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   Chapter 46 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

Am I not looking good in this dress? Is the makeup over? Is the dress too short? Am i looking ugly?

Many questions were running in my mind while he was looking at me with an expression of shock on his face that he froze in his spot. I was fidgeting with my dress not knowing how to react.

Both Riya and Rishi were observing us with amusement while i was getting nervous as hell. Maybe deciding to wear this dress was not good in the first place. I should have gone with that cream colour dress itself.

"I said to you that this dress is so revealing. Now look. I'm getting embarrassed in front of him" I complained to Riya by getting angry with her while she just smirked in return making me furrow my eyebrows.

"Wow… You look… sexy" he cleared his throat making me look at him in surprise "I mean you are looking stunning in this dress. It bought out your sexiness in this" he explained by scratching the back of his neck nervously making me laugh. Even Rishi and Riya too started laughing with me.

"Ok ok. That was lame. It's all so new to me. But frankly, you are stunning in this dress" he said seriously with a genuine smile on his face making me blush like an idiot.

"Thank you?" I squeaked sounding more like a question than an answer making him smirk in return. I immediately averted my eyes from him in fear of melting for those magnet like eyes. His cocky attitude is back i guess.

"Shall we?" He asked lifting my head by placing a finger under my chin making me look at him in surprise. When did he came this close to me?

I nodded my head in response not able to utter a word from my mouth. Where will my brain go when I need it the most?

"Take care of her Abhilash. She might seem that she is strong but she is not. So I don't want you to hurt her again" Riya warned by folding her hands and looking seriously at him.

"Yes. We already saw her breaking once and I don't want to see her like that again" Rishi added by keeping an arm around Riya's shoulder.

"Guys…" I pleaded with my eyes with both of them to not make this awkward.

"It's ok Athira. I can understand their feelings. They are concerned for you. And I am happy that they are there for you at all times." He said looking at me by assuring me with a smile and squeezing my hand. He went towards them and nodded his head.

"I promise that i won't hurt her and never make her cry because of me. She is too precious to me." He said by hugging them both surprising all of us and said something in their ears whispering which i was not able to understand because I stood far from them. But then they both returned the hug with smiles on their faces that it melted my heart seeing them like this.

"Thank you Abhilash. Take care of her. Now go. It's becoming late because of us. I don't want her whining by complaining to us that it's all because of us that you both were late for the date" Rishi said winking at me to which Abhi laughed and I stomped my foot huffing in annoyance by folding my hands and glaring at him.

"Let's go Cutiepie" Abhi said extending his hand for me to take for which Riya winked at me and I stuck my tongue out in return making her chuckle.

I took his hand and waved goodbye to my friends and we both got out of the apartment and entered the lift in silence. Once the lift doors were closed, he pulled me towards him within a flash by circling his right hand

here too bitch. And what was with that look? I wanted to shout at her and punch on her fake makeup packed face but controlled myself from doing.

"You look as handsome as ever Mr. Ponnam" she said flirting with him by making me even more angry at her that I clenched my fists at my sides to control my emotions.

"Thank Tanya and this is my girlfriend Athira." He said by placing his hand around my waist securely and dragging me towards him possessively. "And darling, this is Tanya. Good friend of mine" he said pressing on the word 'friend' for her sake which made me proud that I want to kiss him right at the moment.

"Hello Tanya, it's nice to meet you" I said extending my hand for her to take and smirked at her.

"Nice to meet you too mam" She said taking my hand slightly while gritting her teeth. It made me satisfied looking at her like that. Call me psycho, but he is mine and only mine. I am possessive like that.

Mine ah… when did he became from Abhilash to mine??? Asked my brain with amusement.

I just rolled my eyes avoiding her. Now my brain had come to senses.

That receptionist lead the way towards the elevator and we both went behind her silently while i was smiling wholeheartedly and he was watching me with amusement.

We reached the 14th floor and the receptionist escorted us to the only entrance on the opposite side of the lift.

Once we reached there she stopped "Have a great day to both of you, " she said retrieving her steps and going back towards the lift making me frown.

"Come babe" Abhi said placing his hand around my waist and guiding me towards me inside the door.

When we reached inside it was totally dark making me frown and fear that i clutched Abhi somewhat tightly.

"Why there are no lights Abhi?" I asked looking here and there for any source of light.

"Hold on babe." He said standing behind me and hugging me by placing his head in the crook of my neck. He clapped his hands and placed them securely around me again.

Suddenly the lights came making me blind for a second to adjust to the light but when i was able to look, I froze on the spot looking in front of me with awestruck.

"Surprise darling" he said placing a kiss on my shoulder and hugging me even more tightly in return.

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