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   Chapter 29 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

The sound of a door opening and closing made me look towards the direction of the front door only to see that Abhilash was standing there rigidly clenching his fist with an angry expression on his face looking in our direction. Or should I say that he is looking in Dev's direction?

Oh Oh…

Immediately I released Dev from the hug and created some distance between us without looking at Dev because I was busy watching Abhilash and his angry face. I was scared that they might fight with each other considering their reactions towards each other.

What I don't understand is why would he be angry? That I don't have any idea…

Oh god, how many times should I say the same words from the last couple of days… It's like everything is so new and I am like a baby to it. What has my life become now? I thought I used to know everything and my life was so clear with my goal and everything planned accordingly. But suddenly, why is it that everything is going beyond my hands and I am unable to grasp what is happening around me.

There is Dev, Whom I thought was one of my best friends but turns out that he has feelings for me from day one and was unable to express himself in the fear of losing me permanently. And now this Abhilash! Don't even know what is my relation to him and what is happening between us exactly. One time he will act as a sweet and jovial person and the next minute he turns out to be an arrogant ass with so much attitude. But still, I don't know why the hell I am getting attracted to him in the first place like a bee gets attracted to the flower. Only the difference is, he is the handsome flower in this case…

Look…! Again I have started talking inside my head like an idiot and they both might think that I am gone nuts.

Oh.. Who am I kidding… I have gone nuts already….

Yes, you are! At last, you agreed to it… Countered my brain.

Urghh.. Will you stop countering on each and everything I say...

Sighing I slowly looked towards Dev side to see his reaction but found that he is eyeing my every reaction carefully and even observing the both of us.

Immediately I looked downwards because I am damn sure that he got to know the reason behind my reaction after hugging him. So, unable to face him directly, I diverted my eyes only to be captured by Abhilash.

The moment his eyes captured mine arresting them there itself in his beautiful prison, my breath caught in my throat making me take a deep breath and I even forgot that Dev and aunty were present in the living room with aunty holding the plates on her both hands. But still, I am unable to divert my eyes from his.

His eyes are like a magnet that attracts me every time with those chocolate brown orbs and melts me away from everything and everyone around me only to be captured in those mesmerizing beauty.

I don't know why but I always felt that there is a lot to say and there are a billion words to express in those brown eyes, but still chooses to keep quiet by hiding them. I don't know what are those words and expressions but I am really curious to know all of them, every word that is trying to express with those eyes of him.

The sound of the throat clearing brought me back from those orbs only to find that Aunty is watching us with a known expression on her eyes and a slight smile on her face indicating that she knows something which we are not able to capture it till now.

And I don't want to know what is the meaning of that smile. Last time she gave that known expression I got to know about Dev's feelings for me. So there is no way in hell that I want to listen to he

d is awesome and he never makes me feel like I am alone and tries his best to make me feel loved. I love him so much for that but still, there are some things that I always miss with my mother.

Tears started pouring from my eyes and I started sobbing hardly remembering my mother all of a sudden. Immediately Abhilash placed his hands on my shoulder and made me turn towards him searching for my face looking concerned.

"What happened Athira?" He asked confused and concerned at the same time. I can see the worry in his eyes which made me cry even more.

Aunty got up from her seat and came to stand beside me immediately by placing her hand on my head and pampering me affectionately and asked "What happened beta?" by looking at me with worry in her eyes. I shook my head unable to form a sentence "Don't cry like that. Whatever it is, everything will be fine. Shhh..." she said by hugging me to her fully and rubbing my back soothingly which made me somewhat relaxed in her motherly touch. I wrapped both of my hands around her waist by placing my head on her stomach and closed my eyes by concentrating on my breath to become normal.

"She remembered her mother by seeing all this food" Dev explained by placing his hand on my shoulder giving it a light squeeze assuring that everything will be fine. I just nodded my head slightly without opening my eyes. I felt peaceful in her arms that I want to stay like this for longer.

"Oh, my baby… Don't worry. Everything is fine." She said still rubbing my back. When I opened my eyes after some moments I saw the face of Abhilash which is placed with concern, worry and love.


I could not dwell on that thought much because aunty made me release her and she sat beside me by dragging her seat beside me.

"Come, I will feed you today."She said smiling by taking my plate in her hands and cut one piece of chapati and added curry with it before placing it in front of my mouth for me to take a bite.

I slowly opened my mouth looking at her with tear-filled eyes feeling overwhelmed by her affection and grateful at the same time.

She fed me with love and care in her eyes while both Dev and Abhilash ate in silence looking occasionally in our direction to see if I am still crying or not. I don't know what to think of all these but I am grateful to have all of them in my life. Specially aunty. She makes me feel like a child to her.

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