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   Chapter 26 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

When the car came to a halt, I lifted my head from the notepad to see that we have reached our destination. Thank god that I have finished my work in time. Now I can gladly show him that I am capable of doing it.

Slowly everyone got down from the car, so even i too got down taking my bag and file with me.

In front of me is a building which is half constructed but i can definitely say that once it is fully constructed it will be an eye catcher to many of them due to its theme of beach.

This is a five star hotel with a theme of beach inside where people can come looking for stress free to enjoy here. Even, they want to make a pool which looks like a beach in the middle. It's quite a task if you ask me and im curious to know how they are going to make it look like that.

We all entered inside walking behind Abhilash. There are bricks, cement, wooden doors and even glasses placed here and there in the middle of the way. Looks like the construction work is going on inside with partition.

All of them were walking carefully looking below because there are many glasses and bricks here and there on the floor.

Abhilash started explaining about the architecture to the other three members while we stood there listening to him intently.

He is very intelligent, work dedicated and strict when it comes to his work. Even if i am hating him at present, i still cannot disagree that he is a hard worker. Handling this big project is not that easy with a team of just 8 members and in addition to that training process. I appreciate his hard work and dedication.

If I am true to myself, then one day I want to see myself in his position. He is very inspiring to the juniors with his patience, way of explaining and knowledge. He has a passion towards this job.

"Is that clear?" he asked looking at the three of them with a serious face.

They all nodded at him and they went to look inside, may be they are going to look at the work they are going to do. When they have gone to the other side he turned towards us and his eyes immediately landed on me which made me self conscious.

"Athira i hope you have completed the work which i have given you?" he asked looking directly at me with the same serious face. But I am grateful that he didn't shout at me as he did previously in the office.

I nodded my head in acceptance and handed him the notepad in which i have noted the key points about this project.

He took the notepad and started reading it while I shifted my weight from one foot to another due to nervousness. I hope that I have covered all the points and didn't do any mistakes.

"So, can you explain what you have learned from this project" he asked still looking into the notepad.

I nodded my head and explained everything which i have gathered from today morning looking in Rohan's direction because no way in hell that i am going to face Omisha.

After completing i turned my head towards his direction to see him already looking at me with an expression of pride in his eyes. I blushed knowing that it's indicated towards me but quickly composed myself so that anyone cannot see it.

He nodded his head "Good, come on everyone. Will show you how we are going to design now" he said turning to the left side while we all followed him.

After he explained we all were looking here and there to get a grasp on our project when my mobile phone started rin

he office. To take the first-aid kit? That too for me? I don't know what to think about this but my idiot heart started fluttering listening to this information.

He turned towards my side and gently took hold of my left hand looking into my eyes and started inspecting it carefully before wetting the cotton with dettol liquid and wiping the dried blood.

I hissed when the cotton made contact with my injury to which he immediately started blowing the air on my injury to make me relax.

I looked at him to see the creases formed on his forehead due to his concentration but still he looked so handsome with the light beard on his face making him look dashing and hot. I found myself checking him out when he started applying the ointment on my palm and covered it with the cloth tying them carefully.

He is being very gentle and careful that made my heart flutter with an unknown emotion for the first time. After completing it he placed my hand on my lap and made me fall back on my seat when he took hold of my right injured leg to clean it.

He started to cut my leggings with the scissors when immediately i have stopped him from doing it.

"What are you doing?" I asked worriedly not knowing what's going on.

"I need to cut your leggings to clean your injury Athira" he explained with a patient tone like he is telling to a small child.

"But why? You can do it like this right. Anyway the glass has already cut through my leggings." I rushed my words panicking and looking at him with pleading eyes. How can I let him cut my leggings in front of him. I'm so shy to be like that in front of him.

"Athira, " he said my name with such a soft tone by placing his right hand on my cheek rubbing it delicately with his thumb finger, he continued, "Trust me. I won't take advantage of you. Just let me clean your injury please" he requested with his eyes showing concern for me.

In that moment I have realised that he cares a lot for me than I thought. It's not the only attraction between us but something more and pure. I nodded my head in acceptance looking into his eyes showing him that I trust him.

I even realised that in fact i really trust him with my heart. This new discovery made me feel shocked and at the same time content with peacefulness.

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