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   Chapter 20 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

What if? Is the small word which is enough to create many doubts in our brains that we lose our judging capability because of it.

Now standing before my friend not knowing how to take back the question I have asked or don't know how to react after questioning him directly like that, so I just stood before him looking at his face and cursing myself for asking in the first place. I don't know what he might be thinking of me if he doesn't have any feelings for me. What have i thought before asking him like that straightforwardly?

You are really dumb Athira. There is no hope for you stupid girl. I wanted to face-palm myself but stopped myself from doing it.

Will you stop your little drama? You have done the right thing. Everything will be solved after this. If he really doesn't have any feelings then he will dismiss the idea or else he will open up. So just be patient and let's see what happens. Idiot. Argued my brain.

Ya it's right. I have to wait and see what happens before getting into some conclusion. Patience Athira patience. I took a deep breath and looked at my friend who is silent from last few minutes looking at the floor deep in thought. When he lifted his head to look at my direction, I kept a serious face giving nothing away and showing him that i am looking forward to hearing the answers and not going to backout from it today.

After what felt like hours he opened his mouth to talk.

"Can we sit and talk?" He asked as if there is so much more to say and explain than just a few minutes. So nodding my head without saying anything i just took my seat on the bed and waited for him to take his seat and explain everything.

He took the seat beside me leaving some space between us to which I am thankful because I don't know if i can concentrate on his words if he sits near to me.

"Choti, are you ready to listen to everything what i have to say?" he asked looking at me seriously as if asking me indirectly if i am ready for everything. Suddenly i felt my heart beating rapidly in the fear of facing everything. I don't know if I am ready to listen to whatever he wants to say but what choice do I have? I was the one who raised the question in the first place.

You can do it Athira. Let's hear him out to what he has to say. If really he has feelings for you then he have every right to express himself. Taking a deep breath I nodded my head in acceptance that I am ready to hear him out.

"But please promise me that you will hear me out first without reacting. After i have completed explaining you can ask or do whatever you want. But please just listen to me first" He asked looking at me as if he is unsure of what my reaction would be.

"Ok promise. I will listen to everything you have to say but i need every answer today" I said looking at him seriously determined to know everything.

He took a deep breath and stared straight in my eyes "I love you Athira. I have loved you from as far as I know." He said looking relieved as if the big burden went away from his shoulders.

I froze listening to his words. I knew what I am going to face today and what aunty said might be right. But somewhere I hoped that I was wrong and he will just scratch everything i asked. But No, he confessed his feelings towards me, which made it all real now. There is no backing out now. I don't know how to react to it. Should i be happy? Should i be sad? Should i be angry? I don't know. So i just stared at his face not knowing how to react to it.

"I know it's all so new to you and pro

ddenly I remembered the way he looks at me sometimes and all this time it was the same look he was giving me but me being a fool never got the point. This new revelation made my heart beat faster against my chest and his deep brown eyes looking intently at me.

"I know I always said that you are beautiful but you always took it as a flirting statement. But to be frank Athira you don't know how beautiful you are. And that smile of yours can make anyone smile back in return. And you look cute when you are angry" He said keeping his forehead on mine and looking deep into my eyes which made my breath caught in my throat. I never knew that being this close to Dev would make me feel this type of feelings. Its like i am looking forward to his next move.

God dammit what happened to me. Why am I feeling like this towards Dev. He is my friend for god's sake.

"I don't think so. Haven't you heard a word about what he said up to now?" Enlightened my brain again.

Stop interrupting you idiot.

"I know this is all new to you and you have not expected all these so suddenly. But please trust me Athira, I loved you from so long with all my heart and I love you so much baby. Just give me one chance to prove it that i am not like that bastard. Please" He said coming little closer that his breath is fanning on my face making it only two inches apart from touching my lips to his.

I don't know what to say because I am unable to think straight being this close to him. I can only concentrate on his soft lips and my breath to how to intake more amount of air.

"I love you Athira baby" he said closing the gap between us and claiming my lips in a tender and soft kiss. At first i froze due to this sudden act but i melted to his kissing and started kissing him back slowly. It was like he was pouring all of his feelings in this sole kiss. This kiss is not about passion but it's all about his love towards me. I loved the way his lips are feeling against me. Of Course this kiss is completely different to Abhilash. This one is more tender when Abhilash's kiss was full of passion and breathtaking.

Abhilash?? Oh my god.. Oh my god... Oh my god…

I suddenly released what i am doing and stopped kissing him back and created a distance between us catching my breath and placing my hand on my lips getting shocked.

Oh my goodness… What have I done?

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