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   Chapter 18 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

I hurriedly got into our cabin to see that everyone is listening to something Abhilash was saying. I cursed myself for coming late today. It's only the third day in my office and I am already late, don't know how he will react to this. This is all because of that stupid alarm which didn't ring on time. We hurriedly got ready and went directly to the office without even having breakfast.

I slowly got inside without making a sound but still, everyone listened because within a minute every head turned towards my direction. Ivan and Chandan with smirking faces, Divya and Bharat with sympathetic faces. Something is definitely fishy. The look on their faces is saying everything.

"Took your sweet time to come to office Athira, " Said Abhilash mockingly standing behind Ivan placing his hands in the pockets. He wore a white shirt inside with a black blazer and black pants completing it with a watch to his wrist. His hair is neatly combed to the backside giving him a hot look. What am I saying? He looks hot in anything he wears. You can feel the dominating aura from him like he is the leader to all this. And no wonder that he is with his arrogant and strict behaviour.

"Sorry, Abhilash. It won't happen next time" I said looking down because I am unable to look into his brown orbs.

"Meet me in my cabin after this meeting, " He said giving no room to argue. I simply nodded in defeat and stood beside Chandan.

"So as I was saying, today I would like to train you on the outer image of the projects and how we have to plan accordingly, " Abhilash said looking at all of them and went to stand in front of the whiteboard taking a marker in his hands. We all took our seats with the notepad ready to take the important points.

He started explaining that mostly our company will get hotels and independent houses projects itself which are of the high cost. So for every project, we will take the inputs from our clients and will form the plan and brief designs of how it looks and will present it for them. If the client is satisfied with the plan and designs then will start working together with the architecture department for designing. While designing we should not forget about the main things like Floor plans and the Construction Documentation, Shipping and Installation, Furniture Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans/Basic Lighting Plans, Basic Electrical Plans, Details/Sections, Specifications etc.

When he completed the training it was almost lunchtime. We were very much into the training that we forgot about the time. For the first time, I can say why people said that he is the best project manager. The way he explained everything in detail and answered every query of us says a lot. He is very patient and understanding. Doesn't get irritated to repeat the points if we were unable to understand it for the first time. We can learn a lot from him. This is only the first training for us from him, but I can say that I am glad to get into this team. There is a lot more to him than he shows it. I want to

lity came slapping me on my face showing me everything with open eyes. Tears started forming at the corner of my eyes. I blinked rapidly to make them stop because I don't want them to see this side of me and my tears, Especially him. I have to control my emotions and my messed up feelings in front of them. I can't burst into tears here itself. I have to get away as soon as possible.

How am I this blind? I know that he has a girlfriend and he is just flirting with me. But still, I gave in to my greedy needs just to kiss him and to be near him? It felt like I am some sort of an item girl or a whore.

You are very stupid Athira. I have already told you to be careful with your heart. But you won't listen, and look where it got you. Even now you have the time to get away from this confused messed up situation. Act as if nothing happened and it didn't affect you in any way. Get out of this room immediately. Said my brain. For once I am on the side of my brain. I have to get away from this.

I looked at his side to see he is observing me intensely. He was trying to say something with his eyes but I averted my eyes from him and looked towards her side. "Yes. He is correct. It was nothing." I said starting to walk towards the door "Now if you excuse me.." I said and got away from his cabin and went directly to my cabin before I started crying in front of everyone.

Once I am back in my safety zone, I closed the door behind me and took the seat letting the tears fall freely. I felt stupid standing there and making him walk on me like I am some sort of easy access. It's my mistake that I let my heart loose for once and thought that he really cares for me. I was so attracted to his outer appearance that I forgot my own rules why I have kept them in the first place. It's the last time that I let him walk away like this. I won't give him the chance to hurt me again. I know how to protect myself and my heart from his flirting. I will have to show him what it's like to see if he messes with the wrong person.

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