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   Chapter 62 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

By the time we reached Chennai and checked in to our allocated hotel, it was almost 11.30 AM in the morning and we have a meeting to attend at 1.00 PM. But the good thing is that the meeting is held in the same hotel with our clients so we don't have to rush to get ready.

"Guys, we still have one and a half hours left to get ready for the meeting, so you can rest for some time and get ready. Especially the team members of this project" Abhi said gesturing to our team to make his point clear.

Everyone nodded their heads before parting their ways for the respective rooms. I need to share my room with my friends Charitha and Sahana which is not at all a bad idea since we didn't spend a lot of time these days due to work and Abhi. Now i can make up for all that lost time. Sahana already planned everything out which she says it's a secret though.

I too felt a little tired, so thought of taking some rest before getting ready for the meeting, so I said goodbye to my friends and started walking away to my room when suddenly someone caught me from behind my making me squeal in surprise. But immediately cooled down because of the familiar touch and leaned onto him even more.

"Where do you think you are going without even giving me my daily dose?" Abhi whispered seductively near my ear by making me shudder in response. He definitely knows where to push my buttons to surrender to him.

"Daily dose?" I said acting confused by turning to face him in his arms. "What is that, " I said making a face that i was thinking about it while placing my hands around his neck. He dragged me closer to him by keeping both of his hands around my waist that our faces were only five inches apart.

My heart used to beat louder at first because of this closeness but now i got used to it. Of Course, it still beats louder but now for a whole different reason.

"Hmm Hmm… My daily dose babe…. And you know it very well" He said giving me a mischievous smile by placing the feather-light kisses on my neck that i moaned lightly to his sweet torture.

"Really?…. I don't ..." I moaned leaving my sentence incomplete when he sucked the skin at the collarbone. I can give in easily to this sweet torture of him forever if it needs to be.

"Don't even complete that sentence dear. I know what you are going to say and I don't want to hear it" He said whispering against the skin of my neck that his lips are touching whenever he spoke to me.

"Idiot" I gasped when he pressed my waist a little tightly and he took that as a chance to capture my lips in a passionate kiss that I moaned in response before responding to him equally. Each and every kiss of him is different but yet heart-melting and makes me go crazy over him and his kisses for even more.

I love the way my body, mind and soul reacts to his kisses and I love the way how easily he can make me melt in his arms. Mostly I love him with the bottom of my heart.

How can one person who was totally a stranger before can become everything to you with the blink of an eye? Maybe that's called love. And i am happy to experience it atlast in my life. I don't regret a thing that happened between us or even how we met in unusual circumstances because that was the main reason for me to get attracted to him in the first place.

We parted only when we became short of air but still held onto each other tightly. He was looking into my eyes with love that i got lost in him for a moment before coming back to my senses that everyone was watching us since we are at the lobby. It made me blush thinking that we were kissing while everyone was looking at us when our friends laughed at my face and started dragging me from him.

"You don't get shy when he kisses you in public but does when you realise about the aftermath? What a crazy girl you are" said Charitha by shaking her head at me and making me look at her in shock.

"Don't look that surprised. You were kissing him as much as he was kissing you passionately. It's just that you forget everyone around you when he is with you" Stated Sahana making me open my mouth even wider at them.

"That's not true, " I said, blinking rapidly at them in shock. All the others laughed at their comments and went away when Abhi came near to us and hugged me again by silencing me.

"They are true about the passionate word though, " He said winking at me after a moment by releasing me from his hug. I just stood there gawking at him when he laughed heartily and went to his room.

"You dumbass, " I said out loud for him to listen but in return, he just smirked at

ira Patel, " I said my name with a smile on my face.

"Yes Ms Patel carry on, " he said leaning back on his seat and giving me his full attention.

"Thank you, sir, " I said with a happy face and glanced at Abhi to see confused expression on his face but still he gave an encouraging smile for me to continue. It gave me even more confidence to proceed further.

"Actually i agree with you, sir." I said looking at him and continued "This designs may look perfect and flawless, but if you ask me whether I would make this design for my children or not, then my answer would be definitely no." I said making him smile a little with an understanding expression on his face. I can even see the smirk on Abhi's face bt avoided him and continued it.

"Because I want the designs and environment of the room to look according to the taste of my children since it will be their room for the rest of their lives, " I said with a satisfied look that he just nodded his head in return and signalled me to continue.

"So, according to me, i think that we need to find the tastes of the children to design them, " I said making everyone look at each other with even more confused faces.

"But Ms Patel, knowing the tastes of all the 250 orphans might be somewhat difficult i think, " said one of the members from the Shulkas team. Mr Shukla just watched me with a curious look but said nothing while Abhi too was doing the same thing.

"Yes, it will be difficult. I agree with you. But if four to five members from our team can spend one day of their time to gather all the information from the children about their favourite colour, favourite cartoons or even favourite food then we can design it accordingly." I said with a confident look that I had learned from my boyfriend. He knows where to look confident, where to look demanding and where to look convincing according to the situation that I have learned it from him itself.

"I know that it's time taking and all but if we need to get down according to their level to design it then i think we need to take this risk on investing some more time for them. Because if we want children to like us then we will get down to their age level while talking to them and imitate like them just to get close with them. And I think it's the only way to make them feel homely and safe with us right. Then why can't we implement the same in case of designs also?" I explained clearly with all my heart and looked at every one of them in anticipation to see if anyone agrees with me.

My heart is beating very fast due to the tension and nervousness i am feeling currently but I am making a great effort on not showing it on my face. It's not at all easy to give a presentation in front of everyone to make them accept our ideas and convince them. It's just a moment but still, it felt like a very long time.

I was praying in my heart desperately for them to accept this idea and sign the deal with us for Abhi's sake when Mr Shukla spoke making my inner debate to stop and concentrate on him solely with anticipation.

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