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   Chapter 42 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

All of them were looking at her with admiration while me and Dev were looking at her in shock. She was looking even young in her saree. I always knew that she was hiding something but never thought it would be this big. Now i realised about her reaction when I told her about my working place.

Oh god, all this while i used to share information and my opinion about the company and the employees in it with none other than my CEO itself. I want to dig a hole for myself and get into it so that I don't have to face her now.

But she was looking stunning with the way she is carrying herself so confidently that anyone can see it in her eyes how much she is proud of her company. I want to become a woman like her. She can be a role model for all girls of our age.

"Very good evening one and all" she greeted with the same warm smile on her face that I found myself listening to her. Her voice is one demanding and kind at the same time which can get everyone's attention. "First of all, I would like to thank all of you for joining with us in this party and making it even more colourful with your presence, " she said looking at all of them to which there was a cheer from the crowd.

"I know that it was a last-minute announcement for all of you to attend this party, and i am so sorry for making trouble. I am glad that you have turned up here to it celebrate with us. As my manager mentioned earlier, this party is organised on the occasion of two important things which i am going to announce it now." she said taking a breath while we all watched her with new kind of light. It was the first time for most of them to look at her in person.

"Firstly, I can proudly announce that today our company Gordan Saint have completed 24 years successfully and I am very happy to share this news with you all. It was just like yesterday when me and my husband started this company with only ten employees, but today we are almost ten lakhs people working together. Thanks to all of you for supporting me throughout my journey in increasing this company." she took a deep breath before continuing. But i can see her face was getting emotional. It was tugging my heart for her.

"Unfortunately my husband is not here today to witness this success but i know that he is watching all of this from heaven. Thank you Girish, for being my strength and support system all the time, " she said smiling sadly but i can see the pride in her eyes. She loves this company like her own son. But she even misses her husband a lot.

"And today i would like to introduce both of my sons to all the world. I know that I have kept my personal life a secret all these years but it was my husband's and my son's decision to be it as secret. They wanted it to get revealed when the time comes. My sons helped me a lot for this company and I will forever be proud of them" she said smiling widely with the same pride in her eyes. Anyone can see how her eyes are shining with happiness.

"So let's welcome my eldest son to the stage. Common my dear" she announced turning backside to look in the direction of the stairs.

What the hell…..???

Oh my god…. Am I seeing correctly?? Is he the same person whom I have met before??

All of them were looking at him with curiosity while i was looking at him with shock in my eyes. When he came and hugged Hema aunty by kissing the top of her head, I saw her glistening eyes with love for her son which brought a smile to my face.

So my so-called big brother is her elder son? Oh my…. This night is turning so interesting… They both turned towards the audience and again aunty held the mic in her hands to continue.

"This is my elder son Advaith Ponnam who is the owner of the Srivastav and co. Hotels" she announced proudly looking at her son to which he too smiled at her widely in return.

"He helped me a lot in this company but never wanted to takeover this company because he was more interested to work with his grandfather for Srivastav and co. And when his grandfather was dying, he named the total company on my son's name to be the CEO of it. So from then on, he was looking after that c

he crowd while i just sat there looking at him. I can see from the corner of my eyes that all of them who are present at our table were watching me intently but i am unable to take my eyes away from him. It was like he captured me in a stance making me freeze my glance at him.

Once all of them started murmuring among themselves, his eyes started roaming here and there in the crowd looking after someone until his glance was on mine. My breath caught in my throat the moment his eyes met mine because he gave me his heart-melting smile making me melt then and there itself.

He excused himself from his family and started getting down looking at me while i was watching his every move like a statue not even blinking my eyes.

But suddenly I remembered that he is the CEO of the company and I got released from this trance-like stage getting nervous and tense.

Oh god… No no no no… Don't come this way… I am not yet ready to face you dammit…

My heart was beating faster due to my sudden panic and I immediately got up making all the eyes on the table turn towards me in confusion. But they got the answer when they glanced in the direction of my eyes to see that Abhi was approaching our table with a grin on his face while i am becoming a mess due to panic.

I moved away from the table and started backing away from it making him furrowed his eyebrows in confusion due to my reaction. But then he realised my situation and started walking faster making me back away even more and I immediately turned away from him to get myself out of this party to clear my mind. I started walking faster to the back of the door where i have spotted the garden.

"Athira…" he shouted making me freeze on the spot for a moment before retrieving my steps and walking again...

Many questions were running through my mind at present but the main question is that he is the CEO of the company.

How can i talk to him knowing that he is my boss?? Can it be same like before?? Or will everything change now that he is my CEO???

I wanted to be happy for him for becoming the CEO of the company but at the same time, I want to cry due to my fate… I don't know what is happening at current and everything is very confusing…

I am afraid to face him knowing that he is my boss and not my Abhi… I want to run and hug him tightly but at the same time run away from him…

What should i do??

Should I be happy for him?? Or cry at my fate??

Why can't everything can be normal for once in my life? Why does it always have to be so critical?

It was a happy moment but here I am ruining it with my doubts and insecurities. But what can i do? I cannot help it. My mind is running with a lot of questions and I am unable to comprehend anything about it.


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