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   Chapter 25 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

Rushing to my cabin ignoring my friends curious stares, I have started my work by opening the file and reading the main key points to understand the project.

It looks like it is a big project where we have to design the hotel interior and even exterior. But the exterior part is taken care of architecture department and now the designs should be done by interior design department. Great…

After some time Divya came and congratulated me for getting into the real time project.

But i just said thank you to her and continued to work because I cannot waste even a second now. I have less time to complete thus file and note the main points.

Then I remembered the way i have behaved and said sorry to her and explained to her that I don't have time. I'm kind of happy that she understood my situation and went out without disturbing me.

The sound of ringing my mobile brought me back from my work. I looked at the caller ID to see that it was Dev. I gave a moment to think about whether or not to lift the call but eventually I answered while still noting the points.

"Hello" i said turning the page in the file.

"Hey" Dev said little hesitatingly from the other end of the line. I stopped writing and turned my concentration on my friend.

"Ya Dev?" I asked encouraging him to continue what he was trying to say.

"How are you?" He asked with a voice full of concern and affection.

Tears started pooling at the corner of my eyes listening to my best friend's voice. I miss my Playful Dev so much.

"I am fine Dev" i said taking a deep breath to control my emotions from bursting out.

"Ok. So when are you coming for lunch?" He asked with a hopeful voice. Then I remembered the work at hand. Sighing i put the pen on my notepad and sat straight and shifted my mobile to my right hand.

"Sorry Dev. I have so much work. I need to complete this file before going to the site. Since i am the newcomer i need to get up to date it seems. So that I can continue with other team members in the project" i explained feeling sorry that I am hurting him again when he is feeling hopeful to meet me.

"Oh.." he said and added after a moment "that's good Athira. Atlast you are getting what you were dreaming from your childhood." He said with a little lightness in his voice. But still i can grasp the sadness that he is trying to hide from me. He is not the only one who can understand me so well from all these years. Even i too know him well enough to know if he is sad or not.

"Will meet you at our flat after office Dev." I said hinting him that he doesn't need to stay back to pick me up from the office today since I don't know when I will be back from the site.

I picked up my pen and started looking at the file to complete the task within the time. When i have seen the time its already 1:30 PM and still there is half the file pending i

seeing their calculative and accusing faces. I made my way to the lift rushing behind him and entered the lift together with him without saying a word.

We can feel the tension inside the lift between us. I want to shout at him and argue at him. I even want to crawl around the corner crying my eyes out. But I didn't do any of them, instead I masked my emotions and kept my face firm hiding them.

When we reached the entrance i can see all the four of them who are training our batch with Omisha among them. Immediately my heart started beating loudly against my chest seeing her murder expression towards me. I ignored her deathly stare and looked in another direction calming myself. They are now my teammates in the project and I have to see them often including Omisha. Great.. what a day to start…

We are totally 8 members in the team including my project manager. I have already seen Omisha, Rohan and Arpitha previously but other three members were completely new. And i got to know from Rohan that they are from Architecture department.

We all entered in two different cars and went to the site which is 10kms away from the office.

Abhilash was driving the car in which Omisha took the passenger seat beside him and me and Rohan took the back side of them. I can still feel the daggers from Omisha but i am going to avoid her at any cost. I can even feel the stare from Abhilash from the rearview mirror since i am sitting backside of him. But I even avoided him looking into the file to complete my task.

Yes i still remember it and i am damn hell bent on completing it before reaching the site. It will at least take half nour for us to go because of Bangalore traffic and that's all i need to complete it. I remember everything he said to me and I am determined to show him that I am capable of doing this.

I know i am hurt because of his ruthless words but i am going to back down from this.

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