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   Chapter 45 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

I'm restlessly walking here and there in my bedroom not knowing what to do because there is only half a day left before Abhi will come to pick me up. And here i am confused as hell about what to wear.

And that fit for nothing Dev went to Charitha's house to spend the time while his best friend is in need of him.

For a moment I wanted to go back in the past two days and change everything so that Dev would have been here with me instead of Charitha's house.

I shook my head to stop my trail of thoughts because i am getting tensed and my mind is not working properly.

I am happy that I have sent Dev to Charitha's house two days before for getting my stuff which i have left there on the day of Abhilash's party.

It's been four days since that party and i am still behaving like a teenager in front of him.

I have sent Dev to Charitha's house wantedly because i knew that Dev got attracted to her on the day of the party that they both stuck to each other like there was no other person in that room. It surprised me at first but I am happy to know that he is moving on from me.

And true enough, he was looking for the opportunity to meet Charitha that he immediately agreed to go and bring my stuff. I was so happy to see them together that I even cried in Abhi's arms.

Even Sahana and Karthik were very excited to see them together that they started planning triple dates making me blush in return.

I just waved them off and went to my office to work but on the same day evening Abhi asked me to go on a date with him officially which made me squeal in excitement because I was becoming nervous about our relationship and thought that he doesn't like me as girlfriend type of feeling.

I was relieved and excited for the whole day and even yesterday but today when the day came for which i was waiting eagerly, here i am freaking out about not knowing what to wear and how to get ready.

I don't even know where we are going because he said that it was a surprise and he is going to pick me up at 7.00 PM in the evening. Since it's a weekend next day, there is no need to worry about being late to office.

But presently i need a dress to wear and i am so confused to wear anything. I thought of calling Riya but she might be busy in packing because they are going to come tomorrow. I sighed and went to my wardrobe by pulling all the dresses out looking for the perfect one but i cannot find any. It's not like I don't have a dress, It's just that i don't know what to wear because my knowledge about fashion is zero. It was Riya who used to help me in this department and now Charitha and Sahana. But they both are quite busy with their new relationships that I don't want to disturb them because of my date.

The only hint I got from Abhi was that he was wearing a formal dress which in the sense we were going to some formal place and i need to wear something formal and classy. So I am confused as hell now.

The sound of ringing the doorbell brought me out of my internal debate and looked at the watch to see that it's 5.00 PM and I sighed in relief that its not Abhi. I thought it was already 7.00 PM and he came to pick me up while I was still in search of my dress.

I went outside my bedroom wondering who might be knocking the door at this hour of time and opened the door slowly by peeking out only to squeal in shock and excitement in return.

"OH MY GOD RIYA….. RISHI...." I shouted excitedly and jumped myself into Riya's awaiting arms and we both squealed together jumping up and down like small kids.

I can't imagine that I am seeing my best friend after almost two months of being away. It was like a very long time ago but in fact it was just two months. What can i say? She is like a sister to me.

"I missed you so much Tiger" I said hugging her tightly making her breath hitch due to the impact.

"Oh my god… Girl leave me… You are suffocating me here…" She said trying to take deep breaths and I immediately released her from the hug realising the fact. I smiled sheepishly looking at her and said sorry to which she laughed and hugged me again. This time I was careful to not suffocate her in my hug.

"I know that you are excited to see us but please don't suffocate my girlfriend. I have only one tiger and i cannot afford to lose her you know" commented Rishi making me turn towards him by releasing Riya.

"Rishi…. I am sorry about that. It won't happen again. But What to do? I am so excited to see you both here. Oh my gosh… I missed you idiot" I said hugging him tightly again which made him chuckle in return and returned my hug by embracing me.

"This girl is so excited to see us" commented Riya

h his open mouth without saying anything.

"Oh my Athi… You look hot in this dress" Rishi said after a few moments making me even more red with all the blushing. Suddenly I feel very hot inside the bedroom.

"Please shut up you both" I mumbled while taking my purse and entering the living hall.

They both laughed at my reaction because they both know well enough to know that I am blushing like an idiot. But thank god that they didn't start teasing me.

"Woah woah… look at her Rishi. She is blushing. I haven't seen my best friend blush like in years" commented Riya by taking a seat next to me on the couch.

Oh i am taking back about what i said just before. They won't leave any opportunity to tease me. Idiots.

"Ya… I can totally see that she fell head over heels for him" now Rishi commented smirking at me. I glared at him and was about to shout at him when the doorbell rang making me nervous all of a sudden.

"Oh I am going to open it" announced Riya in a singsong way while going to the entrance of the main door while I am holding my breath in anticipation. I can feel my heartbeat pickup.

She opened the door widely to give him the space to enter inside. For a second I can see the surprise in his eyes looking at Riya but immediately he covered it by blinking.

"Hai Riya. What a surprise… It's nice meeting you finally" Abhi said extending his hand for Riya to shake.

She was looking at him without blinking for a few moments making Rishi go to her and keep an arm around her shoulder making her come out of her trance state. It made me chuckle seeing her reaction to Abhi because he can do that to every girl with his dashing personality. What made me even more smile is that the possessiveness of Rishi.

Guys and their possessiveness. I shook my head smiling and looking at the interaction.

"Oh sorry. Hai. Nice to meet you after listening so much about you" said Riya winking at him by shaking his hand.

"Oh that's glad to hear that she talks about me" said Abhi smiling at her genuinely.

"Oh ya. You can't even imagine" said Riya smiling in return. That girl will be the death of me. Was it necessary to say that i talk alot about him? Now he will think that I always think of him. Urghh…

"Hai Rishi, glad to meet you" Abhi said forwarding his hand towards Rishi which he took in return and shook it.

"Same here as well" Rishi said looking at him with a kind smile but i can see that he is analysing him. Protective brother stance came out.

I can see that Abhi was eager to see me by the way he was fidgeting with his hands and continuously shifting his foot from one another. By seeing the Riya's smirk face, it was easy to understand that even she too saw the whole thing and was eager to know his reaction.

Oh poor boy… I have to go there to make his miserability less otherwise he will be gone in the hands or Riya. I stood from the couch smiling and going towards their direction.

When he listened to the footsteps behind him, he turned towards my side and gasped in return. His eyes were big like sockets and mouth wide open making me freeze on my spot.

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