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   Chapter 61 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

"Dev, did you see my jacket?" I shouted from the bedroom so that he can hear since he was preparing breakfast for the both of us.

"Which one?" he too shouted back making me get frustrated even more. It was my favourite jacket and i was planning all week to take it with me.

"My blue jacket Dammit. Which is my favourite" I said with a hint of anger in my voice.

"I think I have seen you wash it two days ago. Check in the balcony once" He shouted making me realise that I might have forgotten to get it inside. I cursed myself for forgetting it and blaming it on him. I immediately ran out and went into the balcony because i don't want to be late. Already we are running late because of oversleeping.

Today is the day we are going to travel to Chennai for a meeting and our outing. We have a flight at 9.00 AM and it's already 7.30 AM now. I packed everything yesterday evening itself except for my inners. I thought that i have packed my jacket too but then when I looked inside, i realised that it is not there to which I freaked out and got frustrated on Dev. It's my fault though, I should have checked everything yesterday itself before going to sleep. I always do this and freak out at the last minute.

I packed everything and got ready within ten minutes and went outside by carrying my luggage. We are going to stay the next day there itself and enjoy the beach while Dev executes the plan. When Abhi announced that all the trainees are going to the meeting. Everyone got excited. But our friends got even more excited because of us staying back for a vacation. It is a secret though because we don't want anyone to suspect anything.

Abhi and brother planned everything accordingly and asked their secretary to book the tickets. Preethi is the secretary of Abhi and she is a very pretty girl. I liked her from the first meeting itself and now we became friends from the moment she got to know that i am Abhi's girlfriend.

But, brother's behaviour is bugging me sometimes because from the moment he left the apartment of ours on Monday, till today he is being distant to me and giving me the reasons that he is busy with his work. I know it's all bullshit and I am determined to find out the truth from him on vacation.

That night Abhi slept with me in my room for the first time and at first, it was so strange but then it felt like i always belonged in his arms. This feeling is so strange but at the same time comfortable. If I was being honest with myself, I felt at home in his arms which is surprising but it's the truth. Sometimes I get scared about these deep feelings for him but then i realise that Abhi is not like any other men and relax myself around him.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty" Dev wished sarcastically by letting me know that I am late.

"No need to be sarcastic you know, " I said rolling my eyes in return and occupied a seat on the dining table to have my breakfast.

"I wonder how Abhi is going to manage with you for life long, " he said making me freeze in the middle of my first bite.

Life long? I don't know if he wants to be with me for life long and i am scared to know if he doesn't want it. I don't want to think about the future and spoil my good mood because I am not ready to accept the fact if this relationship is temporary or permanent.

Oh my god, what if he doesn't want to be with me for life long? My heart started racing thinking about all the possibilities and making me panic.

Athira, calm down. You know that he is not like others and will never hurt you wantedly. So, stop over extravagating and enjoy the present.

I assured myself thinking about our happy memories and his love for me which helped a lot for me to calm down.

"Stop it Athira" Dev raised his voice making me look at him in confusion.

"I know what you are thinking about and i want you to stop there itself, " He said coming towards me and taking a seat beside me.

"You know how much he loves you from the moment he saw you in childhood. And you personally saw his feelings and how deep they are. After knowing him fully, you s

said looking at him with somewhat hurtful expression which successfully started melting his hard facade.

And now I can clearly see the pain in his eyes which he is trying to hide it from everyone. Even Abhi too, because i don't think even if he knows about his brother's pain, he will neglect it that easily. So, I assume that Abhi is unaware of it. But, seeing brother like this is paining me too.

"Is everything fine brother?" I asked looking into his sad expression with my own sad ones now.

"No Angel. And please don't ask me why. I won't be able to say it now." he said with a voice that is reflecting his pain. I got confused listening to his statement, so thought of asking him but he cut me to it.

"No please. I need some time to digest this. Then only i will be able to share it with anyone. This is my way of dealing with pain." He said by asking me some time to deal with it which made my heart cry in return but agreed nonetheless.

"I know that you want to share my pain and make it go away if it is possible for you. But trust me, Angel, you won't be able to do anything but feel the same pain as me. So, please give me some time to recover. I promise that i will be ok by the time we return back." He said smiling at me by placing his palm on my cheek with a loving gesture. I slowly gulped and nodded my head in acceptance while looking into his eyes.

"Ok. Take your time, but i need answers when you are feeling fine. And trust me when I say this. I don't have a brother but if i want to have it, then I wish to god that it would be you." I said looking seriously into his eyes and continued. I can clearly see the emotions running in his eyes which made me go on further.

"Of course, even now I don't regret it because you are still my brother and always will be. You occupied the place in my life which was left alone from my birth and made it complete brother. You are the brother i don't have until now. So, I am not letting you go." I said with so much emotion and feeling in my voice. Every word I spoke has come from the bottom of my heart and how I truly feel about him.

I know that it's a very short time, but he made his way through my heart from the moment he met me on that day and saved me from drowning myself in sorrow. I will never be able to repay him back and I don't even want to. Because I want him as my brother for life long. He is very special to me.

"Even you too are my sister Angel and I won't leave you until death." he said with tear-filled eyes by placing both of his palms on my face and kissing my forehead with love "and i just got you after all". He said by hugging me tightly while i closed my eyes in return enjoying the warmth of his hug and smiling with content.

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