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   Chapter 19 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

Everyone knows that life is a road with the speed breakers and ups and downs. But what we don't know is how many speed breakers will come in our way and how many ups and downs will be there for us. We even don't know at what time we will face an accident and how we are gonna survive from that. Life is just unpredictable sometimes. When we think that everything is going smoothly then it will throw a rock at us just to show that it's not that perfect as we think. We have to face the unexpected at times that we wonder what will be our next step to get out of this situation.

I am somewhat in the same situation presently. I just realised that I am getting out of track from my goal just because of Abhilash and I have even got to know that my best friend loves me, which came as a big surprise. I am still not sure if what Aunty said yesterday is right or wrong. I don't want to come to a conclusion just because she said, I want to confirm myself before getting to a conclusion. But don't know how to ask. Do I have to confront him directly or just have to get to know from my other two friends? And what about these weird feelings about Abhilash? Why did I felt the way I did when he informed Omisha that nothing was going in between us? It was true that there is nothing going on in between us. Then why I have reacted like that? Why did my heart felt like someone has pinched it so strongly? I don't know any of those answers and I don't even know how to face Dev. That was the reason I have avoided answering him and only gave one-word answers to his questions. I am quite sure that he knows something is off with me but didn't ask, to which I am thankful because I don't know what I would have answered to him if he asks. After coming home I have directly come to our bedroom and got freshen up before having dinner. When he went to freshen up I had my dinner quickly to avoid talking to him and went directly to our bedroom for completing my tasks just to divert my attention from all these bloody situations.

I have opened my laptop and took both of my files placing them on the bed while taking a seat in the middle of the bed opening the file in which I need to find the clause within two days.

I will show you Mr.Arrogant Jerk that I am capable of doing this. With that in my mind, I have started reading the file. I know I don't have much time to go through everything in this so I have started reading highlight points on every page. Somewhere in the middle of it, a knock came on my door to which I have lifted my head from the file only to see that Dev standing there crossing his arms and leaning on the door looking at me intently without saying anything. Unable to look at his face any longer I just got back to my file reading it even though I can feel his eyes on me. After some moments he finally broke the silence.

"Already on the work?" He asked looking at me while standing there itself. His voice sounded neutral giving away nothing to think of.

"Yes, " I mumbled still not looking at him. I am scared to look at him. I know that he can read me like an open book and say what is bothering me. And I don't know if I am ready to face the situation if what aunty said is right. So the best way is to avoid him for now.

"Ok, I will leave you to it, " He said after someti


"Dev. I have completed my task which gives me a direct ticket to real-time projects. I said that I will do it in two days and I have done it. I am so happy you know. Now I am really going to reach my goal to design a real project" I said excitedly and hugged him feeling so happy.

"Wow choti. That's awesome. I am so proud of you. I know that you are capable of doing it but never expected that it will be this soon. I am really proud of you baby" He said hugging me back tightly and placing a kiss on my hair.

"I am going to fulfil mom's dream Dev. She will be happy right?" I asked looking at him.

"Yes Baby. She will be proud of you" He said looking at me with so much adoration and love. Wait a minute. Love? Then I have suddenly remembered everything which made me self conscious and I released my arms from him and created some distance between us not looking at his face. I am afraid to look at his face so I just kept looking downwards shifting my foot from one to another playing with my hands.

"Uh... Thank you" I said fidgeting with my hands.

"What happened Choti? Why it looks like you are trying to avoid me?" He asked after a few moments cutting the silence in the room. I can hear the hesitation in his voice while asking this question.

I don't know what to say to him so I just said nothing. But I can see that he didn't buy the answer since he is still looking at me without blinking.

"I asked what happened?" He asked with a strong voice which he uses only when he is in a demanding way.

Uh-oh... He is getting angry and doesn't get back until he gets the answer.

So why not ask him directly? Even the situation is in your favour. You won't get a better opportunity like this. Ask him Athira. Then you can get all your answers which are running in your mind. He is just Dev. He won't take it wrong. Encouraged my brain.

So after some moments, I took a deep breath to ask him before I change my mind. I can see that he is still waiting for my answer.

I raised my head looking at him directly in his eyes without giving anything in my face and keeping it neutral, I have asked the question which is running in my mind from past 24 hours "Do you love me Dev?"

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