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   Chapter 40 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

I was about to say yes when his mobile started ringing making us get back to the current stage from our dreamland.

"Goddammit… " he cursed getting back a little from me and pulling the mobile from his pocket. Once he saw the caller ID he lifted his call and spoke with them for a few minutes still not leaving a gap in between us.

I think it was an office call because his body language immediately changed to a serious one while listening to the other end of the call so intently.

All the while I was watching his handsome face closely remembering every inch of his face. His cute little lips which are always red, his straight sharp nose which shows how much he might get angry, his little beard which is still growing, dark chocolate brown eyes, thick eyebrows and a small scar near his left chin. I was busy capturing every detail on his face that i forgot to register that his call has been over and was watching me with amusing eyes.

"Like what you see?" he asked suddenly making me come out of it and look at him with big round eyes. I cursed mentally for gawking at him like that and averted my eyes away from his face and looked here and there not knowing how to respond to it.

I am such an idiot. Now he will think so full of himself.

"Don't worry your little brain of yours darling. I am all yours to look" he said winking at me that I blushed looking down without responding.

"Can I tell you a secret?" he asked raising my head with his finger and resting his forehead against mine while I just nodded my head in approval looking at him.

"I think you might be shocked listening to it but the truth is I know you from before the Pub episode itself. It was you who saw me there for the first time actually, but not me. I saw you a long time ago" he said lifting his head slightly so that he can look into my eyes while I looked at him with surprise that he was willing to tell me this secret.

Yes, i got to know about this from Riya, but I didn't think that he was going to accept it. I was both surprised and shocked that I just kept silent to let him continue. When he was sure that he got my total attention, he continued it.

"I was your senior in the college Athira. I used to watch you every single day from the corner of the cafeteria, standing at the entrance near the tree in the morning just to see you enter into the college with your gang, and even i used to follow you till your house every single day without missing. Of Course, I used to maintain my distance so that you won't get suspected. I used to watch you get inside the house and spend your time with your father, and every other single thing about you." he said dragging me slowly to the nearby couch and making me sit on it while he just sat in front of me on the floor with his knees folded and took hold of both my hands in his and kissed them gently making me smile. Then he looked up emotionally making my heart skip a beat because of the depth of feelings inside them.

"I used to observe every little thing about you. The way you laugh, the way you smile, the way you get angry when anyone tries to pull your leg, the way you act and react, the way you cry when you think that no one was observing you, and mainly the way you feel uncomfortable around unknown people. I observed every single thing, dear. Many times i just wanted to punch that douchebag of your ex-boyfriend for making you cry and hurt but then again I stopped myself from doing it because i know that you won't like it. It used to hurt me a lot seeing you suffering from there but I was so afraid to come and talk with you that i always used to hide from you babe." he said painfully by placing his palm on my cheek and brushing it affectionately. I can see his true feelings swirling around his eyes which are making me so emotional making it stir something within inside me.

"You could have spoken to me you know" I suggested whispering even though i am not so sure if I was going to talk with him when he tried.

"We both know it clearly that you would

fear of melting there itself. I can hear his laughter while closing the door which made me blush even more and darted to my cabin immediately.

Oh god… When did he become this playful and flirting? He doesn't have any shame.

And you liked it. Commented my brain immediately.

Ha, welcome girl. You will always be ready to taunt me.

I know that i liked it. No need to taunt me. But I didn't think that he can be that flirting which surprised me. That's it.


In the evening Sahana dragged us to the shopping mall since she claimed that she doesn't have a good outfit for tomorrow's event. Charitha too agreed with her and we all went to the mall after the office leaving both the boys.

After searching for one hour in the complete mall Sahana chose a dress which is golden colour frock with a bare neck. It has a slit to the left side of the leg making it even sexier. Overall it was a beautiful dress which suited her very well.

Charitha bought blue colour frock which reaches just above her knees an open back and round neck on the front. Whereas i bought a peach colour full-length dress with a netted material. It fits tightly until my waist and flows down in swirls from there which has a back zip with an oval neck.

After we are done with the shopping we went to a restaurant and ate dinner chatting about our office and about Karthik matter which she forgot to mention it in the morning. They too questioned me about Abhilash where i told them about the almost-kiss moment and they started teasing me again.

Feeling tired, we all went to our respective houses after our dinner and i got freshened up and ate the delicious food which was prepared by my dad and slept on his lap while he was singing the song of old melody.

Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day with the office and then this party. But I am looking forward to seeing my handsome at this party since he has asked me if i am coming to this party or not. When I asked him why, he said that he wanted me to come since it was my first time meeting the CEO. so i too gladly agreed accepting it.

Dad was leaving tomorrow morning since he didn't have many leaves but promised to visit soon whenever he gets to leave. I became emotional not wanting him to leave this soon so he made me sleep on his lap and was singing to me like the old childhood days.

Dev was busy with his training that he was in the bedroom doing his task. He said that he will wear something from his previous dresses for tomorrow's party. And Casper slept beside me on the couch snuggling closer to me as if I will leave any moment.

I thought about our moment from the morning and slept peacefully like a baby in my dad's lap.

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