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   Chapter 39 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

I came to my cabin hurriedly hiding from everyone on my way and released a huge sigh of breath once i came inside. My heart is beating faster against my chest remembering my comment and his reaction to that. God that face and smirk, i am going to be dead now. He won't leave me alone with that comment of mine. I am sure that its an ego boost for him. I really wanted to wipe that smirk off his face but I was so embarrassed that I came out of the cafeteria immediately.

There was a knock at the door making me stop cursing myself and I sighed looking at the door.

"Come in" I said turning my system on.Ivan peeked through the door looking at me with a cheeky smile before entering inside and after him came Chandan with all his glory while Divya came as usual greeting me first after entering.

"Good morning Athira" Divya wished at the same time "Good morning beautiful" Ivan too wished me cheerfully and took a seat in front of my table by leaning against the chair and Divya took the other seat silently while Chandan sat on the table by smirking at Ivan. I was watching all of them with amusement because by the looks of them i know that they came here to gossip about something.

"Good morning everyone" I said smiling with equal cheerfulness in my voice by looking at them while they all nodded and smiled at me.

"So madam, how was your weekend? Mine was boring but i got some juicy news here" Ivan said rubbing his both hands together winking at us like he is going to reveal some flash news. This got me curious to some extent and by the looks of others, they too are interested to know about it.

"Ya Athi, I too have some news today, " commented Chandan immediately after Ivan by looking at us with mischievous eyes while Divya too nodded her head in agreement. Looks like we have many things to gossip today.

"Mine was good with dad and friends. Leave it about that. So, who is going to spill first?" I asked looking excited at all of them whose faces are also mirroring mine when Ivan raised his hand like a small child who knows the answer and is excited to answer it making us all chuckle with his weird expressions.

"Ok man, You first" said chandan still chuckling and Ivan indicated us to come closer. we all did as he said and was eagerly waiting for his so called flash news.

"I got to know this information from our senior, so please don't share it with anyone." he asked looking at us with seriousness in his eyes to which we all nodded in agreement immediately.

"Good. I got to know that Omisha was never Abhilash's girlfriend in the first place and it was all her acting from the start Can you believe that? What an actor she is.." he said making big eyes dramatically while looking at our expressions where Divya gasped shockingly while Chandan smirked listening to his comment but I was the only one who froze on the spot because of it. How the hell these many people got to know about this information?

"And the interesting thing is that he thought of her as just a friend, And yesterday he found out everything about her behaviour and warned her to stay away from him it seems" he continued with an excited voice while smirking and laughing making other two of them to join him. I just laughed awkwardly not knowing how to react.

"Oh god, what an interesting day it is. Finally we don't have to see her cat like face anymore. It was disgusting to watch her falling all over him in given every situation." Chandan commented with an annoying voice and making a disgusted face while the other two nodded. I just stared at all of them like a lost puppy.

"Ya i agree. She was an attention seeker" said Divya scoffing as if she became very tired of her.

"There are even rumors that Abhilash became fond of some girl in our office that he is looking forward to spend more time with her. That was the main reason behind Omisha's matter" Ivan said it very interestingly while looking carefully at us making all of us gasp at his further news. But they only gasped since they were unable to believe the news while i gasped with tension about this new revelation.

What the fuck...How did he got to know about this whole information? And what if they know about the girl they were talking about? Oh my…

"Oh my.. Who is this lucky girl then?" Chandan smiled

afraid of forgetting how to breathe.

"Call me Abhi love… I want to hear you calling me that" he said huskily while touching my bottom lip with his thumb finger by making me weak at my knees. My feet felt like jelly and I grasped onto his shirt to catch hold of myself in fear of falling down.

He seemed to know about my situation because the next moment he caught hold of my waist with his left hand and pulled me to him at once taking my breath away which made me gasp in surprise at our sudden closeness. I kept both of my hands on his chest feeling his hard muscles underneath it that i want to roam my hands all over his body.

From where these thoughts are coming? And when have I become this wild? What are you doing to me Abhilash?

Oh my god, he will be the death of me. I want him to kiss me here itself by pushing me to the wall roughly or else i am afraid i will make a move first. But at the same time I am scared to take the first step too. I can only think of his smooth lips and how good they are going to be against mine and my eyes involuntarily landed on them making it even more tempting and irresistible.

Why his room is so hot all of a sudden? I looked up slowly at him through my eyelashes to see that he too was looking at my lips and my eyes making my heart stop beating for a second. It seemed like time had stopped there itself and all I can see is him. What is happening to me?

"Call me babe…" he asked me in a tempting voice by giving a feather like touch to my cheek with his lips ever so lightly that I can feel his hot breath fanning against cheek. Sweat drops rolled down on my back making it even more hot in this room. I can feel my heartbeat which is beating so fast and loud that i am sure he too can listen it clearly.

"Abhi…." I whispered gasping and closed my eyes immediately when he kissed me at the corner of my lips at the same time making me freeze due to shock and surprise.

"Even my name sounds so tempting and sexy from your mouth babe" he whispered in my ear and took hold of it in his lips by sucking it gently making me feel like a jelly. The sensation of his lips against my ears is creating a whole different feeling entirely.

"You don't know that from how many years I was waiting for this moment to hear my name from your lips" he said kissing the skin below my ear so softly that I closed my eyes so tightly making my heart jump and beat against my chest very hardly.

"Abhi…. Please…" I requested him gasping for air. But i too don't know if i am asking him to stop this pleasurable torture or just to continue.

He started placing small kisses from my ear till he reached the corner of my lips and stopped there breathing heavily. I can hear my own heartbeat in return with anticipation of the next move.

"Can I kiss you Athira" he asked whispering aloud while looking at me with an intense gaze.

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