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   Chapter 57 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

"I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world" he shouted excitedly after our passionate kiss by lifting me up and circling me that i started squealing with him excitedly and laughing at the same time.

"Oh my god Abhi…. Ahhh…."I shouted laughing wholeheartedly while clutching his neck tightly for safety. I was looking down at his laughing face when suddenly shouts were heard from our left side making us come out of our little happy bubble and glance in the direction of the sound only to see all of our friends standing there and squealing excitedly by taking photos of us.

We both looked at each other with stunned expressions and then realised the position we were in, making it an awkward situation.

"Shit…." Abhi cursed looking embarrassingly at them and placing me down carefully while I was blushing furiously by hiding my face into Abhi's chest. I can feel that even Abhi's situation is similar to mine but he was hiding it pretty perfectly while i am looking like i want to be anywhere at present rather than here. Who said friends are the best and will always be there whenever we need them? They will also be there when we don't need them and embarrass us in the most unexplainable way.

"Gotcha…." Riya squealed by coming towards us and showing the picture of us while we were kissing. I gasped looking at that picture in both shock and surprise because it was a perfect click that i want to frame it even though it's should be kept privately. I never thought kissing picture can be this beautiful. I can see the happiness and love on both of our faces clearly like a day.

Then big brother appeared behind Riya by showing the video of our whole proposal from the moment I got down from the car till we listened to their shouts. Again it surprised the both of us because we never felt that someone was taking a picture of us but to say frankly we were in our own world that even if someone appeared beside us, we would have literally ignored them too. So, it's not surprising that we didn't feel it. Abhi looked at me and gave a flying kiss by making me go red in front of our friends.

"Nice video here" brother said winking at us while I grumbled in response and hid my face into Abhi's chest. This made all of them laugh at us while Abhi chuckled looking at my reaction and hugged me back by creating warmth between us. It is so nice that I can forever be like this in his arms. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and to come out of my daydreams because it is not the time to think about all of that when my so called friends made a mission to embarrass me in front of everyone.

It was the most embarrassing moment of my life to say the least. I never thought that my friends would go to this extent to capture our special memories and embarrass us like this. I would definitely kill them when i get alone time with them. Though, one side of my heart was glad that they took videos and pictures of this moment while the other side is feeling flushed that it want to hide away from all of them.

"You are unbelievable brother" commented Abhi looking at his brother with a smile on his face while shaking his head.

"Hey… Don't blame me. It was all this girl's plan to take a video, pictures and gather everyone here" he said as if he is not responsible for the whole stunt by surrendering his hands in the air and pointing at Riya. He acted so innocent that for a moment I thought of believing him but I know better. I should have known that this will be her doing itself because no one dares to mess with me as she does all the time. Not even Dev…

"I should have known that you will be the mastermind behind all of this" I said gesturing to the all of them who stood behind Riya and brother while laughing and smiling at us.

"Obviously…. I wouldn't miss this special moment of your life for the whole world darling." She said grinning and smirking at me while i groaned in response and glared back at her. She ignored my glare like it's nothing and continued with her story.

"So, I took the number of your big brother from your mobile while you were freshening up and informed him about the plan." She said excitedly while all of them were smiling and nodding their heads in approval. "He was so eager to help and execute this plan of ours. So, we called all of your friends and gave them the address. It was not so hard you know, since i have Dev with me. He helped me by calling your friends and gathering them here with these two idiots." she explained grinning like she won some big tournament and indicated Rishi and big brother as idiots. I wanted to laugh but controlled myself and kept a straight face to give nothing away

heart of Dev.

"Who is she?" Asked abhi with curiosity and I nodded my head in agreement.

"Shhh… You know her already" she said whispering to us.

"Is she the one whom i think she is?" I said whispering back by maintaining the same volume.

"Whom you think?" He asked in return glancing back to see if anyone were watching us. All of them were busy talking with themselves that no one paid any attention to us. It's a good thing though. I just gestured him with my head in the direction of her, so that no one can understand our conversation but Abhi grasped onto us quickly because i can see the surprised look on his face.

"Yup… Correct. But don't tell anyone. I didn't propose her." he said looking at us with a look of request in his eyes that we both nodded our heads in agreement to keep it a secret until he reveals himself.

"When are you going to do it then?" I asked hoping that he would do it soon.

"Planning to do it soon. Will tell you when i am going to do it. Because i might need both of your help in it" he said while scratching his neck with a nervous look. I chuckled and agreed to help him while Abhi patted his back and said ok.

The shouting of Sahana brought us all back from our little conversation to our friends who were arguing like small kids. After a few moments they agreed on something i think because the next moment Sahana turned towards us with a smile that said she won the argument.

"Fine then. It's settled that we are going to celebrate the new relationship of Athira and Abhilash in his house" she announced loudly with a cunning smile on her face. I just stood there not knowing what is happening. His means? Did she mean Abhi's house by his? Oh my god….

"WHAT?" Abhi shouted looking at all of them with the same confused expression.

"Common bro. You have all the drinks plus your house is near to this place. So we all decided to stay at your house tonight. We are going to blast it" said big brother with excitement in his voice while Abhi opened and closed his mouth not knowing what to do or what to say. It was hilarious that i wanted to laugh at his expression, but stopped myself from doing it.

"Ok" he agreed as if not getting what to do and looked like a lost puppy.

All of them jumped and shouted in excitement and started running towards their cars while we both stood there looking at our friends.

"Common love birds." said big brother while waving his hand by going towards his car.

"Come babe. Let's go and watch the show of our friends" Abhi whispered all of a sudden near to my ear that I jumped a little in surprise. He chuckled at my reaction at took my hand in his by dragging me with him towards the car.

Let's see what the night has in turn planned for us today. I sighed and got in with him inside at the back seat while big brother and Dev Karthik occupied the front seats. Abhi immediately placed me on his lap and hugged me from behind which again surprised me but I sighed eventually and adjusted myself becoming comfortable in this position. Looks like I need to get used to all these touchings and kissings from now on.

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