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   Chapter 56 Destiny or Coincidence

Destiny or Coincidence? By sprinklePT14 Characters: 10719

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Athira Patel

Never in my life, I felt this way. This feeling is so surreal and so pure that it's making my heart content with happiness. This place, in his arms, is the most safest, comfortable and happiest place for me. I can forever be like this without complaining.

This moment, this minute, this second of my life is so precious that I will forever cherish it in my heart. This feeling of being whole is just because of me being in his arms. I feel like he completes my incompleteness by making me whole. I feel safe and sound in his arms that I forever want to stay like this.

I never felt this way before and if this feeling is called love then i was never in love before. At Least not in this kind of love.

I feel like I am the luckiest person in this world to be in his arms and I feel blessed to have a person like him.

I always thought about someone loving me unconditionally without expecting anything in return and used to shake my thoughts because it may never come true. But never in my wildest dreams I would have thought that I will be blessed with him and I am grateful for it.

With him here, me being in his arms is the most favourite moment of my life and I hope that this moment could freeze here forever, so that we could stay like this forever.

All these feelings were driving me crazy because of my blindness towards love, and now after knowing that I love him, my feelings are bottling up to flow out in front of him. I want to say so many things to him. I want to say how much I love him, I want to show how i feel about him, how much he is important to me, I want to make him feel loved which he let me feel throughout our journey from the moment I met him. I want to shower him with my love.

This feeling was so overwhelming that I started kissing him all over the face for missing him alot and for hurting him unknowingly that tears flowed from my eyes again. After a few moments of kissing him, I stopped to look at my man's face but immediately my heart started beating faster because he was already looking at me with so much love in his eyes that i thought my heart will stop beating then and there itself.

Involuntarily my eyes roamed from his eyes till it reached his lips and there was an intense urge to kiss those tempting lips. It's like they are attracting me towards them like a magnet and calling me to taste them.

I can see that he knows what i am looking at and he too was now watching my lips with the same intense feeling.

Feeling brave for the first time, I took the initiative and immediately crashed my lips to his without wasting any second. The moment his lips touched mine, a moan escaped from me by making him chuckle and kissing me passionately.

I blushed feeling embarrassed but that didn't last longer because his lips are passionately moving with mine in a dominant kiss. At first I tried to dominate him but he immediately took over the spot by making me feel heavenly.

His kisses always felt breathtaking but this one showed his emotions, love and how much he missed me from all these years. He is my golu, my Abhi. And he is totally mine.

He traced my bottom lip with his tongue asking for entrance which I gladly g

don't even know that I was Golu and was watching over you from long ago. It was not your fault" he said explaining me and making me understand. I melted for his words again. But I need to say those words to him.

I shook my head and took hold of his hands in mine.

"I am really sorry for hurting you unknowingly Abhi. I am sorry for making you feel like that. You are special to me in every way." I said looking into his eyes.

"You are my safe heaven, you are my saviour, you are my friend, you are my strength, you are my everything" I expressed still looking deeply into his eyes which are sucking me in.

"I love you Abhi" I said finally still holding his eyes in captive. I can see the surprise in his eyes after realising what I have said. I can see the emotions playing on his face. Happy, relief, shock, surprise. He was stunned to react which made a smile to form on my face.

"What…?" He uttered out finally after what felt like forever before closing and opening his mouth like a fish.

I took a step back from him by retrieving my hands from him still looking into his eyes smiling all the way.

"I said that I LOVE YOU" I shouted by keeping my hands around my mouth. I can see the happiness in his eyes which are shining brightly in this dark night like stars.

"Say it once again" he whispered taking a step towards me with happy tears in his eyes. Even my position was also the same.

"I love you Abhi" I said little loudly smiling happy tears.

"Once again please" he said coming close to me leaving a gap of one foot between us now.

"I love you so much Golu" I said looking into his eyes now. He took a step even closer by closing that one foot of gap between us and pulling me towards him suddenly while placing his hand around my waist which took my breath away by making me gasp in surprise.

"Say it again" he said whispering by bending near my ear which erupted goosebumps all over my body by making me shiver slightly.

"I.. love you" I whispered looking into his eyes but the next moment he closed my mouth with his lips that I sighed with content and responded to him with equal passion.

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