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   Chapter 71 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

My friends used to say that there will be some situations where you can see everything but can't understand anything. I thought it was nonsense because if we see everything then we can understand it but first time Abhi came into my life by making my beliefs false. But now, it's totally different and god save me if I can understand anything.

I can see everything that's happening in front of me but I cannot understand a bit of what's going on here. It's like there is a mute film playing in front of me.

Yesterday after seeing Aunty, dad started to behave wildly and today, Aunty cried after seeing my family photo. It would have been digestible if not for dad coming and making a scene. He came inside as if nothing happened yesterday, but immediately turned into one of the horror-filled face after seeing Aunty.

And Aunty? She was looking at him as if she was unable to believe like he was here and there was even guilt and remorse on her face. She can show many emotions at one time that it's playing with my brain to understand her original feelings.

Both of them were watching each other without blinking their eyes like they were seeing each other after a long time.

Wait…. Are they really seeing each other after a long time?

God….. Shit shit shit…. Why haven't I thought of this before??

Maybe they really knew each other for a long time and maybe the sole reason for him to behave like that yesterday was because of this?

Wow…. It's kind of getting interesting here. My curious side was resurfacing from the back of my brain to see for herself if it's going to be one dramatic scene.

No doubt you are an idiot. Stated my brain. What are you gonna do if they knew each other from the past?? Asked my brain again but this time I can hear the curiosity in her voice too. Which means my whole body and brain is eager to know the past if they have it.

Suddenly a bulb in my brain clicked, making me even more curious and surprised than before.

Oh my god….. Past….?? Again I didn't think about this side of it before.

If they really knew each other from the past then how?? Are they family??

Ewww… that would be awkward. I shook my head in denial.

No way. They cannot be family. So what are they?? College friends?? Lovers??

Hmm… This sounds even more interesting now.

I was feeling excited to know about them. But one thing is sure from the facial expressions of them is that they knew each other from the past. But how?? Have to know it.

I was dealing with myself all this time that I didn't see what they were doing. But when I saw, they came closer to each other with a distance of five feet between them.

All parts of me became alerted knowing that something is going to happen between us and my expectation didn't fail because the next moment they both hugged each other like there is no tomorrow while crying their heart out.

At first, it was curious but after seeing them cry their hearts out due to happiness and longing, I felt out of space and happy for them. Whatever they might be but they were close. That much I can understand from the way they are holding each other. They might be best friends or even more.

Then again something clicked in my mind. When I was leaving for Bangalore, dad was holding a photograph of their gang mates in which two of them died in a car accident but the other two were not in contact with them anymore.

Would that mean??? She is one of them??

If she is, then that means they are best friends and a close-knitted group who got separated after that tragic incident took place.

Dad used to say that he misses his friends a lot, but doesn't know how to contact them. They have tried to reach out to them for almost two years before they lost any hope that left in them and carried on with their lives because I was there for them to concentrate on.

I never asked about their names, so I don't know if she is one of them or not. But I really hope she is because I saw how my dad gets hurt every time he thinks about his friends. They were very close to each other from the college days itself and it felt like he lost a part of himself with the tragedy that took with their friends.

"Mohan….." whisper gasped Aunty after releasing from the hug but still held onto his arms still crying and looking at his face wi

what they are talking about.

"No, " Dad said stiffly giving nothing away. His total demeanor changed all of a sudden like he was yesterday night. He was all happy and smiling one moment but the next moment he became hard and steel like no one else would be able to get to him.

"No... ?" Aunty repeated looking at him with a confused yet frustrating face. "What do you mean by no Mohan?" she asked again raising her voice with frustration filled eyes but still there is no change in his demeanor.

"I am not blind to not recognize her Mohan. I have clearly seen the photo and I know very well what I have seen. But I want you to tell me the truth" she said with a loud voice looking at him seriously but still, he didn't utter a word. He was just looking at the wall behind her as if none of this is affecting her.

Abhi tried to go to her mother's rescue but I stopped him from going by catching hold of his hand. I don't know why but I think there is something which needs to be revealed and I think this is the time it will be. So I don't want him to interfere in between so that whatever this secret is, will come out eventually.

Another reason I stopped him from going there is because of the word baby in the photo. If I am not wrong, she was talking exactly about the photo which she had seen a few minutes before they all arrived here.

So, yes I stopped him from going there with just a shake of my head while I was still watching them animatedly like a robot while preparing myself for the unexpected.

But whatever or however I might have been prepared myself for this unexpected, I would have never thought about this kind of thing in my whole dream or nightmare.

It suddenly felt like the ground was crumbling beneath me and it felt like I cannot breathe properly listening to the words aunty said.

"Athira said that she is the baby in the photo whom Priya was carrying in her arms." aunty said glaring at him while taking deep breaths but still shouting at him.

"And that baby is my daughter Mohan. It's my daughter whom I thought had died years back in that accident" she said shouting and clutching his shirt by shaking him to respond to something.

This made dad look at her in horror while she was shouting for him to say the truth and I just stood there in shock looking at them while Abhi was holding me tightly.

"SHE IS MY DAUGHTER MOHAN. SHE IS MY DAUGHTER" Aunty cried her heart out while shouting her lungs out making him shake his head in denial and frustration. He pushed her back and pulled his head while screaming out loud and crying at the same time.

"YES SHE IS YOUR DAUGHTER HEMA" he shouted looking into her eyes with so much regret, frustration, hurt, loss and even more.

The moment he accepted the truth, she fainted by falling down that Abhi rushed to her side immediately and making me slump down to the floor like a statue.

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