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   Chapter 49 Destiny or Coincidence

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Abhilash Ponnam

Athira…. The love of my life…. I never thought that the life would give me a second chance to meet her again. I lost all my hopes when I returned back to bangalore knowing that she was devastated because of her ex-boyfriend and there is not a single thing that I can do to relieve her hurt and sadness that it ate me for a long time.

I was feeling regret, pain, pang, guilt, jealousy, ache, hurt and even more that I was unable to stay there for even more a second seeing her like that. I was jealous of her loving someone else that it hurt me a lot, but there was also guilt for feeling that way when she was suffering from heart ache due to heartbreak. So i left bangalore unable to see her pain and get hurt even more. But the moment I came to bangalore, i regretted leaving her there like that but thought of being strong and concentrated on my work to forget about her. But always failed and eventually by the end of the day, I used to remember her smile, eyes and everything about her.

I was never able to move on from her. Hell, I cannot even see a girl simply without comparing her to my Athira. That's how I was then and even till now I am same. I thought that I would never meet her again in my life and never see her again.

But today standing in front of her door, getting ready to knock only to take her on an official date with me, I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Never in my wildest dreams I would have dreamed of this situation, but god blessed me with it and I am very ecstatic to know that she might love me back.

And I want to be careful here because I know that she is scared of the words like love, feelings and affections after the episode with her ex-boyfriend. So I don't want her to feel forced into this relationship. I want her to fully accept me with her whole heart. I am ready to wait for her for lifelong if it needs to be done. I want her to be happy and if being friends makes her happy, then I am happy to oblige on her every word.

I finally knocked on her door and was surprised to meet Riya and Rishi instead of the girl i am waiting eagerly to see. However, it was good to finally meet the best friend of her officially. We spoke for some time but all the while, my heart, my eyes and every fibre in my body was eagerly waiting to look her and my eyes are scanning around the hall in hopes to see her.

Then I heard the sound of heels tapping on the floor and immediately turned towards the direction of the sound only to get froze on my spot looking at the gorgeous lady in front of me. My breath hitched in my throat looking at the beauty who is wearing black colour off shoulder knee length dress which suited her the best. I know for a fact that Riya helped her to get ready because my Athira doesn't know how to do makeup or even have any fashion sense and i like her that way. Because she doesn't need to know about fashion and get ready to capture the hearts of all the boys. She is already doing it with her natural look.

In my childhood I have fallen for her without knowing myself but now that friend of mine became this innocent and beautiful looking girl that half of the time I cannot take my eyes away from her. To say frankly, she is looking damn sexy and hot that I will have a tough time controlling myself around her and trying to get my hands off her. I was in my own little thoughts looking at her when she was scolding Riya for not liking her dress which made me come out of my trance to see that she was standing there fidgeting with her hands and looking uncomfortable.

Oh shit, I think she thought that I didn't like her dress when in fact it's the total opposite that is happening with me at present. I want to curse myself for being this dense and quickly spoke to calm her nervousness.

"Wow… You look… Sexy" I said clearing my throat and gulping down.

Sexy? Really Abhilash? Is that what you can say to her in the form of a compliment? Good going Abhi… Good going… Scolded my brain for my foolishness.

Then i realised what i said after looking at her surprised face. "I mean you are looking stunning in this dress. It bought out your sexiness in this." I said continuing by trying to correct it but then realised what i said again.

Fuck man… You are screwed today… Take deep breaths and concentrate on her. You can admire her beauty later. Suggested my brain by scoffing at me.

God dammit. What the hell is wrong with me? I want to bang my head on the wall for my unfiltered mouth. I looked at her with a sheepish smile by scratching the back of my neck which made all of them laugh at my blabbering. You are a gone case Abhi.

"Ok ok. That was lame. It's all so new to me. But frankly, you are stunning in this dress" I explained looking at her seriously with a genuine smile on my face to convey my feelings. I hope she understood what i am trying to say here. Because inside I am getting nervous as hell thinking that i might have given the wrong impression on ur first date itself.

Stupid Abhi. Don't know when to control that mouth of yours. But when she blushed listening to my words, I relaxed knowing that I said the right thing and it made me smirk at her in return.

Her blush is so beautiful that I would like to see it on her face every second of the day, especially knowing that it was because of me. It feels like I have achieved something when she blushes to my flirting making me even more crazy for her.

She looked down, avoiding eye contact with me by hiding her blush behind her hair. But i wanted to see her scarlet face, so i went near to her and tilted her chin with my fingers and asked her if we can leave. I think she was surprised to see me this close because the next moment her heartbeat increased due to our close proximity. I can feel her hot breath and her unique lavender cum strawberry scent that it made me feel content and wanted to be always near to her.

She nodded and both of her friends warned me to take care of her and not to her again. I can understand their concern because I had personally seen how broken she was before.

So, I promised to take care of her and went near to them by hugging and whispered into their ears, that 'I love her with my whole heart and will never be able to see her hurt, so they can trust me with her'. And they both seemed to be pleased with my answer and hugged me back with equal happiness.

Then we both left for our date by waving to her friends and entered the lift to get down. But all the while i can think of kissing her senselessly and the thing is that I am unable to control my feelings so when the lift doors closed, I immediately pulled her towards me by wrapping my hands around her waist and closing the gap between us. She looked surprised because of my sudden action that she looked at me with wide eyes asking the unanswered question. And I don't blame her for that because even I am surprised because of my sudden urge to be close to her.

Her dove like eyes which are chocolate colour, her pink plump lips which are irresistible to kiss, her small but sharp nose which twitches when she will get angry and her dark brown colour hair which reaches till her waist are so damn temp

ting that I am hopeless when it comes to her. I act like a love sick puppy around her.

Her eyes drag me to her like a magnet which are so expressive that i can read her like an open book without her uttering a word from her mouth. She reacts to each and every small thing that makes a smile form on my lips involuntarily. She doesn't know how beautiful she is, she always thinks that she is just a normal girl but i know what her beauty does to me, like at present for example. I want to kiss her every part and leave her breathless making her to only remember me that i am afraid of my own thoughts for a second.

"You know you look ravishing in this dress that it's becoming very hard for me to keep my hands to myself" I said huskily by bending my head and whispering into her ear by touching it with my lips slightly that she shivered involuntarily making a fist of her palms with my shirt in return. It made me proud that I can make her feel like this and my ego became very high noting the fact.

I chuckled looking at her blushing face which became my new favourite colour and bent down again by kissing her earlobe gently and making my way to her soft neck which is very tempting. I placed small kisses making my way to the place where her neck and shoulder meets and kissed that spot tenderly to get a reaction out of her and to listen to her beautiful sound. And sure enough she moaned my name in return that made me hard immediately listening to my name coming from her lips.

God, this girl will be the death of me. I so badly want to make her mine right at this moment because of her innocent moans but resisted myself because i know that this is not the correct time. I need to wait for it and i am ok with it.

I looked at her flushed face and chuckled looking at her reaction which made her even more red due to blushing. I then took her to my car and went to the destination that was waiting for her eagerly.

We both went inside the restaurant that i had booked for our date and walked towards the reception to find out if everything was arranged according to my plan or not but I saw that the receptionist was looking at my girl with a calculating gaze that made me angry and I immediately introduced her as my girlfriend to shut her mouth and it worked making me pleased with her reaction.

Who does she think she is? Calculating about my girl. No one dares to touch her or make her uncomfortable in front of me. She is my queen and I will it to everyone.

I turned towards Athira to see if she was ok, but she was already looking at me with pride in Athira's eyes which made me feel content knowing that she was satisfied with my answer.

I can also feel the jealousy coming out of my cutiepie which made my insides warm with a sense of comfort that it was only for me. I didn't question it because I know that she will deny it fiercely so just kept quiet enjoying her presence beside me.

I wanted our date to be special and i know that Athi likes surprises and romantic events a lot so I had planned this for her. To say frankly i had planned this very long ago when I first saw this place in my teenage days. It was even before I officially met her. It has always been my dream to bring her here for a date but never expected that this day will come and I am so excited to experience it in person.

When we entered inside, I can see the excitement and surprise in her eyes that it made my heart proud knowing that she is happy and delighted about this. I know that she liked it but i really want to listen to it from her words. I want to know if she liked it or not because it took six hours for me to arrange all this but she doesn't need to know that I did all of this. I want it to be a secret always.

Yes, i personally arranged and decorated all this according to her taste and I am quite nervous about her approval. But when she said that she is so amazed to see all this and she loved this arrangement, i was on cloud nine. There was no stopping me now. I was beaming with happiness knowing that she appreciated my effort.

Adi suggested me to take her to a beach or something, but i know her enough to know that she likes here than a beach on our first date. Of course she would like a beach dinner for sure, but i want it to be done later when she is officially my girlfriend. But for sure i know that she won't come to another city with me alone this soon in our relationship. So i planned it here itself.

Never in my life, have I done anything like this. But if it comes to Athira, then I am ready to do anything. And this arrangement is just a sample for it. She is the only girl in my life and always will be. I want to marry her and be with her for life long. But i know that i cannot express all this now itself, otherwise she would get scared and run away from me. She is just getting in terms with her own feelings towards me and is accepting it slowly which i am glad for now. So I want to go with her pace and wait for the right time to explain her everything without scaring her away.

She looked so happy at present that i want to capture this moment in my heart forever by clicking this scene in my mind and saving it permanently in my heart. That smile of hers is breathtaking that it will always make me slip again and again by falling for her even more.

She is the sun in my life that I would look forward to see every morning, she is the beat to my heart that cannot function without her, she is the air to life that fills my lungs and makes me breathe in relief, she is the future that I want the rest of life to spend with her.

She is my friend, She is my heartbeat, She is my air, She is my girlfriend, She is my smile, She is my happiness, She is my love, She is my pain, She is my life, She is my everything….

There is not a day without me thinking of her. Ever since I saw her for the first time in the park 15 years back running away from her mother with an excited smile, she captured my heart and took it with her in the first glance. Until now it is still with her and for sure i know that till my last breath it will be with her itself because in this life, it's only her.

I wanted to give her something special if ever we met in the future, so I saved all my six months salary and bought a chain for her. It cost a lot for me but I don't want her to know it. I know that I can ask my mother or use my credit card to buy it, it was not a big issue. But I personally wanted to earn money to buy this for her. I wanted it to be special, so I did it. Call me hopeless, but i was like that. In Fact even now if i have to be more truthful.

I loved her with every fibre in my heart that sometimes I feel pain and agony for not being with her. I don't know if God listened to all my prayers and sent her to me at last, but I am really thankful for having her in my life that I can't express my feelings in words. It's an overwhelming feeling. It still feels like a dream to have her this near to me and to be able to touch her and kiss her. I will never let go of her gain in my life. I promised to myself that I will protect her, make her always happy and will never hurt her. And i am going to keep that promise now.

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