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   Chapter 33 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

Karthik stood up from his seat abruptly slamming his hands on the table making everyone look at him with horror and confusion. He immediately turned towards Sahana and dragged her upwards to stand in front of him by taking hold of her both shoulders.

Sahana's face was a mixture of curiosity, confusion a little bit of fear at the same time. I would have laughed at her expression if the situation was entirely different.

"I know that I need to do this differently but god dammit i cannot control anymore Sahana, " he said taking her face in his both hands and kissed her lips.

We all froze on the spot due to his sudden action but glad at the same time that our plan worked. Charitha squealed in excitement which made the couple part from each other embrace. Me and Charitha were smiling wholeheartedly feeling happy for them when Sahana was blushing like a tomato standing there facing down by avoiding our looks.

"Thank god, at last, you both made up and our plan worked, " said Charitha excitedly while giving a hi-five with smirking Jay.

Which made Karthik and Dev look at us with a look of confusion on their faces to which we all laughed.

Then Charitha explained about our plan and how we made Jay involved in this just to make Karthik jealous so that he will take the step towards Sahana which of course worked.

"Oh my god... You girls are bitches you know. Here I was boiling with jealousy thinking that this ass was trying to steal my girl and there you are planning all these just to make me jealous?" exclaimed Karthik with an unbelievable look on his face looking at each of us with his big eyes. We all nodded in agreement to which he slumped in his chair like a defeated puppy which made all of us laugh again.

"Sorry, Karthik. It was my idea in the first place. I was scared to admit that I like you so i have asked their help" Sahana explained looking apologetically at him and placing a kiss on his cheek making him smile genuinely.

"Who will not melt if you give that cute look? You're forgiven baby" Karthik flirted winking at her while pinching the bridge of her nose to make her blush again.

"Awwww.... How cute..." said Charitha dreamily looking at them.

"I am happy for you guys. I knew that you have feelings for her Karthik. It was just a test in which you have passed. I am proud of you my boy" I said sounding like a mother by teasing him to which he turned red in embarrassment.

"Thank you?" he said looking at me with a smile and confusion which sounded like a question more than the answer which made me giggle.

"God Karthik. Pulling your leg is so easy you know. I was just kidding. But truly, I am happy for you both" I said smiling genuinely at him to which they both nodded their heads by saying thank you.

"Ok. Let's celebrate their relationship then" announced Jay while calling the waiter. "Sorry man, I was just doing what they said to me. Nothing personal. And congratulations" he said with a smile while stretching his hand towards forward for Karthik to take in a handshake.

"Thank you for everything. I am glad that you did. Otherwise, I didn't know if I would have been able to come out of my insecurities and let her know about my feelings." said Karthik feeling thankful and shaking his hand.

All the boys ordered beers while our girls ordered cocktails for the drinks while we all were discussing how we executed the plan in the first place and laughing for our silly mistakes.

"Hello everyone, what a pleasant surprise?" said a voice from my backside making me freeze on my spot knowing very well who does it belongs to.

Everyone turned to look at him with a surprised face but i was the only one who didn't turn and look.

"Hai Abhilash, yes it is. How come you are here?" asked Charitha first looking at him by coming out of her surprise and glanced at my way once to look at my reaction.

"We just came by to have dinner but found you guys here. If you don't mind can we join with you too?" asked Abhilash to which both Charitha and Sahana glanced at my way and nodded their heads in agreement.

"Ya sure. You can. Make yourself comfortable" said Sahana extending her hands to the two vacant seats besides Charitha.

When they both came into my view my breath hitched in my throat seeing how handsome he is with his casual jeans and t-shirt. But soon it turned out into disappointment and angry looking at the other person who is already glaring at my way.

God, what have I done to deserve this day? Why it should be Omisha and Abhilash out of all of them that just bumped into us? Arghh...

Abhilash took the seat which is exactly opposite to me while glancing intently at me while i just averted my eyes and Omisha sat in between him and Charitha which made me roll my eyes at the back of my mind. What a fevistick she is, always clinging to him. I thought bitterly.

"I hope I am not ruining this party?" Abhilash said looking at us while giving his handsome smile as always which made Charitha swoon over him. I scoffed mentally thinking what a showoff he is when infact even i too was stealing glances at him whenever he was not observing me.

Karthik put his hand around Sahana's shoulder protectively showing his jealousy towards Abhilash which made me laugh thinking about our first day how she was ready to punch the daylights out of Omisha on that day if not for Karthik to stop. It feels like it was a very long time ago but in actual it was just a few weeks ago. I wonder we how close we become to people in this less period.

"No no. It's a pleasure to meet you Abhilash. I have heard so much about you and your work from our seniors in the office and I am happy that I got to meet you today in person. I am Jay from the architecture department. Junior though." Jay said smiling wholeheartedly while extending his hand.

"Pleasure to meet you as well Jay. It's just their respect though. I don't think I am that perfect. But i am glad people think of me like that. You know ego boost.." Abhilash said winking at him and laughing by taking his hand and giving a friendly shake. Jay and all the rest of them became normal listening to his jovial words.

Everyone was like a statue of Buddha wh

en he took the seat, thinking that he is our manager. But when he started getting into conversations by becoming friendly with all of us and even making some small jokes, that is when everyone started getting relaxed around him.

I have to agree that he is good at everything. Even making friends who are junior to them and interacting with them as if he is their long lost friend who is trying to catch up with them.

"Oh, no Abhi... Everyone knows that you are good at everything and that is the sole reason that you are here today as a manager within three years of your career, " said Omisha sounding proud while placing her hand on his shoulder and looking at him as if he is some greek god. Of Course, he is, but I'm not going to agree with it in front of him while his gaze is on me especially.

It's not a new thing that he is very hardworking and he is talented. Everyone knows about his worth and work. But it's surprising that within the span of three years he became a manager. Wow... He is really good at it.

"You know when he joined our company, within two weeks of time he got into real-time project because of his talent and within a span of six months he got promoted as senior and then within a year he became the lead and then manager this year while we all are still his teammates who work under him. He started handling both Architecture and Interior designing after one year itself." Omisha said continuing her explanation about Abhilash like he is a role model and god to her. Abhilash was just observing my expression every time and when i saw him he just smirked at me knowing i too was listening to her words.

It was like once she started talking about him then it's impossible to make her stop. I don't know what she is trying to get here. If she is trying to get his impression then clearly it's not working because from the moment he came inside, his eyes were on me itself. What an idiot she is.

"That's cool Abhilash. You can be an inspiration to many of them" said Charitha cutting of Omisha's speech which is nonstop at the moment.

"I don't know if I can be but if it's helpful then I am grateful for it, " he said smiling genuinely at her while stealing a glance at my side which didn't go unnoticed by her. When he looked at Dev she smirked at me saying I have observed it. I just waved my hand dismissing her and looked at him once more only to be seen by Omisha.

"So what is this party for?" asked Omisha looking at us while giving a glare at me.

"It's because we both got into a relationship today, " said Karthik smiling and glancing at Sahana lovingly.

Then Abhilash asked how it happened and again Sahana who was silent all this time opened her mouth and started explaining about our plan and how we executed. All the while Omisha was just leaning on Abhilash more and more that practically all her side body was his and her face was only inches away from his cheek which was making my blood boil.

Then the topic was converted to our current project where Abhilash was giving them a brief idea about it while Omisha smirked at me indicating something which i couldn't grasp at first but later got to know about her motive.

"Baby can you pass on that curry to me?" asked Omisha batting her eyelashes looking innocently at Abhilash which we all know that it's fake. He just nodded and passed on the curry to her which she gladly took from him by giving her fake smile and then she kissed him on the cheek which made me froze on my spot unable to believe what just happened. I was gawking at her stunt with big soccer like eyes.He too has froze on the spot due to sudden unexpected stunt from her and looking at her with his big unbelievable eyes.

It was like my world has just stopped with the air making it hard to breathe. I was unable to look away or even bat an eyelash. My heart was beating rapidly making it impossible to listen to what my friends are trying to say. And to add to that my blood is boiling that i want to kill her on the spot.

I can see that Sahana, Charitha and Dev was trying to say something but i was not able to get a word of what they were saying. I can also see the smirk and an evil smile on her face which is indicating that she won this time and Abhilash concern eyes and confused ones.

Then Charitha shook my shoulders using a bit force which made me come out of my stance state and take a big amount of air into my lungs. I gasped loudly trying to breathe normally while looking away from them in fear of crying there itself.

I never thought that I would feel like this but i don't know what happened to me that i feel this weak. I cannot explain the feeling in words, it's like my life is getting snatched away from me and i am unable to do anything. He is not my life but I don't know why am i feeling this way when she kissed him. I want to punch her doll shape face and drag my nails on her face just to satisfy my anger.

I want to shout at anything or anyone in particular or even best beat her to the core. But I cannot do that and it's being difficult sitting here and watching her smirking face and his confused face like he doesn't know what is happening with me.

Ya right. Why would he know what is happening with me? It's not like he likes me. I want to get away from here before I do something else to anyone or even cry in front of that bitch.

I got up abruptly making all of them look at me. Some of them with confusion and some of them with concern but only one with a smirking face. I can see that both Dev and Abhilash was trying to say something but i just cut them by saying mine and dismissed them.

"I need to use the restroom. Excuse me" I said excusing myself from the table avoiding every eye and when they asked me if i am fine then i just said that i am ok, when in fact I am far from that. I shook my head to concerned Dev letting him know that i will be ok.

I took my purse and went outside without informing them that I am leaving this place. I know that i should have said them but then again i am not ready to face the questions, so instead, I just messaged everyone by saying sorry and will meet them in the office or at my home if they want to and went out of the to hail a cab.

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