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   Chapter 23 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

After our conversation in the cafeteria with Sahana, we all went to our respective cabins to start our day. When I have reached our floor only Divya was present in her cabin, looks like the rest of them are still late to the office today.

I greeted her on my way to the cabin and went inside taking a seat in front of my system. While turning on the system I recalled the conversation between us in the cafeteria about how we are going to help Sahana in making Karthik fall for her.


"Guys you don't know how happy I am listening to this" Sahana said unable to contain her excitement. She is not sitting in her place steadily making the table move with her. Her legs are tapping on the floor continuously and her hands are clapping repeatedly with each word she said. This girl is impossible. But the way her face is glowing just knowing that we are ready to help with Karthik says a lot.

"But I have one doubt here lady James, " said Charitha interrupting her train of happy thoughts. Listening to her nickname, Sahana gave a glare towards Charitha warning her not to call her that again.

She got that name on the first day when she was ready to pounce on Omisha for the sake of Abhilash. From that day onwards most of them in our gang call her with the same name. But she literally hates it and it makes us more fun seeing her reaction. Specially Karthik.

Woah.. hold on. Karthik likes to tease Sahana a lot. And he practically stays with her all the time whenever it's possible. God.. what an idiot I am. Why haven't I seen this before? It was before our eyes and no one was able to catch on to that.

That's because you are an idiot. Mocked my brain butting in the middle of my thoughts.

Just shut up ok. I know that I am an idiot. No need to mock me repeatedly in every given situation. Urghhhh…

It's clear that even Karthik likes Sahana from the start but since he saw the reaction of her towards Abhilash, he might have not made any move on her.

"Shoot you dumb, " said Sahana still glaring at her.

"You said that you have feelings for Abhilash right? Then what about him if you like Karthik now? That means anyone can flirt and try with him now?" Charitha asked looking eager and at the same time teasing Sahana to get a reaction out of her. But still, we can see that she is really curious about the question she asked. Hell, even I was curious to know her answer.

It's not like I want to try him, it's just for knowledge. That's it.

"I know that you like to pull my leg every time. But yes I don't have feelings for Abhilash. Maybe it was just infatuation from the start. The way I am feeling right now for Karthik, I never used to feel that way about him. It's like I will forget the whole world around me when I am with him and unknowingly I will always look forward to meeting him and spend time with him. And I never felt this weird tingling sensation when he is near me." She said looking in between us. But she is not here. She is in her own dreamy world where she is imagining all these things. We can clearly see it in her eyes.

When she observed that we are observing her with a secret and teasing smile of ours she blushed looking away.

"Are you guys even getting what I am trying to say?

so much listening to her words that I'm unable to stop my tears even if I tried to. It's like someone punched me in the gut and said that I'm behaving like a slut.

Ya, I think I am. I never stopped myself from feeling all these weird emotions and feelings towards him. I always say no to him but still, I find myself getting attracted to him. Hell, I even know that Omisha is his girlfriend from day one but still I stole many glances towards him whenever I get the chance. It's wrong to feel something for the one who is already having a girlfriend. Maybe I did deserve her hatred words on me.

Now Athira! You are going to shut that train of thoughts immediately. Did you get it? It's not your fault that you got attracted to him. It will never be in our hands whom we get attracted to. Even you know that. Where the hell is your common sense gone? Scolded my brain giving me some common sense.

I didn't disagree with it nor agree with it. I know whatever my brain is trying to say is correct. But I can't help but feel hurt because of her words. It really hurt a lot.

I know that you are hurt. Now all you need to do is maintaining some distance between yourself and Abhilash. Don't make his charm get to you this time. Just be strong. Explained my brain as if she is explaining to a small child.

Ya, that's right. I need to avoid him at any cost for the sake of my heart and even for the sake of my job. He is just a project manager to me and I need to remember it every time.

Then why my heart is saying it otherwise? I shook my head to clear that thought.

With my new found confidence I have decided that I will concentrate only on my job. I have come here to reach my goal and I don't want Dev or Abhilash to make me get out of the track because of these unknown feelings. I have dealt with it in the past and I am not ready to face it again and get hurt.

Even if it comes to avoid them both then I am ready to do it at any cost than to face all these insults.

With the same determination in my brain, I took the file which Abhilash gave me to find the clause in it and went out of my cabin to show him that I have found it within the time period.

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