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   Chapter 43 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

Confusion. One single word but creates a lot of insecurities and makes a person's ability weak to take the right decision. We know what is correct most of the times but still, that confusion makes us to take a step back and think about it many times repeatedly that we question ourselves about our decision.

It creates an insecurity feeling that we don't listen to our inner heart and even to our gut feelings. Often we drown in our insecurities and confusion that we won't be able to take the right decision.

I always used to think that people don't listen to their hearts and brains to make the right decision but they always become victims of their loved ones listening to their decisions and believing them. I used to think that they lack the capacity of taking their own decision. But today i got it. It's not that they lack in it but it's our confusion which makes us to lean on others for the decisions. It's just that we are scared to take a decision in fear of losing when exactly we know what to do. It's just that we have to face the fact and accept it with wholeheartedly keeping our confusion and insecurities at bay. We have to listen to our gut feeling even though there is a lot of confusion and a lot of questions running in our mind.

We need to trust our heart and brain. We need to trust ourselves and our feelings first. Our brain always looks for the possibility of negative in each and every situation because it's the nature of the brain to think like that to protect us. But our heart is innocent as pure and it always suggests the positive. We need to decide it by ourselves about what decision to make depending upon the situation.

There will be a situation where we would be facing both routes where one leads to complete darkness and one leads to light. But we don't know what route to take. Then we need to trust our instincts because somewhere or other there will be clues given to us before but we just ignore them with a blind eye. We need to look at it carefully before making the right decision.

Standing there looking at the garden in front of me, I thought how peaceful nature can be. Many things were running in my mind at present and many questions were ready to come out at the moment but i felt somewhat relaxed breathing in the fresh air. I can feel that he is standing calmly behind me but didn't utter a question. I am glad that he is giving some time for me to cool down and sure enough I relaxed a little after coming out.

He slowly came to stand beside me all the while without saying a word and even i too did not attempt to start a conversation and was looking ahead of me in distance not watching anything in particular.

The cool air was flowing which is like a soothing to my body and there is a comfortable silence between us. I thought that the silence would be awkward but no, to my surprise it's comfortable around him that i liked being here like this. So we just stayed there watching nature and enjoying the silence for some more time.

He cleared his throat cutting through the silence and I glanced at him to continue. Because clearly he wants to talk and I can see it in his eyes that he is having a lot in his mind which he wants to express. So I stayed silent ready to listen to him this time without interrupting it. I think he too got my decision because he gave me a smile in a thankful manner which I returned with my own encouraging smile.

"I am sorry that you got to know like this. I know that it's surprising and shocking at the same time but trust me it was a confidential matter and my hands were tied up. I wanted to tell you before but there was never a correct time. Even now there are many things I want to share with you but i am scared that you might run away like you have done just before" he said looking at me with a smile forming on his face which made me chuckle listening to his words. I agree that I was scared for a second and it was overwhelming.

"I am sorry about earlier. It was just that my mind was running with a million questions and I was confused about how to react. It was so sudden and my insecurities got the best of me. But i am okay now." I explained looking at him sincerely so that he can get that i really am ok now.

"I know baby. I know. That's the reason i was scared to tell you in the first place. I know that you still need time to digest everything so i did not force anything on you. I know how that brain of yours work and how many questions run around it." he said grinning which made me blush slightly knowing that he knew me too well and i averted my eyes from him to look below.

"Shut up ok. It's better to clarify than be in doubt" I mur

us with an eyebrow raised in question and amusement.

I blushed like a tomato while Abhi was chuckling looking at my reaction. He got up and made me stand up by wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I didn't even dare glance at big brother because i am damn sure that he might be smirking at present.

"Oh stop teasing her Adi, " Abhi said to his brother making me relax in his arms a little.

"Ya ya, already siding with your girlfriend now and leaving your brother?" he fake gasped making me look at him with amusement. "You hurt me Abhi" he placed his hand on his heart rubbing it like it pained him there which made both of us to roll our eyes together looking at his acting.

"Look, you both even roll eyes at the same time now. Woah…" he exclaimed making us look at him with a bored expression.

"Ok ok. Don't overreact now. I got it that i didn't officially introduce you to her." Abhi said making me look at him with curiosity. "Athira, this is my big brother and pain in this ass Advaith. And Adi, this is Athira" he said introducing us. I chuckled listening to his comment for his brother and extended my hand for him to shake.

"Oh no, no way that i am just going to shake your hand… Nahh… We are more than that" he said dramatically and took my hand by pulling me to him in a hug which surprised me at first. But then i smiled at his childish antics and wrapped my arms around him.

"We are more than just brother's girlfriend Angel. I hope you didn't forget that" he said still hugging me which brought a smile on my face even more.

"Ya ya. How can I forget my big brother? Though i got to know his secret now" I said looking at him with a smirk by removing myself from his embrace. He looked confused at my words so I continued "Your name though. Advaith" I said grinning like I won the game.

"Oh that… yeah, " he said realising the fact that he did not reveal his name to me at our first meeting.

"Yeah, that…" I said mocking him to which he ruffled my hair playfully.

"It's good to meet you again Angel. I hope that this idiot cleared all your doubts and left that good for nothing Omisha" Advaith said looking at me by glancing at Abhi to which he punched his brother's shoulder in return.

"Hey, I am here itself" Abhi commented

"Ya, i know. That's the reason I said it in the first place for you to listen" his brother commented in return.

"Don't make her cry again. Otherwise, you will have to face her big brother first" Advaith said looking seriously at his younger brother.

"That's not fair. You are my brother first" Abhi whined like a small child making me chuckle at his reaction.

"Yeah. Don't whine like a kid. But she is like a sister to me. So take care of her. She is precious Abhi" he said seriously by wrapping his arm around my shoulder and bringing me near to him. Abhi smiled at his brother genuinely by nodding his head in return.

"I will Bhai (brother). She is precious to me too. And you know that very well" Abhi said side hugging me from the other side which made me melt my heart looking at both of them.

What have I done to deserve both of them?

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