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   Chapter 60 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

"Yes, even i want to know. Now spill you, idiot. You made me wait a whole day for this" I said glaring at him and folding my hands.

Abhi chuckled looking at my reaction and kissed my cheek with affection and kept a hand around my shoulder and I leaned towards his shoulder automatically which is becoming my own comfort zone nowadays.

Dev gazed at all of us hesitantly before he started speaking.

"I am thinking to take her on a vacation before proposing to her, " he said very lowly that if we didn't concentrate on him then we might have missed it.

"Vacation?" Questioned brother looking at him in confusion.

"Ya vacation" Dev confirmed it by nodding his head in approval.

"Ok…" Abhi dragged before continuing "but where do we come in this plan of yours? I am lost" he completed what he was thinking in his mind. I too nodded saying that even I am as confused as them.

"The thing is, I cannot directly ask her to come with me for a vacation. You know, it kind of looks awkward and uncomfortable" he said trying to explain his theory with a stressed-out face "Hell, I don't want her to feel uncomfortable around me." he said tugging at his hair in irritation. Looks like he was thinking about this for a while and was getting frustrated about this situation. I can understand how stressful it might be to him to plan all this for proposing and top it all, the tension of getting rejected.

"Guys, i want you to help me out in this. I want to take her somewhere out of Bangalore and then according to the situation I will surprise her" he said giving us his best pleasing look by trying to convince us. "I want all of us to go for a vacation, at least for two days" he completed by watching us with a hopeful look on his face that i felt pity for him.

We all were silent for a while thinking about it because we have a client meeting in Chennai this Friday for a new project. I don't know about brother but i am sure that Abhi is thinking the same as me. Then suddenly an idea stuck making me squeal in the excitement that all of them looked at me like I am crazy.

"Sorry to startle you like that, " I said apologising to them with a sheepish smile on my face. "Actually, I got an idea" I explained looking at them with an exciting look.

"Ok….. what is it?" Abhi dragged the word 'ok' meaning that he is definitely going to have second thoughts about my plan which made me even more determined to get it executed.

"Abhi, we are going to Chennai for this new project right?" I asked looking at him with a somewhat serious expression.

"Yaaa…." He dragged looking at me with an expression of studying. Then suddenly I think he realised what i am about to indicate because a look of realization crossed across his face, making me give an evil smile towards his direction.

"Don't tell me what i think you are about to say?" he said trying to look at me with a serious expression on his face. 'Try' is the keyword because, in the end, he cannot be mad at me, which I am going to take advantage of it now.

"Exactly. We are going to Chennai. And I want it to be a pr

making me confused.

"Are they your parents?" he asked after a while still looking at the picture. I nodded my head in approval, but then I remembered that he is not watching me. So I answered him.

"Yes. He is my father and she was my mother. And that is me in their hands when I was one year old" I explained looking at the picture of our family with adored eyes.

"What are their names?" he asked looking at me with a distant look on his face. But I was in my own space that i didn't observe it.

"Mohan Patel and Priya Patel, " I said and continued "Of course, she is not here now. She died 3 years back leaving dad and me for each other to look after" I completed with moisture in my eyes. I blinked my eyes to clear the moist and look at him with a smile only to see that he was watching me intently. I raised an eyebrow to ask what happened but he shook his head and kissed my forehead by placing back the frame at its original place and went out without saying a word. It kind of felt confused and unclear about his gesture but then again he might have felt sorry for me and reacted that way.

I shrugged and glanced one last time at the direction of the frame with a smile and exited the room to join the others.

When i reached the dining table, brother was not there at his place or not even in the kitchen. I looked everywhere in the living room but not found him. Confused, i asked Abhi about his whereabouts.

"Hey, where is brother?" I asked taking a seat beside him and serving myself since they both started eating their food.

"He left, " Abhi said with a mouthful by making me look at him with wide eyes.

"Why?" I asked stunning.

"Don't know. He said that he got some urgent work and said to convey his apologies to you" he said glancing at me with a smile and taking another bite of his pasta.

"Ok. It's weird" I muttered making him furrow his eyebrows. Smiling I just shook my head saying as if it was nothing and took a bite from my plate. Maybe he got some work and left. I sighed conversing with them while having my dinner.

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