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   Chapter 48 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

"Hai Abhi, Hai Athira" she wished looking at us with an expression of sadness and a forced smile on her face.

I was so shocked to see her sad face that it tugged at my heart repeatedly making me feel guilty for an unknown reason. But somehow i think i know the reason behind her sadness and it was partly because of me. If Abhi didn't like me in the first place, then maybe he would have accepted her feelings.

Before, I never felt guilty for her, but today after seeing her emotionally drained face like this, it's making me rethink my thoughts and opinion about her.

"What are you doing here?" Abhi asked looking at her with a stone expression while i was feeling sympathy towards her. Maybe i was the one who came in the middle of them? I know that i am having seconds thoughts here, but I can't help it.

"Oh look, The great Abhilash graced me with his presence altast. What a pleasant surprise Abhi. You still remember me?" Asked Omisha with a fake surprise and shock by keeping her hands on her heart gasping, while we all can see her hurt face behind her hard facade.

"Omisha… I asked you a question" he repeated the words with force like he was controlling himself from lashing out at her.

"Don't overthink yourself Abhilash. I just came to meet my childhood friend. That's it. It was a coincidence to meet the both of you here" she spat looking at him with an angry expression on her face. But i think that anger is reflected due to the hurt feelings she is hiding smartly behind her hard exterior. She is good at hiding her feelings though. Even I would have thought the same if not for her betraying eyes a little earlier for a fraction of seconds when she saw us together. I don't know if Abhi saw the sadness in her eyes earlier or not but it's clear to me as daylight now.

"Fine. Let's go Athira" he said giving a curt nod towards her by cutting her off without giving a second glance at her direction and turned towards me by taking my hand in his to resume our walking towards the entrance. But all the while I was watching her expression to see her wall crumbling little by little due to his harshness and ignorance towards her.

I realised at that moment that maybe she was a bitch to me but she truly loved him from the bottom of her heart and the friendship between the both of them was much stronger than I thought up to now. It made me realise one more thing that he too was hiding his hurt behind his anger. I can now clearly see that he was missing his best friend and was not able to do anything in return. And it was his frustration that is coming out at this moment because of his helplessness.

"Wait Athira. I want to say something" she said stopping the both of us and I turned towards her with an expression of confusion because up to now she was totally talking to him by ignoring me completely and now all of a sudden she called my name. So it definitely made me confused but I was willing to listen to whatever she has to say. I think I need a closure between us to clear out negative feelings towards each other.

"What is it?" He asked rather harshly making her flinch back with surprise but recovered herself quickly and stood rooted on her spot with determined eyes. It made me even more curious to know about what she has to say.

"I envy you Athira. But at the same time, I pity you too" she said making me look at her in shock while Abhi fisted his hands on his side without uttering a word. "Because you are so oblivious to everything around you" she continued making me even more confused that I furrowed my eyebrows not getting about what she is trying to say.

"I am lost here Omisha, " I said out loud with the confused expression about what I am thinking.

"I know that. And that is what I am trying to say. You are so oblivious to the people around you and about their feelings. You didn't even know that your best friend was having feelings for you from childhood in the first place, then how can I expect you to know about the feelings of the person who is standing beside you at present" she said scoffing at me by giving me an accusing look which made me take a step back in return by listening to her words.

It was like someone splashed water on my face to wake me up from my dreamland only to see the real world. I was stunned to react to her statement. I was looking at her with big shocking eyes without blinking by taking in the words she just said.

"Stop it Omisha. It's enough" Abhi said giving her a death glare and keeping a hand on my back to assure me that everything is going to be alright. But is it really??

"Why Abhi? She has the right to know about everything

after completing his PG. But no, fate played its role and he came to Hyderabad for his friend's marriage where for the first time you have seen him in person and got attracted to him. After all those years he thought that he got the chance to talk with you or be as a friend with you. But no. You being yourself, rejected him again and went away after breaking him successfully again." she said glaring at me again this time making me flinch back with hurt. I didn't even realise that i was crying all this time.

"He was lost, hurt, broken that it was like hell trying to console him. I cursed a lot of words on you for hurting him like that. I would have never forgiven you if he hurt himself like that. After two days of being alone, he became somewhat normal and went to the office as usual. But anyone who knows him can see that he was hurting from inside." she continued but i was crying listening to her words. My heart was crying for making him hurt unknowingly.

"What made me even angrier was the fact that you again came into his life. I don't know if i should punch you or shout at my fate. It was like all the stars in the universe were hell-bent on getting to meet you both again. Yes, fate played again its role and you came back in his life as a trainee and it was even more surprising that he was your project manager." she scoffed looking at the both of us while I was unable to meet his eyes with shame.

"Yes, I recognised you the moment he called your name saw you with those lost eyes of his. I knew it that it was you for whom he became like that. So, obviously my insecurities became high and was nervous to lose him. So I behaved like a bitch to make to get away from his life. Yes. I was selfish, but I love him and wanted to be with him. But it was not mine from first. I realised it now. But it cost our friendship in return." she said with sad eyes glancing at him and he too was looking at her with the same sad expression.

"I am sorry Athira that I behaved like that with you. I know that it was no reason. But i was selfish to make him mine. But i cannot turn the fates when its already decided. He was never mine in the first place." she said smiling sadly and taking my hands in hers. I was just watching her with tear face.

"He was always yours and I can see that now. He is a lot happier when he is with you. I have never seen him this happy and i know that the reason behind it is because of you. I hope that you realise your feelings for him." she said wiping my face and hugging me in return. I was shocked at first but was my heart as content with relief. I realised that we both got the closure for our negative feelings and I smiled by hugging her in return.

After a few moments, she released herself from the hug and smiled kindly that it was the first time I was seeing her smile genuinely like this. I smiled back sincerely.

"See you. Bye Abhi. Sorry for revealing it to her like that, but it was time to know. You will thank me later for it." she said giving her forced smile and went towards the exit leaving the both of us with our own thoughts in mind.

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