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   Chapter 36 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

Am I really that scared of getting hurt that I am running away from happiness? Maybe big brother is right afterall. I am behaving like a coward. Daring for once, i thought of all the moments between us and how I felt about him in that moment.

Sure enough, I felt like we are the only people around whenever he was with me. His hypnotizing chocolate brown eyes that capture me whole and drag me towards him like a magnet, his warm smile which melts my insides and makes my knees weak, and god his laugh is so otherworldly. It's like a music to my ears that I want to listen to it all the time. The way he speaks when teaching or explaining something to us, is so manly and dominating which captures the attention of all of them.

And his kiss? I don't even want to go there. The way he took care of me when I got injured melt my heart for him. His eyes have so much to say, it's like they want to let me know all of his feelings but i am not able to read any of them. But they always make me think if he really have a lot to say to me. Then I remembered about that topic of 'two years'. He said that I am not yet ready to face it and he said that he will explain everything when the time comes. What is it about? Is it that big of a news that i won't be able to face it? Is it what his eyes always try to say to me?

Many questions were running in my mind. But one thing is for sure. The way my heart beats faster and flutter whenever he is near, the way butterflies erupts in my stomach with his simple touch, the way i melt when he smiles or looks at me confirms that i got attracted to him and i even like him. The simple realization within me shook me to the core.

Yes I am scared, but for the first time i want to accept these feelings even if it brings the heartache. As brother said, even the pain becomes beautiful if the person is the one for us. And I am going to trust my gut feeling this time than my brain.

There a calmness within me that enveloped my insides with a warm feeling and I felt at peace after realising it. My inner turmoil faded and the warm feeling spread throughout my heart making it flutter with a new feeling.

"Looks like our angel is happy all of a sudden?" he remarked glancing at me with a knowing smirk on his face. I just shook my head chuckling.

"Yes. And all thanks to you. If I have not met you today, then I wouldn't have gotten to know about my inner battle and feelings." I said smiling genuinely "All this while i was in denial about my true feelings because I was scared of getting hurt. But you taught me today that even the pain is beautiful in its own way if the feelings are true" I explained looking grateful at him with a thankful smile on my face to which ruffled my hair affectionately smiling.

"I am glad that my words have been helpful kid. Always keep smiling and look for the positive in every situation. Then all your worries will go away in the blink of an eye." he said giving me a wholehearted smile and glancing back on to the road.

"Don't call me a kid ok" I said furrowing my eyebrows and pouting.

"Then what should i call a kid then?" he asked raising his eyebrows and winking at me.

"Urghhh… I am not a kid. I am 24 years ok." I said getting irritated due to his nickname to me. What does he think of himself. Do I look like a kid to him?

"Ohh angel…. Still you are a kid. Because you are 5 years younger than me you know. So automatically it becomes a kid." he said grinning at me while smirking like he won the first prize in the competition.

"Ok Grandpa" I said smirking back at him to which looked shocked. That made me laugh like an idiot.

"Don't call me that" he said looking at the road making a face like a kid.

"Then don't call me a kid. Simple" I said grinning at him to which he shook his head chuckling.

"Ok angel. Here we come" he said stopping the car at the entrance of my apartment and getting

replied to them that I am home.

Then i saw 18 missed calls and 33 messages from Abhilash.

I opened them with a curiosity to know what he have messaged.

Abhilash: where the hell are you Athira?

Abhilash: why are you not picking up the call?



Abhilash: Athira… please. I am getting worried here. How can you leave like that with a total stranger. I have searched most of the city for you from past one hour. Please pick up the call cutiepie.

Abhilash: Baby i am getting worried sick here. At Least let me know that you are safe and sound. I even called Dev to know about you and got to know that you were still not at home.

Please be safe.

Abhilash: I am sorry baby. I know why you have reacted like that. And trust me, it was not my intention to hurt you. I never knew that she was going to do that. Please reply to me.

Abhilash: I know you are mad at me but at least tell your friends that you are safe. I just want to know that you are not in any trouble. I am unable to sleep not knowing where are you.

Abhilash: please reply to me cutiepie…

And the messages went on saying to pick up the call or at least reply to him saying that I was safe. His last message was from 15 minutes back which made me regret and sad knowing that he was still not sleeping and waiting for my reply or anything from my side.

My heart fluttered knowing that he was looking for me from past few hours and even worried about me that he didn't sleep up to now.

I am sad at the same time happy knowing that he is waiting for me. I want to do a little dance getting excited all of a sudden and there was a smile on my face which cannot be ripped anytime soon.

Am i selfish if i am being happy knowing his reaction to this situation? Even so, I cannot contain my happiness and started grinning from ear to ear like a teenage girl. I typed him a reply knowing him that i am back and I am safe. And even said goodnight.

Within a second of my reply to my mobile started ringing in my hands making me drop it on bed in surprise. I glanced at the mobile closing my one eye to see that he is calling me.

I want to squeal in happiness but controlled myself because I don't want to wake up my dad and Dev.

My heart started beating louder looking at the screen and I slowly picked up the mobile from bed still looking at it.

"God Abhilash, what are you doing to me?" I thought to myself while answering the call taking a deep breath to control myself.

"Hello" i said getting nervous all of a sudden.

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