All the way to her house, I felt restless and anxious about her well being. I have seen her crying and hurting enough that I can't see her crying over again. It will kill me from inside if I see her getting hurt again.

I even asked mom to check up on her but even she too didn't call me back which is making me even tenser.

The moment I reached her apartment, I immediately sprinted to her house without wasting a second but the moment I got inside, I was stunned to see my mother and her father hugging each other.


What the hell are they doing??? And why are they hugging each other like they knew each other for a very long time???

I wanted to go and rip them apart from behaving like that but from the corner of my eye, I saw Athira coming towards my direction by making me forget momentarily about my parents and concentrate on her.

The moment my eyes landed on her, all the feelings I felt a while ago returned back with full force that I quickly took big strides and reached her by taking her in my arms.

It felt like it's been so many days that I felt her this close with me and her being in my arms securely. But it was not that long technically.

Still, I missed her a lot that I wanted nothing but to be near her and now her being in my arms like this is called happiness. I felt content and rested with her. She is my sole reason to be calm and relaxed. She is my oxygen and drug at the same time.

"I can't believe that you are here in front of me. That too safe and sound. Oh my god…. It's unbelievable" said mom excitedly that I looked at her to see if I was right.

"I accept. Even, I feel the same way" replied uncle with equal happiness making it even more confusing.

"What's going on here?" I asked whispering to Athi about what's happening in both frustration and shock.

I have never seen mom behaving like this and it's really making me surprised.

"I too don't know but according to their expressions and words, I have a hunch that they might know each other from the past and they might be close friends or even more. I am not sure because even I am as confused as you guys are" she said shrugging carelessly that I glanced at Dev to see if he too finds it awkward or not and returned my gaze on them once again.

Yup, he too finds it awkward. So I am not the only one who thinks it's kind of an awkward situation.

They were talking among themselves and we were watching them with Athi being in my arms but the next question of u

has fainted in my hands, and there my girl was not responding to anyone while uncle was just standing here and looking at us with an unbelievable look on his eyes.

I really don't know what to do at this moment. It's like all the doors have been closed in my brain at the same time by not making me realize about anything.

I was looking at all of them and mostly in between my mother and Athira.

"Abhi…" Dev shouted, looking at me that I came back to my senses listening to his voice.

"Call Adi… We need help" Dev said, getting up and carrying Athira to the hall.

I called Adi and informed him to come here immediately and lifted my mother from the floor and gently placed her on the bed while looking at her sleeping form.

Adi was there in mother's apartment that he immediately came within two minutes and called my name from the call. I shouted for him to know that I was here and he got inside looking at all of us.

"What the hell is happening here? Why is Athi looking like that and not responding to me?" Asked Adi getting inside and taking a seat beside me.

He glanced at uncle and froze on the spot making me understand that he too knew about it or even up to some extent.

"What happened to mother?" he asked glancing back at me as if nothing happened. But I saw everything and chose to keep quiet for the time being.

"She fainted" I answered looking at her.

"What? How?" he asked getting up and taking the bottle of water in his hand making me realize that I even forgot to sprinkle water on her face to get her into consciousness.

I was so lost in the moment that I am unable to understand a thing except for the words which have been said a while ago.

She regained consciousness after Adi sprinkled water on her face. He gently took her hand and made her sit on the bed by placing a pillow on her backside for support.

"Are you ok now?" Adi asked looking at her in concern. But the moment she saw him she started crying by hugging him that it tugged my heart a little, but ignored it.

"She is alive Adi. She is alive '' Mom repeated while crying onto him and making my assumptions correct about him knowing about the truth.

"Shhh…I know mom" he said consoling her and continued "Stop crying mom. Now stop crying" He said with a gentle voice that it felt like they both betrayed me.

Why hasn't he said anything about it before if he knew about her being our sister?

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