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   Chapter 30 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

The same chocolate brown eyes were looking at me intently while holding me in his embrace by circling his arms around my waist. There are only two inches of gap between us that I can feel his breath on my lips. I was unable to grasp anything that is around us because I was so melted by his touch and the look he was giving me that I found myself lost in the depth those brown pools and wanted to forever be there like that.

Slowly he inched forward to close the gap between our lips looking at me with the same intense and lingering gaze while I stopped my breathing in anticipation to feel those soft lips on me again after a long time. I never stopped thinking about the kiss we shared in the pub and the way his lips perfectly moulded against mine. I can still feel the sensation of his soft touch on mine which makes me get goosebumps on my skin even till now.

When there was only a gap of half an inch between us, I heard the loud sounds of something to which I turned my head to look at the source but found nothing since its all black. Scared, I looked back to see him, only to find it empty and again the same sound was resonating around me to which I shut my eyes tightly and covered my ears with my hands and got up.

When the sound has dozed off I slowly opened my eyes to see that I was on my bed. Confused I looked here and there to confirm and soon realized that it was just a dream and the sound of it was my blasting alarm on my mobile.

I released a breath and kept my hand on my heart to control my heartbeat. It's again the same dream.

What the hell is happening with me? Why I always dream the same scene as if I am anticipating for that?

That's because you are. Stated my brain.

No. I don't. Absolutely not. I reverted fiercely.

Suit yourself. Shrugged my brain again.

Why you? God Dammit. Why Abhilash Why? What have I done to you that you always disturb me in my dreams with those attracting brown eyes? What is there in those brown eyes that are pulling me like a magnet to you.

Urghhhh…. I pulled my hair in frustration.

Why the hell you have to be so attractive and tempting that it's becoming a very big task for me to restrain myself from you. Please don't come any closer to me and treat me like you care for me. I am afraid that I won't be able to contain myself if you treat me like that. It's becoming so hard for me to control my attraction towards you.

I know that I am attracted to you like a moth to a flame. But what I don't know is it physically or mentally. And I am scared to find out the answer to this question.

And I blame all of this on yesterday's event.


After the dinner with my emotional drama, Aunty and Dev went to clean everything while Abhilash took the leave from t

nd open up. And probably this unknown guy is someone we need to look before Dev and Karthik come to the restaurant and we need to make him understand the situation and make him agree with us to act in our plan.

After having our breakfast Dev dropped me at Charitha's house and went back to our house. When I have reached her house there was already Sahana standing on the balcony talking to someone on the call and waving at me with a smile on her face.

I entered inside the house to see that Charitha was sitting on the couch leisurely and watching TV.

When she saw me entering the house, she immediately sprinted towards me and dragged me to the couch with her and made me sit on it. Looking at her enthusiasm I can guess that she is going to tell some gossip or going to ask some question which is nagging at her brain for quite some time.

I smiled looking at her encouraging her to shoot her question or say whatever it is.

"So, what is it this time that is making you very exciting here?" I asked amused at her childish behaviour and made myself comfortable on the couch by keeping both of my legs upside and folding them together.

Sahana too entered the hall and took the seat beside me while placing the mobile on the table beside the couch. Then she turned towards us making herself comfortable.

"Even I am asking the same question from last half an hour but she is damn hell-bent on to stay quiet until you came here." Sahana complained looking at Charitha glaring at her "Now spill the beans girl. You are making me frustrated with that look on your face" she demanded by folding her hands together all the while looking at her without batting an eyelash.

I wondered what is going on here but I suppose I don't need to wonder much because the next sentence from Charitha's mouth made me freeze on my spot due to shock.

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