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   Chapter 64 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

All the boys came back from wherever they went but was keeping it a secret from us when we asked about it, which is making me pissed off literally.

I know that we need to keep it a secret from Charitha but they can at least share with me right? But these idiots are being so secretive that I glared at them throughout the dinner making them annoyed with my behaviour and surrender to me. All of them agreed and said Abhi to explain me in detail later when anyone is not there with us.

I was somewhat relaxed but still, my anger was there on Dev because he is my friend and he needs to share it with me first. But that idiot was sharing everything with Abhi and gang by ignoring me completely. I am happy that he and Abhi are friends now but it's not fair for him to leave me behind.

He apologised so many times for that and reasoned that he wanted to see my reaction too, so he thought of keeping it a secret from me but because of my anger he reluctantly agreed to reveal the plan. He even thought that i might tease him because of his cheesy plan.

It became even more interesting when Charitha thought that i was angry on Abhi and the rest of them because all the boys supported him. God, it was hilarious to see her expression and not to burst out then and there itself.

She is so oblivious about everything that is happening around her but I really hope that this plan works out and Dev won't chicken out at the last moment.

I changed into a comfortable pj's after coming to our room when Dev called me to meet him at Abhi's room. So I excused myself from the girls and went to Abhi's room. I can hear their ooh's all the way back that I blushed a little knowing that they might be thinking about this situation as something else.

"What's up buddy, " I said entering into the room with an exciting voice of mine and immediately jumped into the middle of the bed by keeping my head on Dev's lap and watching all the boys reaction with a cheeky grin on my face. They were seated on the bed with an expression of question and 'are you serious' look on their faces that I rolled my eyes at them in return.

Abhi immediately pulled me to him from Dev's lap with a look of possessiveness in his eyes that it made me want to kiss him even more because he was looking damn sexy in that look. So resisting, i just kissed his cheek and winked at him to make him cool down because we don't want the jealous tiger now.

He placed his hands around my waist by back hugging me so that i was leaning my back onto his front side which makes us even closer than before in this angle. Of course, I don't mind the space though, in fact, I love it this way all the time. He slowly started playing with my hair while everyone was watching us with a smile or smirk on their faces. Shit, i completely forgot about them for a moment here. It tends to happen with me when i am around my beast nowadays.

"Guys you are unbelievable, " said Karthik by shaking his head from side to side that I rolled my eyes at him in return. Abhi just chuckled and placed a kiss on my right shoulder before resting his head there.

"Oh please, you are more than this when you are with Sahana" I stated with an expression of a smirk on my face that he just looked at me with wide eyes in return.

"What? Cat got your tongue now?" I said mocking at him again feeling satisfied with my come back.

"Enough guys. Stop it Choti" said Dev with a tired look that I immediately stopped teasing Karthik and looked at my best friend to see that he was, in fact, tired and stressed out. But I can also see the worry and anxiety in his eyes that I immediately removed myself from Abhi's arms and got near to Dev by taking his hands in mine.

"Are you ok?" I asked looking at him with concern and trying to see the reason behind his worry.

"Yes i am, " He said with a small smile and nodded his head.

"Don't Lie to me Dev. I can clearly see the worry in your eyes" I said scolding him like a mother and giving a look that says no lies but only the truth.

He took a deep breath before saying it out loud. "Athi, i am freaking out inside to say frankly, " he said with a vulnerable look that I hugged

's running according to his plan.

"You already planned it right, " I asked raising an eyebrow in question to which he laughed and nodded his head in acceptance. I just groaned in return realising that I don't have any other option but to accept demands.

"Ok, what do you want in return?" I asked looking at him with a glare that he winked making me melt but still, I stood my ground.

"What I want is…." he said prolonging it and pulling me again to him that i fell on top of him making us only inches apart from each other. From this angle, I can clearly see the mischievous glint in his eyes which made me gulp in return thinking about his demand. Suddenly my heartbeat rose making him look at me with even more bright eyes knowing all too well about my situation and body.

He slowly came near to my left ear and whispered against it that his breath touched my ear making me shiver in anticipation and to his words.

"I want you to sleep with me tonight" he whispered that I just froze on the spot listening to his words. "And before you come to any dirty conclusion, let me clear it for you that it's just a pretty innocent sleep and nothing else, " he said looking into my eyes to gauge my reaction. I just blinked my eyes repeatedly and opened and closed my mouth not able to say anything.

He laughed looking at my reaction and stole another kiss making my heart go haywire all of a sudden.

"You look cute when you are confused and flushed cutie pie, " he said placing a kiss on my neck and whispered again "So, is that a yes then?" he asked looking at me with a hopeful look that I couldn't resist.

Who would resist to this handsome face if he keeps on flirting with me like that and make these kinds of faces that no one could say no. Even I am a girl and that too who fell head over heels for him. Damn sure i cannot resist his charming.

"Why all of a sudden?" I asked the only question which was running on my mind from the moment he asked.

"Because I want to spend time with my girlfriend and I want to share my bed with only one who has always been my dream girl until now, " he said looking into my eyes with so much love that I drown in them.

"I always dreamed that one day i would cuddle with you on my bed and share every nonsense and nothings while sleeping and dreaming about you with you in my arms, " he said making me, even more, melt and fall for him.

So I just pressed my lips to him and kissed him passionately showing all my love and feelings for him which were pouring through my heart for him.

"Yes, " I said my answer to his earlier question after breaking our kiss. But immediately he captured mine again in a hot searing kiss after listening to my answer that I sighed and hugged him, even more, closer to me by responding to his kiss.

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