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   Chapter 66 Destiny or Coincidence

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Abhilash Ponnam

Whoever said that falling in love is like being in hell and heaven at once is absolutely true because the way i feel for her, the way i will always be ready to get hurt for her and the way i always find solace in her arms says everything.

She is the kind devil and the naughty angel in my life that always captures my heart and steal it repeatedly with just one smile of hers. She just needs to say a word for me to get the world around her feet but she being herself never asked anything except my time which i can gladly give her all the time.

She is everything to me and even more than that. I can toss everything aside to just be with her and to make her happy.

Now, I am on cloud nine because now I can show all my affection and love for her without hiding it from her in fear of hurting her. Now I can show how much she means to me, what I can do for her and how much I need her in my life.

She looked like an angel while sleeping peacefully in my arms that I want to protect her forever. She is so delicate and innocent that I want to keep her away from this ugly and heartless world.

I know that I might be sounding like a possessive ass but I can't help it. She brings out the worst and best side in me and at the same time she can also bring out the jealousy and possessiveness in me. She is my lifeline that I never want to lose it, otherwise, I fear that I might lose even my breath with her.

But I know that if she finds out the date of tomorrow then she will definitely get hurt but what surprised me, even more, was that she forgot about it and didn't even remember it. Although i would be glad for it because i cannot see her in pain but i also know that it is inevitable. So, I made up my mind to be with her this time no matter what cost me the price. She is my queen and I cannot let her deal with the pain alone.

I even know the reason behind father's lack of response to the calls but she is so excited about her friend's proposal that she might have forgotten about it. And I don't want to be the one to remind her, so I just shut my mouth by looking after her because if not today, then definitely she will remember it tomorrow. So why not delay it until she had the time to enjoy with herself.

I clearly remember the day when i got to know that her mother died and immediately rushed there just to see if she was fine or not. I even clearly remember how broken she was at that time and if I am being honest with myself, then I clearly know that she didn't move on from that trauma but still grieving in her mother's death.

So, when her father called her now, I knew that some or the other way she is going to find out even if his father refuses to open up in front of her.

She sounded so excited while talking to her dad that i didn't want to interrupt her but i want to have her in my arms when she gets to know the reason of her father's lack of response. So i just slowly made my way to the couch where she sat while talking to her dad. I can see the slight hesitation and confusion in her eyes while talking but then it's gone again replacing with a smile. But I knew that she will find out. So I just sat beside her my picking her up and making her sit on my lap so that i can hold her close to me if anything goes wrong.

"Dad, is everything alright? Your voice is not the same as it used to be and I can feel that you are hiding something from me. And from when you started working your ass off? I warned you to keep a check on your health after the last time you behaved like ..." She was rambling on with anger and upset on her father until she realised what she said and meant.

And as expected, she suspected her father's lack of response over the call and realised the meaning behind it because the moment she said those lines, she froze realising the meaning and reason behind it.

It has been 5 years since her mother died but still, it affects her the same as it used to be in the past.

"Take care dad. I will talk to you later" She said hanging up the call because I can clear

u Abhi, " She said whispering near to my ear that I smiled listening to it and kissed her forehead when my mobile started ringing in my pocket. I took it out to see that it was from Dev making the realisation hit to the both of us about the plan we have to execute.

"Shit…" I cursed looking at the time which is showing 9.00 AM already and we need to get Charitha out by 10.00 AM with girls team while we do the rest of the planning by the time we have to implement it.

"God, I need to make Charitha drag from this hotel. I totally forgot about it Abhi" Said Athira starting to panic that I shook her shoulders to get her attention.

"You are not going anywhere, baby. Look at yourself. You have a lot on the plate now and I don't want you to force yourself by acting like everything is normal" I suggested by requesting her to stay at the hotel because i know for sure that she will be getting hurt again because of all this happiness. She will definitely remember her mother again and go through all the pain again which i don't want it.

"Abhi… look at me" she said making me face her that I silently tried to convey my feelings to her by looking into her eyes.

"I know that you care for me and looking out for me. I even know that you don't want to see me in pain again. I appreciate it. I really do." She said with a grateful smile that i wanted to talk with her again but she stopped me from talking and continued.

"But Abhi, I will be even more in pain if i won't come with you. He is my best friend and he needs me now more than ever. I just can't leave him alone in this crucial time and be selfish about it. I want to be beside him and encourage him at every step of the way. I want to see him happy Abhi." she said looking into my eyes with a desperation in her eyes that I sighed in resignation because i know for a fact that she had made up her mind to go and i won't be able to stop her.

Even if i wanted to stop, I can't do it because I know that Dev needs his best friend on his side more than ever. He is looking so nervous that he might faint at any moment if Athira is not with him at present. So even if i wanted to keep her safe and all, I even wanted to make her happy, so i just silently nodded my head in agreement that she squealed on happiness by hugging me return and kissing my cheek with love-filled eyes.

I decided then and there itself that i will be there for her no matter what and I will be staying with her throughout the proposal by giving her comfort in my arms and never let her feel alone in this moment. Because I even know that she needs me now desperately even if she won't accept it directly. Her eyes convey a lot without her telling it out loud.

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