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   Chapter 37 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

"Hello" I said feeling nervous all of a sudden.

"Baby.. Are you fine? Where are you? Why didn't you lift the call dear? Are you ok?" he fired questions repeatedly without giving me a space to say something. So i just listened to his questions silently without uttering any word while chuckling to his cuteness.

"Athira you there? Hello?" he asked when there was no response from my side.

I composed myself from smiling and cleared my throat to get his attention.

"Yes i am there. You didn't give me the chance to say anything. So i thought of listening to you until you stop your ranting." I said smiling at him and covering myself with the blanket more.

"Sorry… I was just… you know… worried about you that my brain is not working properly" he said sheepishly sounding kind of awkward to which I chuckled making him groan in return.

"Oh. That's a news then.. The great Project manager whose brain is not working properly.." I teased him while we both chuckled to my comment.

"Ha ha.. Very funny. Now you are mocking me" he huffed while saying it.

"Me? Mocking? That too with you? No way. You are my manager sir. How can i do that with you?" I said facking my shock to his comment.

"Now now. Stop it right there madam." He said faking his anger to which i laughed in return.

"Ok ok" i said composing myself "where are you?" I asked remembering about the messages in which he mentioned that he was searching for me earlier.

"I am at home Athira. But you didn't answer my question. Are you fine?" He asked again becoming serious.

"I am fine Abhilash. No need to worry." I said feeling guilty for leaving like that and started fidgeting with my blanket ends. "Umm… Sorry for scaring you like that." I said almost whispering that I thought he didn't even listen to it.

"You know, I want to scold you alot for doing that stunt. But I know that I am to blame equally for that decision of yours. So sorry Athira. For hurting you" he apologized sincerely making my heart melt and flutter for him at the same time.

But am i ready to agree that in front of him? Am I ready to accept that I felt jealous of her? But then again i remembered the words of big brother and how I want to give him a chance. But before that there are many things I need to get clarity from him.

"Uhhh… will you get surprised if i say that i got jealous of her?" I whispered the sentence in fear of getting embarrassed if he doesn't feel the same way.

"Nooo… WAIT… WHAT DID YOU SAY?" he exclaimed shocked hearing my words. I cursed myself for letting out the words in the first place. I knew that he didn't have any feelings for me. I am an idiot to even think for a moment that he likes me back.

My heart pained thinking that he didn't like me back but controlled myself from crying in call.

"Forget that i even said it. Bye" i said hurriedly and thought of disconnecting the call when his voice stopped me.

"Wait... How can i forget it? No way in hell that I am going to forget it. It's the first time that you have agreed to some kind of feeling towards me. Then how can I forget it?" He said sounding excited from the other side of the call making me confused as hell.

Wait? He doesn't want to forget it? Does that mean?

"Athira, you don't know how happy I am at present listening to those words of yours. Thank you thank you thank you so much for saying it. It means a lot to me." he said everything in a breath before taking a deep breath. I can feel the excitement and happiness in his voice which made me smile in return, forgetting about my insecurity.

"I know that you are confused as hell at present. But trust me. I am going to tell everything when you come to the office on Monday" he assured me with the soft tone in his voice which made my insides warm with a feeling of peacefulness.

"Ok. I am waiting for that moment" I said after a few moments of thinking about his statement. I thought of giving him a chance so I am go

long time I can see that my daughter is truly happy. Always be like this princess" he said patting my head and kissing the top of my head with affection and love.

"Thank you dad. But i am scared. Still i want to try it with him. It's like i forget the whole world when is in front of me. I cannot explain it in words but I forget myself and drown looking at his eyes. I can feel my heart fluttering which never happened before. I want to cry and laugh at the same time. Are you getting what i am trying to say?" I asked looking at him with hopeful eyes to which he nodded his head and hugged me back.

"Yes baby girl, yes. I know exactly what you are feeling. But I want you to find out about your feelings for him. It's a true magical moment when you realise about your feelings. I am happy to know that my daughter is happy." Dad said kissing my head and we both stayed like that until my phone started ringing.

I looked at the caller ID to see that it was my devil Riya.

"Go and talk to that tiger. Otherwise she will start flooding my mobile with her messages" dad said chuckling and remembering our old days when Riya used to call and message dad whenever i won't lift the call. I smiled to myself remembering those days and went to the bedroom to lift the call.

"Hello tiger" i said singing and dropping myself on the bed by keeping the mobile to my left ear.

"GODDAMMIT ATHIRA. YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY. IT'S FUCKING SHOCKING YOU KNOW." she shouted from the other side making me cringe due to her voice.

"God, calm down girl. You are going to burst my ears if you keep that voice of yours" I scolded her like I always do whenever she becomes hyper when she gets to some shocking or surprising news. She can't handle the excitement or anxiety.

"Ok ok. Sorry. But i was unable to contain my excitement the moment i got this information. So I called immediately to say this" she said everything in one breath without taking any air and gasped at last.

"Calm down Riya. And tell me what you got to know?" I asked looking at the ceiling and waiting for her response. Even though I'm curious to know what she is going to say I just kept quiet.

"When you have forwarded the photo of Abhilash i thought that i saw him somewhere. But couldn't grasp it. But when i have showed it to Rishi, he said that he was our senior in college. Can you believe that? Then I remembered that I have seen him in our college" she said sounding excited which made my eyes open like sockets due to shock.

"WHAT?" now i shouted in return listening to her words, unable to believe what she is saying and got up and sat on my bed.

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