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   Chapter 47 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

I don't have any words to explain what I am feeling right now. It was so mesmerising and breathtaking that i gasped in awe looking in front of me.

"Wow Abhi…. It's so breathtaking" I said looking at it in awe. My eyes were big like socceers.

There in the middle of the hall was placed the table with two chairs and all the dishes on the table while all the candles and the roses were surrounding the table and it was a glass roof where we could see the stars and moon from inside. We can even see the city lights and the busy routes from sitting here. There were no lights illuminating the room but only the candles which help us to see everything. There was a soft music playing in the background which created the atmosphere with romantic touch.

It was like I have come to a different world and want to last this moment forever. I want to take a click and capture this moment in my mind for a lifetime. So that i can rewind it whenever I want to.

It was so overwhelming that I forgot about Abhi who was standing behind me hugging me. Only when he cleared the throat that I got out of this dreamland and glanced at him with a smile that came from the bottom of my heart.

I think it was the first time after my mom died that I am smiling with my whole heart. He came into my life like a stranger and attracted me towards him like a magnet and made me like him.

Now I can't even think of a day without him. From the moment I woke up and till i sleep, i always think of him with any reason and smile to myself like an idiot.

He makes my heart flutter and my stomach to form butterflies just with his smile and his glance that no one was able to do up to now.

Not only that, but I feel safe and sound in his arms that I felt only with my parents until now. I feel complete with him and there is a satisfied feeling with him that my mind and heart rests at peace without a thought of past or future. I want it to last forever.

It's only been two months that I know him but still i feel like i know him from very long. I miss him from the moment he is far from me and my heart feels restless until i see him again.

What are all these feelings? I know that it's just not like and it's more than that. But i am scared to admit it. Scared to pronounce that word in my mind or out loud.

"What are you thinking so deeply dear?" He whispered into my ear making me come out of my thoughts and look at him with a smile.

"Nothing. Just everything and you" I said looking into his eyes deeply with a meaning I don't even know if he can understand it. But i think he understood because the next moment his face showed an expression of understanding that my heart fluttered again knowing that he can read me like an open book.

"You don't need to think of everything babe. Take your own time. I am not going anywhere now that i got you finally" he said placing a kiss on my forehead with an affection that I closed my eyes and felt the moment with my heart. He is like a wave that meets the shore like me at the end of the day.

I nodded my head in agreement and he grinned like a child making me chuckle looking at his reaction.

How can he change from serious to a child within a second that I don't even want to know it.

He took my hand in his and pulled me near to the table by dragging a chair for me to sit waiting patiently like a gentleman. Once I took the seat, he went to the opposite one and took his seat while giving me a nervous smile.

God, he was nervous about the whole setup and was waiting for my approval. I didn't know that even Abhilash gets nervous for this and needs my approval. I smiled to myself knowing it and i felt somewhat proud.

"Abhi, you know that it's very beautiful right. You don't need to be nervous about it. I really loved everything you planned" I said, assuring him while taking his hand and squeezing it.

"I know but I wanted to listen from you. It means a lot for me" he said placing his other hand on mine and capturing it in between both of his palms and closing it.

"I didn't know that the CEO of the Jordan saint needs my opinion in this?" I teased looking at him with amused eyes while he gave me a look like he was getting embarrassed because of it.

"No need to be that cocky. Yes i need your opinion because it's for you. And to say that i have tried it for the first time for a girl makes it even more important. It's a first time for me, so yes i'm a little insecure about it. Happy?" He expressed complaining like a child making me smile at him genuinely. My heart melted listening to his words and knowing that it was all because of me and I am his first.

"A little?" I still teased to irritate him even more and yes i passed in it because the next moment he huffed like a little kid making me laugh.

"Ok fine. A lot. Not little bit. Happy now?" He asked exasperated while raising his

t never felt it in real life until today. It was like he was pouring his heart in this kiss making me feel the depth of his feelings.

Then in that moment I have realised something and that made me overwhelmed with the sense of dejavu.

Was it there all this time even without me realising it in the first place? God how stupid of me. I knew this feeling from the start but ignored it with a passion, saying that it's not that. And Riya, you were always right girl. And I am happy to say that I am wrong this time.

I kissed him with my whole heart letting him know my feelings too and he too realised it that the kiss was even more passionate now.

Only when we were out of breath and in need of air that we released each other and gasped for air. He placed his forehead on mine while taking deep breaths. I too closed my eyes doing the same.

My brain and heart was running a mile per second, realising this new feeling but controlled my emotions because i was still scared to admit it to him.

He hugged me tightly with so much emotion that I too embraced him in a hug and rested my head on his chest. There is no need for words at this moment to know each other's feelings. It's like we can understand each other even without the need of words to express. There is a comfortable silence around us making our hearts rest in peace.

After a while he released me from the hug by kissing my forehead and pecking my lips one last time.

"It's getting late Athi. We need to leave now" he said looking at his watch which is showing 10.35 PM. I nodded my head in agreement and we both started leaving after taking my purse but he stopped me again and kissed me shortly but passionately again leaving me with more anticipation. I blushed knowing that i was feeling like a greedy person for his kisses and just followed him back with my head low by cursing myself for becoming like this.

He chuckled looking at my reaction making me glare at him in return. He rolled his eyes and took my hand in his by dragging me with him towards the lift in silence and entered the elevator with a pouting face of mine while he pressed the ground floor button and pecked me on the lips once again making me blink my eyes in shock.

I opened and closed my mouth like a fish not knowing what to say and folded my hands huffing and looking at the front.

He wanted to say something but the doors of the lift opened making him silent and i immediately sprinted away from him walking towards the entrance still pouting while he was following me by calling my name and chuckling to himself. I can hear his laughs from his voice making me roll my eyes but smile at the same time. God, I can't even be angry at him for a long time.

I abruptly stopped on my track looking at the person in front of me making Abhi dash to my back unbalancing us and he immediately placed his hands on my shoulders to make both of us steady. Once he was sure that i am fine, he looked at me in confusion for stopping suddenly but then he glanced towards the direction of my eyes and got the answer to his unasked question.

"Hai Omisha..' Abhi said looking at her with a serious face that all smiling from a while ago was nowhere to be seen. I just stood there not knowing how to react.

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