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   Chapter 52 Destiny or Coincidence

Destiny or Coincidence? By sprinklePT14 Characters: 14747

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Abhilash Ponnam

Pain… It is just a four-letter word but still, it holds the life and soul of a person in its fingertips making all of us humans dance according to the will of it. If it was a physical pain, then it will recover within a couple of days for sure but what if this pain is not physical but emotional? Then can it be easily recovered within a couple of days as it implied to physical pain? No. Not at all… Because emotional pain deals with the feelings which cannot be cured with some medicines and treatment like physical pain. Feelings are so fragile like a glass that once it got broken then it's impossible to piece them together.

Physical pain is easy to bear compared to the emotional pain. Because, emotions deals with broken hearts, tears, time, memories, loss, hurt and many more which can be a roller coaster ride within itself and cannot be expressed in words. One definitely needs to feel it and experience it with the heart to know how deep the scars are. Even then they might be able to reach until half of it because no one and I mean no one would be able to feel and experience the pain that you are feeling it. It is a feeling like as if someone was crushing your heart with their palm and then repeatedly stabbing it with a needle to let us know and feel how deep the wound is and how many scars it produced in return. It feels like someone was crushing my heart into billions of pieces so that no one or not even myself would be able to pick up those pieces and attach them together. It's like after experiencing all those pain, hurt, tears and heartache there is nothing left but the feeling of emptiness and numbness in my heart.

And then after what felt like an eternity, came a small light of hope in my heart seeing her sitting there opposite to me in the pub laughing and smiling without a care in the world made my empty heart feel with the warmness of her and flutter my weak heart again. It felt like with one smile of her, she can fill my empty heart and soul with all of her smiles making me whole again. But i was scared to let my heart feel this feeling again in fear of breaking apart but again my treacherous heart won at the end making me take a daring step even if it breaks me again emotionally. Because in the end, she is all worth it and there is no life without her in this world. So, I am ready to face this heartache and pain again and again only to just be with her even if it costs my heart.

I was always ready to do anything for her and even now i can do anything for her. I thought that along with the time i might be able to forget about her and love someone else. But how wrong i am and I got to know the moment my eyes captured her once again that my love for her is so deep and one pure thing that no one would be able to replace her in this life. It's like my love has increased multiple times this time if that is even possible. And I was willing to sacrifice my wounded heart for her again in a silver platter even though i know for sure that if this time it breaks then it is irreparable. Because she is all worth it in the end. My love for her is pure and true and i am willing to show her that what is true love means and she needs to be treated like a princess and not some ordinary girl.

I only wanted her to see happy and I want to be part of her life but never ever thought or hoped that she might like me back and it made me the most luckiest person on earth knowing that she might reciprocate my feelings. I know it was just a hope which can be easily crushed but still like a hopeless idiot I was dreaming that one day she might love me back and to just be with her I didn't say the truth out about me and hide it from her in fear of losing her again after all this time when i just got her back.

I was scared of losing her again and was scared of facing my breaking heart. So I became selfish and hid the truth from her. I know it's wrong of me to keep her in the dark but can you blame me? I was waiting for her from the past 15 years and when i just got her, how can I let her go that easily? I was scared that she might run away from the overwhelming emotions in fear of breaking again. Somehow we both are related and was scared of breaking it again. But I am ready to mend her broken heart with my love if she gives me the chance to be in her life. I wanted to be sure before I say every truth about us and how much i love her

started the engine.

When we reached the place, i immediately sprinted down from the car and went to the clearing where the bench was present by taking a seat on it. I love nature and this place is so special to us. He too came behind me and sat beside me in silence. For sometime we both sat in silence while enjoying nature.

"Do you remember our time from here when we escaped the wrath of our mother?" he asked stilling looking ahead to which I nodded my head smiling.

" Yes, i remember. I broke the cycle of our neighbour and when his brother came asking me, you defended me and punched the both of them in return making our mother angry" It was the most memorable moment of our life where he defended my fault like a big brother he was and both of us faced the wrath of our mother later.

"yes, and then we both ran away from the house escaping our mother and hid here for the rest of the day enjoying ourselves" he continues laughing by remembering our stunt. I too joined him in the laugh.

"And when we reached home finally thinking that she might have slept but only to see her being seated on our bed making us go pale in return. It was hilarious if you ask. Got we were so scared that i took a run to the bathroom and started crying like a kid making our mom melt immediately" I said laughing and he too nodded his head in acceptance while laughing.

"Yes. It was a memorable night indeed" he said after controlling himself and we both started talking about our old days where we played pranks on others and all the stuff we did together. He was older than me but we always used to play together.

Suddenly his phone rang making us interrupt our conversation and took the call for some minutes before he came back and we resumed our chatting. After a long time, it felt like we were gathering all the lost time when we were far away from each other.

It felt good to be back here and to spend time with my brother again. Time ran quickly and it was almost 8.00 pm now. Four hours have passed so quickly with our talking. When I was deep in thought, I heard the sound of the car making me look at the direction of it only to gasp in shock.

Because the person who came out of the car was none other than Athira and she was running towards us in full form making me worry that she might fall which instantly made me get up and go forward towards her in concern.

She immediately jumped on me by hugging me tightly that i was in shock for a fraction of a second before catching hold of her in a tight grip to prevent her from falling. To say that I was in shock would be an understatement. I literally don't know what to feel at the moment. Shock, surprise, questions… many more emotions were running through my mind but I just relished this moment by ignoring everything. Because my Athira is in my arms and that's all that matters to my broken heart at present. I closed my eyes by hugging her even more tightly.

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