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   Chapter 44 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

We all got inside the hall laughing and bickering with each other while some of my friends were watching me with confusion and the other with amusement in their eyes. But i can see the smirk on Charitha and Sahana's face. I averted my eyes from them while blushing and gazed in the direction of the stage to see that some of them were performing the song. It was some Bollywood old song which I don't remember exactly.

"Ok Angel, come. Let's get you to meet our mother officially" Adi said making me turn my head in a fraction of second with wide eyes that i thought my neck will break.

Oh no. Aunty? How can I face her? I didn't think about that situation because my mind was occupied with Abhilash. Oh, gosh….

How could i meet her knowing that i have shared everything about Abhilash and my relationship and the things that happened between us? Even about my feelings too. Oh no… I said that i like her son indirectly. I don't know what she thought about me all these days. Did she think that i was weird? Or stupid? Or bitch?

I was so stupid that i even asked for her suggestion about this. I don't know what to do now. I cannot face her knowing that she knows everything and now she might think that i am trying to get close to him just because of his money and fame. I can't let it happen.

I am starting to panic again. What should I do? Should I escape from here without getting caught? Or just try to avoid meeting her today? No. I will just fake that i am not well and go to my home. Ya, that's a good idea.

But then again both brothers will get worried about me and might come with me which unnecessarily creates attention towards us seeing that they both are the important persons of the night.

Oh no. What have I done? Why can't I make anything right?

That's because you are stupid. Mocked my brain.

Shut up. Now I don't need your comments for my already panicking brain.

"Athira? You there?" Abhi called shaking my shoulder but i was still in a daze thinking.

"ATHIRA…" Abhi called my name a little louder this time making me come out of my daze and blink a few times to see that both of them are watching me with confused eyes.

"Sorry. I zoned out. I was thinking about something" I mumbled looking down not knowing what to say because this party is so overwhelming with all the new revelations and information.

"Ok. No problem. Come then" Adi said taking my left hand in his while i started panicking again.

"Uhh… NO…" I said a little loudly making them stop in their tracks and looked at me with a frown. I cleared my throat with nervousness "I mean… the thing is.. I think that aunty will be busy with the guests and all. Why to disturb her now. Will meet her later" I said a little fast to cover my nervousness with an awkward laugh.

They both looked at each other for a second and looked at me with amused eyes not saying anything. It is making me even more nervous and uncomfortable. I started fidgeting with my dress and looked at both of them with a smile that is most likely forced one to cover my expressions.

"It's fine Athi. She c

wn and pout.

"Ya. I think she got embarrassed that she spoke to the owner of the company all this time and never once knew that it was you she was talking to in the first place" continued Adi where his brother stopped making me look both of them with a deep frown.

"I am here you know. You are talking as if i am not here" I scoffed giving my best glare to both of them.

"I am sorry aunty. It was just that I didn't know how to approach you because all of a sudden everything changed with a blink of an eye that it's so overwhelming to digest" I said trying my best to explain without giving the hint about the main reason behind my nervousness.

"I may be the owner of the company but I am still your aunty. So you don't need to hesitate to talk with me. And i am sorry to keep you in blind. It was a secret until today which we needed to keep at any cost" Aunty explained giving me her warm smile by making me relax in her presence as every time.

"I am sorry. I will not do it again" I apologized feeling guilty of thinking negatively about everything.

"No need of sorry. I can understand what is going through your mind. Even i too will behave the same if I was in your place" assured aunty looking at me with a smile to which I nodded my head in agreement.

"Good. I even know the main reason behind your nervousness and darling you can take it as a positive from my side as before" she said winking at me. I blushed scarlet red knowing well about what she is talking.

Oh god…. I want the ground to swallow me at this moment than to face this embarrassment.

"What? What main reason?" Asked Abhi looking curiously at his mother to which I shook my head at aunty with pleading eyes. She just chuckled and nodded her head.

"Oh, it's nothing. Why don't we have dinner?" Suggested aunty by changing the topic easily.

And all of them nodded their head in agreement saying that they are so hungry that they want to eat the whole dinner that is served today. We went to dinner chit-chatting with each other. All the while smiling whole-heartedly...

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