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   Chapter 22 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

I woke up to the sound of my mobile ringing. I searched the bed looking for it still closing my eyes and when I finally found it beside me, I took it out and without looking at the caller ID I answered the call.

"Hello" I said in a sleepy voice covering myself in the duvet again.

"Good morning princess." "Good morning Athira" both Charitha and Sahana said simultaneously shouting on the other end of the call causing me to wake up all of a sudden.

I groaned looking at the time to see that it's still 6:00 AM in the morning.

"What the hell is wrong with you guys" I too shouted getting irritated because they have disturbed my beautiful sleep "why are you calling me at this hour of time and shouting in my ears idiots"

"Calm down sleeping beauty." Said Sahana in a singsong voice to which Charitha laughed.

"Ya this idiot called me too and woke me up at this hour. What is the reason Sahana" asked Charitha yawning on the other side while I just kept the mobile on my cheek and just listened to their conversation by sleeping on my pillow by closing my eyes.

"Ya, so the reason I have called you both is that i want you both to meet me in the cafeteria today morning for breakfast. I need to talk with you both in private. So please don't bring any male insects today" Sahana said, no scratch that. She literally ordered us to be there in the cafeteria before 8:30 AM. God this girl has no brain.

"What got into your pants today that you want us to meet you that early" asked Charitha sounding kind of irritated. I cannot blame her since even i too am feeling the same way because of Sahana.

"Please guys, i will explain everything to you when we meet. Make sure that you will be there on time. I really need the help of you guys." She asked pleasing us to come to the office at the mentioned time. We both sighed in defeat.

"Ok i will be there. Now don't disturb me or else you are gone for good if I catch you later in the office" i too warned her not to disturb my sleep again.

I can hear their laughter on the call but I ignored it and disconnected the call tossing the mobile beside me and covered myself in duvet again to sleep.

But then suddenly I remembered everything from yesterday and sat up straight looking here and there to see if i am in my house or in aunty's house. Sure enough i am still in aunty's house so got up eventually and looked at myself in the mirror before going out of the bedroom to look for aunty.

Its enough that she let me sleep in her house up to now and I don't want to be a burden for her again. So I chose to go to my house and get ready because there is no way that I can sleep in the same house with Dev knowing that i need to face him one or the other way.

I know I am being a coward but it's better this way until i get a grip on my emotions. And I don't want to hurt Dev by rejecting him so i am looking forward to postpone the situation until I can. I will face it when there is no other choice left but to answer his questions.

I looked around the room to find aunty in the kitchen preparing coffee for herself while humming a tune which I didn't recognise because it was from some old Bollywood movie.

After getting near to the kitchen I cleared my throat to get her attention and i was successful because the next moment she turned towards my side and smiled looking at me.

"Good morning Athira, did you sleep well?" She asked looking concerned at me and sitting on the dining table in the kitchen with her coffee.

"Ya aunty. Thank you for everything. And letting me sleep here in your house" I said taking a seat in front of her and folding my hands together.

"Oh shush. It's nothing. Don't thank me for that" she said waving her hand in the air dismissing the topic.

e time being.

Good, at least Charitha is having some brain unlike my other friend here.

"Oh ya, sorry for that." She said smiling nervously. Looks like the help she is going to ask is very important by the way she is acting now.

"I know that this is too fast, but i think i like Karthik" she said fidgeting with her fingers looking down not meeting our eyes.

Wow she really is nervous. This is the first coming from Sahana.

"What the hell?" Asked Charitha looking shocked while i was just sitting there not knowing how to react. Yes it is shocking to know that she likes Karthik since few days back she behaved like a mad cat ready to bounce on Omisha for Abhilash.

What happened in this few days that she started liking Karthik all of a sudden?

"Are you sure that we are talking about our Karthik itself?" Charitha asked to which Sahana glared at her. "Ok, no need to be rude. Just clarifying" she said while raising her hands in surrender.

"So if you like him, then you can directly say it to him. What does it have to do with us here?" I asked still jot getting why she wanted our help in this. According to what i know about her, she is very open and straightforward. She will directly express her feelings without even thinking twice about it.

Or is it possible that she is not feeling as confident as she was and have insecurities about her? Wow, now this will be very new if this is right.

"The thing is I don't know if he likes me back. And I am kind of feeling insecure about myself" she said looking in between us biting her lips with uncertainty in her eyes. "Hell I don't even know how I will express my feelings to him. This is the first time i am feeling like this and i am not sure how to act to make it correct. To say frankly i am scared guys" she admitted looking down with tears pooling in her eyes.

I have never seen Sahana in this state and I don't want her to behave like a lost puppy.

"Fine, don't become grumpy pants now. We are ready to help you. What do you want us to do that we can get Karthik on track with you?" I asked looking in her direction to which he looked up directly towards us with a hope in her eyes. God she really does like him. Silly girl.

"Really? Would you guys help me?" She asked sounding hopeful to which we both nodded in acceptance and suddenly she got up from her place squealing in excitement while hugging both of us and making the whole cafeteria look towards us.

Looks like we are the weirdies and everyone should get used to us.

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