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   Chapter 38 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT RIYA?" I asked. No almost shouted on the call. "Are you talking about the same Abhilash? I think you misunderstood him with someone else" I asked pacing the room not able to grasp anything.

Many questions were running through my mind at this moment. Is this what he was trying to say? Is this about that two years? Then why the hell have I never seen him in college? Am i that oblivious really?

Urghhh… it's so frustrating.

"Yes Athira. I am damn sure about it. Because I even called our classmates and found out about it, and guess what? they too said the same thing. He was the silent guy in college. He only joined in our college for two years to complete his PG. Before that he studied in Bangalore. He used to stay in college hostel with his gang. There were even rumours that he joined in our college just for a girl on whom he has a crush from childhood. But don't know what is the truth about it. Because no one saw him talking to any girl or interacting with any girl closely in two years if that's the case. But he has many followers in our college since he looks handsome" explained Riya from the other side while I just sat on the bed listening to her.

"How did you get all this information?" I asked wondering. Because even she didn't see him much in our college.

"Asked our friends though. You are forgetting that it's Riya here. And my charm still works wonders." She sighed dramatically saying that line. Ha, how can I forget her charm. She used to flirt with boys just to gather the information she wants to know. Looks like it's still working.

"Ya ya. I got it. I just forgot how manipulative you can be if you want to." I said sarcastically knowing too well about her reaction. And i am correct since she reacted so quickly.

"Hey woman, that's not manipulative ok. It's called charming. It needs a lot of talent to be like that." She said with rather pride in her voice to which I chuckled in return. She can be dramatic if needed.

"Ok madam. Whatever you say. So you are saying that he was our senior and we didn't know anything about that?" I asked still confused about the topic.

"Probably yes. And to say frankly Athi, we were in our own world at that time. When did we glance or gave a shit about others or anything about what's happening around us?" She said to which I too have to agree. Because that's the truth. We were in our own little world.

"And at least i use to talk with other students in our class and campus. But you? Damn girl. You were such a nerd. You didn't even know how many boys in our class use to try you. You were that oblivious." She explained accusing me for being silent in the class.

"Hey, don't blame me for that. We both know the reason behind that. And yes, i agree that i was a silent student but that was ok for me. Who thought that this Abhilash will be our senior?" I asked sighing loudly because i kind of got frustrated. I was silent because of my breakup and didn't want to interact with any of them. It was my depressing state to say frankly.

"Ok ok. Sorry for that. I know the reason. Look, we both don't know about it. And it's rather surprising that he was our senior. And maybe it's just a coincidence that he was our senior in college. But my gut feeling says otherwise. I think it's destiny." She explained in a singsong way letting me know that she is excited about our story. I sighed listening to her words and thought about it.

"Don't know Riya. I am quite confused here to say frankly. He said that he will explain everything tomorrow. So hopefully I will get the answers for all these unanswered questions in my head." I said while falling back on my bed and looking at the ceiling while digging into my brain to grasp if i have seen him in our college before or not. But i came empty handed.

"Ya that's good. Don't stress that head of yours because I am damn sure that you will get empty handed. So just leave it and wait until tomorrow for the answers" Riya convinced me by explaining it. I too released a breath in defeat and thought of waiting until tomorrow.

"Ya you are right." I said closing my eyes.

"I know I am always right. But Athi, what if he was interested in you from the college days? Doesn't that look so exciting? Oh my god i am so excited to find out you know" she said excitedly making me furrow my eyebrows in thinking. Is that true? Nah… that can't be. It's just a coincidence.

"Don't think too much tiger. It's just a coincidence, I think." I explained putting her excitement to stop.

"Dream crasher. Always the negative one. Let's see what he has to say." She sighed dreamily which made me roll my eyes internally for her childish behaviour.

We both spoke for some more time where most of the time she was teasing me about Abhilash and i being the shy on

at he is innocent in all these rumours and your line is clear now. And we both know that he too have some kind of feelings for you because you should have seen him on Saturday. He was like a mad boy running here and there with frustration and worry in his eyes. He was unable to stand or concentrate on anything." Commented Sahana wiggling her eyebrows teasing me. I kind of blushed listening to her and faced my plate to cover it.

"Ya i agree with you. Of Course even Dev was in similar kind of situation. But it was Abhilash who was most terrified and worried sick that he roamed almost three fourth city that night leaving Omisha at restaurant. It was hilarious though." Said Charitha while laughing about the situation.

"Ya it's was so entertaining to watch her expression. She was like tomato with her anger radiating from her and the funny part was that she doesn't know how to show it or on whom to show it. She just stumped her legs on the floor and left the restaurant and took a cab to god knows where." Sahana said laughing remembering the moment from Saturday. I too joined them and the three of them started laughing.

"But seriously Athira. He was cute when he was in that frustration you know" commented Charitha looking at me with amusement and teasing tone.

"Don't call him cute ok" I said looking at her trying to glare her but failing miserably.

"Achhaaa. Then what should I call him? Beautiful?" said Charitha smirking at me. I rolled my eyes at her in return.

"He is not cute or beautiful ok. He is handsome, hot and drool worthy" I stated placing my palms on the table like I am debating with her. She just smirked while Sahana was in the mode of shocking. I was confused by her reaction but then she was watching behind me.

So we both turned behind to look at the cause of her reaction only to react in the same way. I gulped looking at him while he was smirking at me with all knowing look. I can see that his friends were also laughing and smiling at me.

I immediately turned around cursing myself and placing my head on the table and banging my head on it. God what have I done to deserve this day that Abhilash has to listen to my comment. And no doubt that egoistic jerk won't leave me alone for that. I am sure that it was an ego booster for him.

"Oh my god, oh my god… Did he just listen to what i have said?" I asked glancing at my both friends who were trying so hard to control their laugh watching my reaction but failing miserably.

"The way he is smirking looks like he listened to each and every word" said Sahana almost whispering but burst out laughing seeing at my reaction. I was embarrassed, and was blushing furiously thinking of his reaction. God, me and my mouth. Charitha too joined her in laughing while I smacked both of their heads and took my bag from the floor and got up glaring at both of them.

All the while I can feel his eyes on me but I am not ready to look at his reaction. Because I am one hundred percent sure that he might me laughing and smirking at my reaction. I just glared daggers to my friends and left the cafeteria in a hurry while covering my embarrassment face. I want to bang my head on the wall repeatedly for having unfiltered mouth.

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