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   Chapter 32 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

All the dresses from the cupboard are splattered everywhere on the floor due to Sahana's misery to wear the best dress for her latest crush called 'Karthik' making me and Charitha sigh in defeat looking all around the room. It took her almost 40 minutes to decide the dress she wants to wear, where we just sat on the bed looking at her frustrated figure.

She selected the dark blue colour maxi dress which is sleeveless with collared neck with a small oval-shaped opening at the front of her neck and have the zip on the back, from stomach it mixes with white color with small diamonds prints combined with black and blue colour on her frock which flows below her knee and contrasts her upper dark blue colour. Her dress is simple but elegant and it suited her white colour skin tone perfectly.

After what felt like forever Charitha completed doing makeup for Sahana. She made a simple makeup with dark eyeliner making the eyes look even bigger than it is and a little blush to her already red cheeks completing it with nude colour lipstick. Her hair was left open by making small curls at the end. Sahana looked beautiful with her dress and little makeup. She wore large diamond-shaped silver colour earrings with a small chain around her neck and a watch to her left hand. Lastly, she completed her look by wearing white colour pointed heels.

I am sure that Karthik is going to faint looking at her this way. I am eagerly waiting to check the reaction of Karthik.

"Wow Sahana, You look beautiful. I am sure that Karthik is going to faint on the spot looking at you like this" I said getting up from the bed and going near her to stand in front of her.

"God, this little idiot here is blushing" teased Charitha looking at the blushing Sahana who is trying desperately to cover her face from us. Poor girl. I looked at her in amusement thinking that any girl however strong or weak can still blush at one or the other time.

"Common Charitha. Don't tease her. Give me your phone, will take a picture of her." I asked Charitha forwarding my hand in front of her where she placed her mobile on my hand. I took it from her and took the full pic of Sahana who is posing to us looking shy.

"I am very curious to know the reaction of Karthik you know." I started teasing her now by smirking at her to which she pouted becoming shy all over again. "I want to see if he gets rooted to the spot or grabs you to him by kissing passionately, " I said winking at her to which Charitha laughed seeing Sahana's priceless reaction. God this girl here today is completely different from what we see her in her usual form. She is a gone case when it comes to Karthik. I smiled looking at her.

"Shut Up you both. Now stop pulling my legs ok." She complained trying to give us her death glare but failing miserably. "Ok, I know that I am blushing like a tomato. But can i do? The thought of him seeing me like this is making my nerves freeze" she said mumbling and fidgeting with her fingers. We can see clearly that she is nervous and excited at the same time.

We both hugged our shy friend from both sides by assuring her that we are with her and everything will go according to plan. Then after a few moments we too both got dressed and Charitha started doing my makeup.

Charitha wore a yellow colour maxi dress with printed flowers on it. It is sleeveless with a full neck and slightly back open. She is looking cute and innocent in that dress. Her hair was pinned to one side, which is straight and wore golden colour round hangings to her ears with a bracelet to her left hand and matched it with golden colour heels. Her makeup was nude with a dark eyeshadow and pink colour lipstick.

When she was done with my makeup, I looked at myself to find another girl looking at me. I never wore makeup. Mine was only eyeliner and lip balm always. But today these girls forced me to comply with their wishes and made me wear it. And i am not regretting it because for the first time I think that i am looking beautiful.

I wore a white-coloured maxi dress with full sleeves and printed big flowers of different colours on it which reach till my ankles. I left my semi curled hair open to falling it till my waist by wearing the pearl earrings and matching bracelet by completing it with white colour wedges because no way in hell that i am going to wear those killer pointed heels. Those are not in my dictionary.

While we both were getting ready, Sahana called Dev and Karthik to join us in the restaurant at 7:00 PM where we will be reaching there before one hour to set our plan into action.

All of them got ready by the time it was 5:30 PM and we all left Charitha's house by

a confused look at first but then he realised slowly and gave a knowing smirk at my direction.

"Hi, Karthik" greeted Sahana trying to get him out of the stance with a nervous look on her face which bought him out of his anger and took a seat beside Dev and Sahana controlling his anger.

We all can see the silent glares he is throwing at Jay all the while intimidating him but Jay is Jay and he smirked at Karthik making him get boiled even more.

God this guy is impossible. But is exactly what we need it right now. Good choice Sahana.

"Hai Sahana. You look beautiful today" complimented Karthik looking towards Sahana with a look of adoration and dreamy in his eyes.

"Thank you" murmured Sahana while playing with her dress in her lap by looking down. God this girl is gone.

"Ya, beautiful isn't it. I said to her almost 20 times from the last 15 minutes. You are gorgeous Sahana" Jay said looking at her winking.

Charitha cleared her throat to get everyone's attention. "So guys, What would you like to order, " she asked everyone when the waiter came and stood at our table. We all ordered the roti's and two curries first with the soups and starters.

"So tell me Sahana, why is this party all of a sudden" asked Dev looking at Sahana curiously.

"Today is my mother's birthday so I thought of giving a party to you guys since it's a weekend anyway, " she said looking at all of us and lingering her eyes on Karthik for a moment longer.

"That's a good idea Sahu. I love spending time with you." Jay said again which is making Karthik getting annoyed as hell i think.

"Sahu? I think her name is Sahana. Not Sahu" interrupted Karthik glaring at him to which he laughed.

" Oh ya i know that. But Sahu is cute and beautiful just like her. Right Sahu?" he asked winking at her to which she blushed making Karthik anger raise more.

"Convey my wishes to your mother Sahana, " Dev said smiling genuinely at her.

Then the topic started about our project and then it went to our childhood days where we all shared our sweet memories. We all got to know that no one was silent at the childhood and everyone's dream was to become a designer from the childhood days itself except for Jay. He accidentally got to this field when his brother suggested him. We even got to know that he works with us but in the Architecture department and Sahana knows him from the first day when she accidentally met him at the entrance. Our food came and we all started eating and were sharing our memories about our college days but we can see that Karthik was stealing glances at Sahana every given time and was shooting death glares at Jay when he intentionally touches Sahana getting a reaction out of Karthik.

Jay started flirting openly with Sahana to which she too acted like she was interested and was laughing at every joke he was saying. We thought that Karthik was getting annoyed and irritated because of Jay's flirting and was feeling jealous but we didn't think that we will receive this kind of reaction from him. It was shocking to all of us that we got rooted in our spot with shocking faces on all of us.

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