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   Chapter 24 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

When I have entered inside after knocking the door to this cabin, I saw that he is busy working on his laptop without even looking for the person who came inside.

To get his attention I have cleared my throat "Good morning Abhilash" I said greeting him by looking at his face.

When he got to know that it was me, he immediately lifted his head from the laptop looking in my direction with a straight face not showing any emotions or feelings. I think I should be glad for that.

While taking a seat opposite him I have handed him the file which he gave me two days back with the notepad where I have collected all the information about it and explained about the clause.

He eyed it for a moment before taking it from my hand and keeping the file on the table, he opened the notepad without saying anything.

He was going through the notes which I have written yesterday night before everything happened. I was observing his facial features to know about what he is thinking, but to my frustration, he didn't show any of them on his face. His face is neutral while reading it. I suppose that's how he gets all the projects accepted from the clients.

After ten minutes or something, he kept the notepad on the table while looking towards me.

"I see that you have found out the clause within the given time. I'm impressed" he said looking into my eyes with an expression of proud? And even smiling?

What the hell? Why will he be proud of me?

"I always knew from the start that you are more than capable of this Athira. Congratulations, you have reached up to my expectations and now as promised you can work with me in a real-time project" He said smiling at me genuinely and extended his hand for a handshake.

Listening to his words made my day. Because it's not every day that your manager will praise you for the work you have done. I'm so happy that I have reached up to his expectations that I even forgot about the insults a few minutes back.

Smiling I took hold of his extended hand for a handshake "Thank you Abhilash" I said smiling widely unable to contain my happiness. Anyone can see it on my face how happy I am. God at last my dream is going to fulfil and I am going to work in a real-time project. I'm so excited about that.

"You look beautiful when you smile Athira" He suddenly said looking into my eyes with a smile of kindness and adoration on his face while keeping his right hand under his chin with the support of the table.

I froze in my spot listening to his compliment and remembering the words Omisha said to me brutally. I even remembered what I have decided before coming into his cabin. I think it's better that we clear the things before it gets out of hand.

All my happiness is gone from my face within a second and I have become serious. I think he too observed the change of reaction on my face because the next moment his smile slipped from his face making a confused look in place of that.

He opened his mouth to say something but I beat him to it "Look Abhilash, we are professionals and I think it's better if we keep it that way. I don't want to think about that night anymore. It was a mistake

id giving me another file which is the same as the size of the previous one I have returned him just before. Oh god…

"Because today at 4:00 PM we are going to look at the site and since you are the team member now, I expect you to learn about it before we go. Am I clear?" He asked with the hard tone indicating he serious about this.

How can I complete this within lunchtime? It's already 10:30 AM now and there are only 4 hours left for the lunch break.

"How can I complete it within lunchtime?" I asked not able to understand how he is thinking that I can do it.

"It's not my problem Athira. You have to manage it. And now you are not a trainer that will give you the training about how to utilize it well. If you want to be in this team then you have to do this work on time." He said looking into his laptop without showing any concern.

I started getting angry listening to his words. Who does he think he is?

"But Abhilash…" I still tried to explain maintaining my coolness without lashing out on him.

He looked up from his laptop with an irritating look on his face. "What is your problem Athira? If you want to work then go and finish the task I have given you. Don't stand here and argue with me. It will only decrease your time and nothing more. Because I am not going to change my rules for the sake of you. You are the same to me as other team members." He said with such arrogant voice that it cut straight through my heart. I searched his face to look if there is any sign of concern but none. I guess this is how it will be from now on.

Get used to this arrogant manager of ours, Athira. You will see him a lot from now on since you provoked him to be like this.

I released a breath of sign in defeat and took the file from the table and started leaving his cabin when he said again.

"And don't forget to give me the key points before leaving for lunch" He ordered with authority without lifting his head from the laptop.

That idiot… Urghhhh…. Arrogant, self-centred, egotistical prick… I cursed him in my brain and left his office ready to work on the task which is on hand.

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