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   Chapter 54 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

His chocolate brown eyes always have the perfect way to capture me in whole without fail and making me turn into a jelly under his intense gaze. His eyes are a beautiful shade of brown which resembles the chocolate colour when sun rays fall and become dark brown colour in the night. It seems like the brown colour is normal one but still these brown eyes are something special with those melting gazes of his and forever i would like to drown in those eyes of his.

Whenever I see or think about him, those eyes of his are the first thing that appears in front of me. Even now when we were dancing to some slow songs in a room full of audience, his gaze and his face are the only things that I can see in front of me and rest all became a blur including everyone.

I can only feel his presence around me and even inside me which is making my heart flutter and my stomach to form butterflies which are ready to explode and fly. His hands which are around my waist are leaving a heat behind them at the place where he is touching me and the way his breath is fanning on my face clarifies that we are so close to each other and that feeling itself is enough to make my mind dizzy with a satisfied feeling and content.

But suddenly my heartbeat rose for a different reason and it's making me feel panicked. Everything around me changed from the beautiful audience to the place where Abhi took me to dinner with him.

And the beautiful smile on his face disappeared and in place of it was a hurtful expression which tugged my heart with pain that i want to touch his face but found myself getting away from him which is making my situation even more panicked and was trying to get near to him. But it was like whatever i do, some invisible force is dragging me away from him making me fear of losing him.

My heart was beating wildly against my chest and sweat forming on my body due to anxiety. I was shouting his name but still, he became very far from me that I shouted his name with full force to stop him from going away.

"Abhi…." I gasped by shouting and abruptly got up by opening my eyes.

"Athi…. Are you fine?" Riya asked immediately with worry and started rubbing my back again.

For a moment i thought that i have lost him but then it took me a minute to understand that it was just a bad dream and I sighed in relief while tears started falling from my eyes.

I looked at Riya by hugging her immediately while crying and thinking about the dream. I was still shaking from the aftereffects of the dream and the room felt so hot but still, tears were falling rapidly without stopping.

"Shhh... It's ok. Nothing is going to happen. It was just a dream. Relax" Riya cooed me by saying soft nothings while i was trying to control my emotions which are all over the place at present.

After some time I calmed down from my emotional breakdown and hugged myself thinking about the events. I tried to divert my mind but failed miserably. All I can think about is him. Hell, even my dreams were not an exception. Whatever and however Riya tried to control me and make me comfortable, I still felt empty and lonely for the first time in my life. It's like a part is left with him when I came out of the car yesterday. I know that I can be at peace only in his arms and that is what worries me the most.

"Go and fresh up. I will check if Rishi or Dev prepared something to eat." Riya said looking at me with a kind smile on her face and I reluctantly nodded my head in approval. Even though I am not in the mood to eat anything, I know that she will make me eat at any cost. So I simply nodded my head and slowly got up and went into the washroom while she removed some dress for me to wear after the bath.

I sighed after closing the bathroom door and started completing my daily routine while avoiding the mirror at any cost because i know for a fact how I look. After 2o minutes I came out after bathing and wore the pyjama and T-shirt Riya left on the bed and sat on the bed looking at my mobile.

My hands and my heart are itching me to call him or at least message him just to know how he is doing, but the guilt is eating me away and I am unable to face him. I was fidgeting with my chain absentmindedly when i felt something on my locket.

I immediately looked at it carefully to see that there is an opening in between the locket. Curi

space in my heart, I am not crying for myself Rishi, this pain and hurt is for him that he felt all along because of me." I said opening my eyes, which were filled with tears and anyone can see the pain in my eyes at present.

He was smiling by looking at me and shaking his head to which i looked at him with furrowed eyebrows not getting what happened to him suddenly. I can see that Riya and Dev were looking at me with realisation in their eyes that they got to know the answer to this unknown question. It's making me frustrated but i tried to control myself.

"If he is in pain, then it's hurting you, if he is crying then you are crying with him, if he is breaking apart then you too are breaking from inside. If he smiles then you smile, if he laughs then you too laugh with him. Whatever he does, it reflects you. Why Athira, Why? " Rishi asked with a knowing look on his face making me even more confused.

I looked at him for a moment before thinking about his question. He is right, I smile when he smiles, i laugh when he laughs, I cry when he cries and get hurt if he is hurt. I can feel his pain and agony that everything he is feeling at present. Why?

Why does his touch makes me feel butterflies and arise goosebumps on my skin? Why does his smile have that effect on me? Why do his eyes attracts me like a magnet every time i see them? Why if a girl is close to me then i feel jealous and anger at the same time? What is this feeling? It cannot be just like. It's something more precious and special.

Then the realisation hit me like a hurricane. I widened my eyes like a socket and looked at them with shock and surprise at the same time.

"Oh my god…." I gasped by covering my mouth with my hands and looked at them with wide eyes and realisation. They are looking at me with a knowing smile on their faces and encouraging me to say it out loud.

"Common… say it out, loud princess…" Rishi said with an encouraging smile.

"It's L…. Love…." I said looking at him and he nodded me to continue.

"I… I…. Love… Him" I said stammering in between the words. "I love him Rishi… I love him" I said with so much happiness in my voice that tears started falling from my eyes and I was crying standing there like an idiot but still smiling at the same time.

They all smiled and Riya squealed getting up and hugging me tightly with happiness…

"Girl… You realised now. Yes dammit, You love him… I am so happy" she said squealing and squeezing me at the same time. I laughed and hugged her back with the same happiness in my eyes. Tears were falling but these are happy tears.

All this while I thought that it was not love, when in fact it was love that is messing with my head. Oh my god… I love Abhi... I love him so much… I wanted to jump and dance at the same time squealing in happiness but controlled my excitement from doing so.

"I love you Abhilash Ponnam, " I thought smiling.

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