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   Chapter 41 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

It was like a blur until dad left after having breakfast with us in the morning. I became a little emotional when he left and Dev tried to cheer me up by mentioning about today's party but I was not in the mood for that. I wanted to be somewhere where it will be peaceful to get my emotions and thoughts in check.

So I decided to go to the temple on the way to the office. With that in mind, I got ready by wearing a cream colour churidar and left the house informing Dev. I took a cab to the nearby temple and got out of it by paying the amount and went inside.

It was lord Krishna's temple, so there are not many of them to which I released a sigh in relief. I wanted to clear my mind and if it was rush then i won't be able to feel peaceful. This place is peaceful with so much greenery around it placing the temple in the middle. Some families were sitting at the corner and chit-chatting with some of them sat alone and enjoying nature.

I went in front of the door for darshan and gave the pandit coconut cover while i prayed to god. I don't exactly know what i want to pray so i just wished that everyone should be good and happy. My mom used to say that we don't need to ask God about what we want since he will always look after us, so the only thing we need to do is pray to God about others who are in need of prayers. She always used to explain that some people might need prayers desperately when everything goes wrong or everything turns against them. So then maybe someday God will listen to us and help the one who needs these prayers so that they can be happy again. So from that day onwards, I used to pray for others itself. It was never about me and I like it that way.

After the darshan, i came outside and took a seat nearby steps by placing the bag beside me and started looking outside. It was so peaceful that i want to stay here itself. There is something in the atmosphere of temples that makes us feel peaceful and pleasant. It was so calming and refreshing that all my thoughts went away and I started enjoying nature with a smile on my face.

I always used to come to the temple whenever i feel lonely, upset or miss my mother. And today is one of those days and I miss my mother a lot. I want to share everything about my life with her but I can't, so i came to the temple since i believe that she is with the god looking after me from heaven.

After some time I looked at my watch to see that it was 8.40AM already and i need to reach office on time otherwise i will be late. So I immediately got up and took a cab to the office once again.

Once I reached our floor, i texted Dev informing him that i have reached the office and greeted Divya on the way to my cabin. I gave a glance in the direction of Abhi's cabin to see that it was empty and I sighed a little in defeat and went inside my cabin.

All-day I was in my cabin working for the project since I was lacking in it due to my personal issues these days. And I don't like being lacking in the work. It was only in the lunchtime that I went outside of my cabin to have lunch with our gang where i got to know that today we can leave by 5.00 PM so that we can be able to attend the party on time. It will start at 7.00 PM in the evening and we all decided to get ready at Charitha's house since it is the nearest one to the office.

Abhilash was on leave today due to some personal emergency and I couldn't help but get worried about him. I hope that he was ok and it was just some personal work. He messaged me in the morning that he won't be able to come to the office today and he will be meeting me at the party in the evening. At Least i am happy that i am going to see him in the evening. I miss him a lot that it scares me sometimes about the way it was running so fast. It was just a month since I met him but here we are already thinking about the relationship between us. I am scared but i know that it will always be him.

So after completing the work we all went to Charitha's house to get ready. I have left my dress with her yesterday since we have already planned to get ready at her house today. So we don't have anything to carry with us, unlike our boys.

When we reached the house it was already 5.30 PM and we have only one and a half-hour of time to get ready. So Sahana pushed the three of us into Charitha's bedroom while the boys took the other bedroom. Once we got in, immediately Sahana went inside the bathroom to take a bath while we unpacked and arranged the things we need to get ready.

After 15 minutes she came outside wrapping a towel around her and started drying her hair while Charitha got inside. And i helped Sahana to get ready with her makeup.

"I hope that Karthik likes this dress Athi" Sahana said getting worried to which i smiled looking at her in the mirror since i was braiding her hair.

"Don't worry Sahu, You look beautiful in this dress. He will definitely fall for you again today" I said winking at her to which she blushed.

While i was h

ike a girl. Oh, it's gonna be interesting.

I replied to her with "Mission started" with a wink smiley and kept the mobile back in my clutch.


After parking the car we all went inside the hotel where the party is held to see that it was full of people indicating that the party has already been started.

Ivan, Bharath, Chandan and Divya came to us once they spotted us near the entrance. The hall was huge where at least 1ten thousand people can fit in easily without any difficulty.

"God, these people are loaded" Charitha muttered to which all of us nodded in agreement. I was in awe looking at this hall. Its interior was so classy with red and golden colour curtains and designs. All the pillars were surrounded by gold and red colour cloth with lightings around it. Big chandeliers are hanging to the ceiling making it even more classy. To one side it was a bar area and another side was eating zone. There is a stage at the front and round tables were placed for everyone to sit and enjoy the party.

"Yes, they are. What do you expect from a company like this? Parties will be rare from them but it will always be a huge one if they throw it" explained Sahana with a look of pride in her.

Some girls are playing the song on the stage while others are enjoying it. I can see our HR department sitting at one corner of the table and enjoying the show. I can recognize some of the faces while most of them are unknown.

We went towards the middle and occupied one table which can fit ten people and was looking around us in awestruck. No one was saying anything since we all were admiring the beauty of it.

"I hope that today we are going to get a glance of our CEO, " Karthik said cutting the silence and making all of us turn towards him.

"Ya i agree with you, " Ivan said nodding his head.

"Ladies and gentlemen, " someone said making the hall quiet and by getting the attention of all of us. We all turned towards the stage to see that some man in his 30's was standing on the stage holding a mic.

"I would like to say a huge thank you for all of them to attend the party in such short notice. As you all know the reason behind today's party is because the birthday of our CEO." he said with a genuine smile on his face.

"And the other reason for this party is that today Gordan Saint has completed 24 Years successfully" he shouted on the mic making all of us cheer in return.

Wow. Really... It was a great achievement for them.

"So on this occasion, our CEO Mrs. Hemalatha Srivastav would like to give an important announcement. So i would like to invite our CEO on to the stage" he said turning towards his back where the backstage is there. There is a pin-drop silence in the hall eagerly waiting for their CEO to enter. We all held our breath to look at the lady about whom we have heard so many things and even about hard work too.

Some lady started walking towards the middle of the stage wearing the saree which is a simple cream colour but it looked elegant on her. When she came forward on the stage I froze in my spot looking at her face. To say I was shocked would be an understatement of the century.

"Oh my god…" said Dev looking at her in shock same as me.

Indeed it was oh my god. Since she was none other than our Hema aunty who stays in the penthouse of our apartment...

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