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   Chapter 35 Destiny or coincidence

Destiny or Coincidence? By sprinklePT14 Characters: 12636

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Athira Patel

I got up when the car came to a halt and for a moment I was confused as to where I am at first but then after looking at this stranger who is smiling at me, I remembered everything from this evening and immediately my heart tugged in pain knowing that how confused and how hurt I am at present because of them both.

Tears started building in my eyes, so I just closed them and took a deep breath allowing myself to relax for a moment and to get my emotions under control. When I was satisfied that I won't cry again I slowly opened my eyes to look at those stranger's eyes who is watching me with both concern and kind smile on his face. When he got to know that I won't cry, he grinned at me like a small kid.

"Had good sleep?" He asked looking at me to which I nodded my head.

"Good. So… shall we get out? The place, which I was talking about earlier is here." he said indicating outside with his head while taking his seatbelt. I turned my head to look at the outside only to get in contact with a breathtaking view in front of me.

I gasped looking at my surroundings and hurriedly got down from the car and ran towards the end of the railing and stood there watching the view in front of me with an expression of awestruck.

We are on the top of the hill away from the city traffic and busy streets. From here we can see the total of Bangalore and it's night lights from here. And even the sky is so clear with the moon illuminating and stars blinking at us with a peaceful appearance. We can see the beauty of Bangalore where one side was located with tall buildings and busy street lights and the other side was located with dim lights and more trees which looks kind of forest but we can find the small houses in between them here and there. The difference between city outskirts and the middle of the city. Roads are busy with all the vehicles and sounds but from here they look like small objects and those traffic lights and city lights look like the decoration of Bangalore which is ready for a party. How funny is that? But that is what it looks like from here. The fresh air and the clear sky makes one's mind and soul to be at peace and I find myself getting relaxed in the warmth of nature.

Unknowingly a small satisfied smile was placed on my face looking at this heart-stopping view from here.

"Wow…" I breathed the word still not believing my eyes and turned towards him " it's soo… I mean it's soo…." I am stuck unable to get a word out of my mouth.

"Awesome? Breathtaking?" he smiled giving me the words to fill that empty sentence to which i nodded in agreement and laughed wholeheartedly.

"Yes… all the above. There are no words to express it. I never knew that this busy city has this kind of heart-melting view in it's top" I said looking back at the view with the same smile on my face.

"It is there from my childhood. But not many of them know about this place, " he said coming to stand beside me and looking at the view by placing his hands on the railing.

"Me and my brother used to come here in our college days whenever we used to feel depressed or sad. It's kind of our relaxing spot but it's been a long time since the last time I have come here" he said with a faraway look on his face as if remembering something from the past.

"You have a brother?" I wondered looking at him with curiosity in my face.

"Why are you wondering? I should not have a brother or what?" he asked giving me a curious glance to which I shook my head.

"No… I mean… You said that you think of me as sister right? So i thought you are the only child" I said looking at him sheepishly with a smile. Even i found out that what I have asked is pretty ridiculous. "Urghh... Just leave it... My brain is not working properly" I sai

ged me to him and rubbing my back soothingly in a brotherly way.

"Everything will be fine. And you know what kid. It's all because you are refusing to see and accept what is in front of you. Close your eyes and take a deep breath." he said smiling at me encouragingly. I closed my eyes and took a breath to relax. When I was sure that I am fine, I opened my tear-stained eyes slowly to see him smiling at me warmly.

"You know, we often run away in fear of getting hurt. But what we don't know is if that decision will get us hurt or not. But we won't think of that in that way because we humans always go for negative thoughts first. What if that decision was best for us and instead it was filled with all smiles? I am not telling you to go to him. Just think of it. It's clear on your face that you like him and that is the reason for today's reaction. You are jealous of her because you like him. But you are scared to accept it. Once let your heart out and accept that fact. Then see how much happy you might be. Yes, in this process you might get hurt. But what if he too likes you in return and you didn't even try to know about it just because you are scared? Then definitely you will regret this decision of running away and get hurt even more. Sometimes getting hurt is also a beautiful pain. Try it." he said with so much emotion in his eyes that i was unable to turn my head. It was like he spoke with a lot of experience but I thought of not asking about it and instead, I just nodded my head in agreement and came to a decision to give it a chance.

"That's like my angel. You are brave" he said hugging me and smiling which made me smile in return with my heart and closed my eyes in his warm embrace.

"Shall we go home now? I think your friends might be looking for you, " he said eyeing my phone which i have switched off after getting into his car because i know that they will try to contact me.

Then I remembered my friends and Dev who might be in tension because of my little stunt and immediately regret flashed through me and I got up switching on my mobile.

"I am an idiot. They might be looking for me everywhere with tension" I said getting tensed all of a sudden thinking about the reaction of Dev and my friends. I think i need to face their angry outbursts.

"Let's go angel. I will drop you at your house. Come" he said taking my hand in his and dragging me to his car. We both got in and went to my house. I prayed to God to save me from my devil cum friends at this moment.

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