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   Chapter 53 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

I was sitting silently in my bedroom while thinking about all the events that had happened today. It was like there was a slow motion button in my mind which is playing all the events slowly in my mind and making me even more frustrated, angry and sad at the same time.


When Omisha left after hugging me, I didn't know what to do or what to say. I stood there like a statue remembering each and every word she said. And that every word was making me feel even more guilty thinking that how much i have hurted my Abhi even without knowing.

Am i really that selfish? Was i really that dense that i have not observed the hurt and feelings of the person who was standing beside me all the time like a protector? How can I be so oblivious to everything that was happening before me and feel like i was the only one suffering all this time? How can I show my face to the one who only thought about my happiness and feelings before him? How can I talk with him after knowing how much I have hurt him because of my foolishness? How can i?

I was lost in my own thoughts all this time that i forgot to glance at the person who is standing there looking like a nervous wreck. I wanted to apologise and hug him tightly but that won't be enough.

By seeing him, I can say that he has a lot to say but was waiting for my reaction when i was unable to utter even a single word out of my mouth. There is a thick tension in the air between the both of us and both of them were waiting for the other to break the silence because mostly we don't know what to say and how to start.

We have many words, many questions and many answers in my mind which are dying to come out of our mouths but still we were unable to utter even a single word the whole time. All the words were trapped inside our mouths and were not getting out in fear of another person's reaction. I can feel his discomfort and I can clearly see his anxiety and nervousness but still i am unable to face this man at this moment.

It was like my total world has been changed within this half nour and i don't even know half of it about what was happening around me. I was truly oblivious to everything around me and it has proved once again today.

So I just uttered the one thing that came out of my mouth at that moment and went towards the direction of the car without waiting for his reply in fear of crying then and there itself. I can't face him after everything i got to know and how much i have hurted him all these years by pushing him away from me.

The ride to my apartment it dead silent in the car with us being silent in our own thoughts. I saw his clenched fists around the steering wheel when I glanced at him and I know that he is controlling his feelings and emotions from letting it out. I can't blame him because I was the reason for all this mess and I am to blame it for everything.

He wanted to talk with me but was not able to meet my eyes or even was able to say anything.

God Abhi, don't look at me that way. Hell, even my position is similar to you. I have a lot to say but unable to say even a word. My emotions were all over the place but the guilt was eating me alive at this moment.

For the first time, I wanted to run away from him because of guilt and not because of my scared feelings. Funny right? But it's true.

rting himself. It's already making me feel guilty that I have hurt him enough and knowing that he is getting hurt again will devastate me.

Fresh tears were pooling around the corner of my eyes thinking about his hurtful expression and again i started sobbing by clutch the edge of the wash basin.

I have hurt him a lot and there is no forgiving me for that. I am a selfish bitch who only looks after her feelings by neglecting everyone around her.

I hated myself a lot at his moment and if I can, then I want to turn back to the time when he was in my college just to meet him at that time to correct everything.

Riya came rushing inside and saw me sobbing again my clutching my stomach which is paining due to the gut wrenching sob that is coming from the pit of my stomach. My heart is paining a lot that i want to rip it away from inside my chest.

She hugged me and was saying soothing words to make me calm and to some extent it worked because I stopped sobbing but still was crying by holding her tightly.

"Shhh Athira. Control yourself. Everything will be alright" she said my rubbing my back. After sometime I stopped crying and she made me face the wash basin and washed my face with the water to get rid of the remaining tears on my face.

After drying my face with the towel, she slowly dragged me outside the bathroom and made me sleep on the bed by occupying the other side of it and hugged me by stroking my hair lovingly.

I closed my eyes and relished in her arms for sometime still hiccuping. When i totally cooled down from my crying, he gave a small smile and kissed my cheek and closed my eyes with her left hand.

"Sleep dear. Will talk tomorrow. Don't think about anything" she said hugging me back and rubbing my back. I listened to her words and closed my eyes tiredly because it was burning from my crying.

I felt exhausted and sleep was taking over me slowly when those chocolate brown eyes appeared in front of me by making tears pool at the corner of my eyes. I felt guilty for hurting him and was sorry. I was saying sorry repeatedly looking at those brown eyes and drifted off to sleep while crying. Last thing I felt was Riya wiping the tears that fell from eyes again.

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