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   Chapter 17 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

Dev made a delicious pasta for the both of us once we reached our flat. I love his cooking because he will make yummy and mouth-watering varieties of food. So I always find ways to skip cooking so that he can cook for us. He won't mind though. He likes to cook for me. So I use it as a bait for excuse. He bears everything for me and cares a lot for me. Sometimes I feel like I am the luckiest girl to get a friend like him. When I was in my high school I had a crush on him but he got Nidhi as his girlfriend. So from then on I never gave a thought about it and moved on when Akash came to my life. Even today I know that whoever he loves will be the lucky girl.

We both took the seats on the dining table and started eating our delicious pasta. No scratch that. It's more like digging the pasta and devouring the taste of it.

"How was your day? It took you so long to log out today." He asked looking at me and placing his pasta in his mouth.

"Ya. It was a busy day. I have started designing today and we all got another task too" I said keeping a spoonful of pasta in my mouth.

"Oh Really. That's good. It's no surprise though. I have already thought that you will start it today" He said smiling "What task you got again?" He asked taking another mouthful. I have explained to him about the task while we completed eating. We both started doing dishes when there was a knock on the door. I said to him that I will answer and got to the front door opening it only to be welcomed by a warm smile from Aunty.

"Hello beta. How are you?" He asked once she released me from the hug. I am still in a shock to reply. I didn't expect her to directly visit our house. But still it's nice to see her.

"I am fine Aunty. How are you? And what a surprise? Please come in" I said smiling and opening the door widely for her to enter inside.

"This place looks good Athira" She said looking at our flat holding a smile on her face. "Sorry for coming by without asking. I was feeling pretty bored. And don't want to be alone. Thought you might have come home, so just came by" she said looking at me and explaining it hesitatingly.

"Oh no. It's fine Aunty. It's not a problem. I thought of coming to your flat itself. Please take your seat" I said smiling and gesturing her towards the couch in the living room.

"Who is that Choti?" Dev asked from the kitchen.

"It's top floor aunty. Come here" I explained Dev and took the seat beside her.

"So aunty, want to have tea or coffee?" I asked looking at her when Dev entered the hall looking in between the both of us not knowing what to say or do. It's hilarious seeing him like this.

"Hey Dev. This is the.. " I turned towards the Aunty since I didn't know her name. My intelligent brain forgot to ask. Good job Athira.

"Hema beta" aunty said smiling at me to which I laughed awkwardly.

"Ya right. This is hema aunty from the penthouse. And aunty this is Dev, my best friend" I said introducing both of them and smiling towards them.

"Hello aunty. It's nice to finally meet you. She was saying about you yesterday" he said smiling kindly at her and sat beside me.

"Ohh really. It's nice to meet you too. I thought she was staying alone. It's a relief that you are there to look after her" she said looking at me and smiling.

"Haha. That's nothing. She is my friend and it's my responsibility. Uncle will kill me if I don't look after this idiot" he explained nudging my shoulder and winking at me.

"It's good to hear that you care for her. I'm surprised that you both are not a couple up to now" she said wondering looking at our side.

Woah.. again? Why everyone thinks that we are couples.. it's surprising.

"God.. no. We are not couples aunty. We are just friends" I said laughing and turning towards Dev shaking my head. He smiled somewhat forcefully

metime now" aunty explained taking my both hands in her hands.

"I know this is a shock to you since you were in blind up to now. But that's the truth. I can understand why he didn't said anything about his feelings up to now. He might be thinking that you will leave him or get angry at him. Or even he knows that you don't feel the same way for him. In either case he is being patient. I can see that." She said smiling at me in assurance. I just nodded my head because I'm unable to think of anything. It's like my brain is in some pause button.

"Tada…" Dev shouted posing while placing the plate full of fried rice in front of aunty. "Here presents Dev's most demanding receive" he said fanning himself dramatically and taking a seat beside me.

"Wow Dev. Indeed you are an excellent cook. I love this. Thank you beta" aunty said eating mouthful and smiling at him.

"Welcome aunty." Dev said smiling and keeping a hand on my shoulder by side hugging me. "I have listened to your conversation." I got stiff listening to this. "And I must agree, I am proud of you Choti. You said very maturely." He said indicating to uncle's topic. I relaxed knowing that he didn't listen to our later conversation. I don't know why but I don't want him to know about this topic. I am not sure if what aunty said is right or wrong. I don't want to ask him directly without knowing any proof and if what aunty said is right then I don't know how I will react. I am not ready to accept the fact that he loves me even if it's right. I am scared that our friendship won't be the same if this thought actually becomes truth. It's better not to react until i know for sure.

While eating both aunty and Dev spoke about Hyderabad, Dev's childhood and aunty about her marriage days. I just listened to them and was smiling and giving my answers when needed. Looks like aunty became a good friend of Dev. I suppose there is no need to get surprised in this. He is like that, he can interact with anyone devoid of any age. After completing her dinner she stayed for sometime and left when it's 10:00 PM. We both cleaned everything and went to the bedroom to sleep. I just gave one word answers when Dev asked something. He observed that but didn't ask me anything to which I'm thankful. I don't know what I would say if he asks me. Before sleeping he kissed my forehead and slept on his side after switching off the lights. I kept thinking about aunty's words repeatedly. Don't know when I have started feeling sleepy. So I just stopped thinking and closed my eyes sleep overtaking me.

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