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   Chapter 27 Destiny or Coincidence

Destiny or Coincidence? By sprinklePT14 Characters: 6661

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Athira Patel

He cut my leggings and cleaned my injury before applying the ointment and covering it with the cloth. All the time he took care of my pain being gentle.

After done with my aid, he started the car again and we went towards my apartment. I showed him the directions to my apartment while he drove without asking any other questions.

Once we reached my apartment he turned off the engine and we both sat in the car silently thinking who will be the first to break the silence.

Suddenly I remembered the argument between us from today morning and i wanted to ask him about something so I cleared my tone to get his attention. He turned towards my side with an expression of question mark on his face.

"I want to ask you about something" I said after a few moments debating myself whether or not to ask him.

"Sure, ask" he said turning towards my side completely giving his full attention to me.

"When we were arguing today morning you said something about two years. May i know what does that mean?" I asked looking hesitatingly at him biting my lips thinking if i have asked the wrong question and made him angry.

He looked at me without any emotion in his eyes masking his feelings again. For a few moments there is silence in between us again and I started regretting asking the question in the first place.

Why do you have to ask the question and change the atmosphere? You are always dumb Athira. I scolded myself for asking.

"This is not the right time Athira." he said looking at me sadly breaking the silence after a few moments. I opened my mouth to argue but he cut me off "I know you have many questions running in your head but trust me, you are not in a position to hear me out now. I will explain you everything when the time comes" he said successfully shutting me up.

What should I say? I don't even know what I am asking in the first place. So I just closed my mouth and accepted his words. Maybe this is not the time.

I just nodded my

n examination.

When i turned my head to look at Abhilash only to find that he was already seeing me with an expression of question in his eyes. I averted my eyes from him in fear of getting caught.

He wanted to ask something when the lift doors opened indicating that we came to our floor making him shut whatever he wanted to ask. Thank god that we came otherwise I don't know what he will be asking about. I don't even want to know it.

Aunty moved out first from the lift and walked in front of us and went towards our door by pressing the bell and standing there looking at us with a slight smile on her face and concern at the same time.

Abhilash too came and stood beside aunty still carrying me when the door to our flat opened revealing Dev standing with shorts and t-shirt.

He looked towards our side and immediately ran out looking worried and came to a halt, standing beside me looking at me from head to toe inspecting my injuries same as aunty done awhile ago and then lifted his head to look at Abhilash.

Immediately he froze on the spot looking at him and clenched his hands together giving him a challenging stare. When i looked at Abhilash to see his reaction, sure enough he too looked at him with an expression that is matching to Dev.

God… now what is this another situation in my life….

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