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   Chapter 50 Destiny or Coincidence

Destiny or Coincidence? By sprinklePT14 Characters: 12596

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Abhilash Ponnam

We got out from that room after completing our dinner and making it a most memorable night with her. I can clearly see that she looked pleased and content with the date i have arranged. It made my ego boost and felt satisfied knowing that I have succeeded in my arrangements for which i felt so restless until now.

After our small makeout session inside, she became shy and mushed that she was not uttering a word and was following me down keeping quiet. But i can see her eyes which are shining brightly with happiness which made me smile looking at her face. It looked kind of cute though.

This girl can make me smile, laugh, cry, hurt, and crazy all at the same time.

No, scratch that. I am crazy for this girl and i know that i will forever be like this.

Whoever said that it is just a waste of time to think about girls are absolutely wrong. In fact, we don't even know the time while thinking about them. Time just flies by when we are spending time with them and the most craziest thing is that we want the time to stop then and there itself so that we don't have to leave her and be with her always.

I don't regret a single thing or single second I have spent with her until now.

I was scared to tell her about our childhood friendship in fear of losing her again. I don't want to hurt her and I don't want to get hurt again. So, even if I am being selfish about not telling her the whole thing, I am not regretting it.

I just want to be beside her always and want to see her smiling face.

I can still see her surprise and shocked face when i have given the chain to her earlier. It was clear that she was not expecting it and she was surprised. I can't blame her though, I too was feeling nervous while giving it to her because there is a childhood pic of us inside the locket of her chain which i have made it long ago for her.

I didn't open it and show it to her since I was scared but i am hoping that soon she will find out so that she may be able to recognise me and forgive me for not telling her.

I know i am a hopeless and scared little man like that, but I can't help it. She is my weakness and always will be.

After entering inside the elevator and pressed the ground floor button, i looked at her to see a pouting face of hers which is adorable that i want to kiss her again at this moment. Still, I resisted the urge and just pecked her lips controlling my desire.

But still, it made her surprise that she was opening and closing her mouth to utter a word but failing miserably due to shock. It amused me looking at her reaction that I wanted to compliment her for her innocence and kiss her inviting lips again but the doors of the elevator opened indicating that we have reached the ground floor. I reluctantly released her hand sighing when immediately she sprinted away from me flushing all over again. It made me laugh seeing her pouting and flushed face that she was embarrassed to show me.

I went behind her to catch her when she immediately stopped in her tracks making me collide with her back and unbalancing us both. I abruptly took hold of her and steadied both of us while looking at her confusingly. I made sure that she is fine and when i wanted to ask what happened, I saw the reason before us.

To say I was surprised was an understatement. All the emotions came flooding through my mind the moment I saw her standing there looking at the both of us with a small smile on her face. I wanted to hug my best friend because I missed her a lot but controlled myself when I remembered the reason i was not talking with her in the first place. This made my anger to surface forgetting that she was my best friend. I masked my emotions that are swirling at present and gave my stony expre

enough" I said raising my voice to make my point clear so that she can get it into her thick skull. I gave my best death glare by keeping an assuring hand on the back of Athira to convey that everything is going to be fine. But is it really??

"Why Abhi? She has the right to know about everything. Don't you think that it has been long due to tell her everything?" She asked raising her voice equally matching mine and staring at me equally not backing down for a moment. This made me furious knowing that she has made up her mind to break us apart by telling my secret to her. But I won't let that happen. Not at any cost.

"It's none of your business Omisha. I am capable of telling her everything when the right time comes" I said with a tone of finality in my voice not giving any space for discussion. I know that I sounded demanding d dominant but i don't care at the moment. I want her to shut her mouth this instant. I hope that she got the message and will leave for here. But how wrong am i? This girl is testing every bit of my patience. I don't know for how long I can hold my temper if she continues to behave like this.

Whom am I kidding with? She is Omisha and she never backs off even though she knows how i would burst in anger. She is capable of facing my anger and even capable of controlling it. She saw it from our childhood and even controlled me many times. So yes, she is not affected by my outburst of anger. It's not even making her flinch back in response. If it was some other person standing in place of her, then they would have gone up to now. But she won't. At Least i know that for sure about her.

"I know you so well to know that you are scared Abhi. And you always see the reasons to hide it from her just to not scare her away. But don't you think that he has the right to know? And what if she doesn't run away as you think?" she said making me falter in my decision for a moment and was giving thoughts about her words.

I accept it that Omisha knows me so well that even to the extent of my fears. So I am not surprised when she said that I was scared of losing Athira. I kind of expected her to know about it. I am like an open book to her. But what if she said was true? Does truly Athira will accept me even after knowing everything? What if she really won't run away from me as Omisha insisted? Can i believe Omisha after all that she has done to the both of us and betrayed my trust? And I don't know if i can live without her again if she left me this time.

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