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   Chapter 16 Destiny or Coincidence

Destiny or Coincidence? By sprinklePT14 Characters: 10454

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Athira Patel

I was so nervous to face him and at the same time determined to forget about that moment we had together. I am here to fulfill my dream and as I said I don't need any distractions. It was better that he already has a girlfriend here. And the more reason to forget about that moment. Then why my heart is saying it otherwise when I think of them together? May be because it was just a sudden surprise that he has a girlfriend. Ya that's it. I thought to myself and stood in front of his door.

Taking a deep breath I tapped two times on the door asking to enter to which he said to come. I got inside closing the door behind me and taking a seat in front of him. When he lifted his head all my bravery turned into nervousness. God I have to be strong and not to get intimidated by him.

"Good evening Athira" he wished me with his manly and deep voice, looking at his laptop in concentration.

"Good evening Abhilash" I replied looking at my hands which are placed on my lap holding them together.

"So how are you liking here so far?" He asked glancing at me and averting back to laptop immediately.

"Ya it's good. I like it here" I said smiling genuinely.

"Good to hear" he said nodding his head."So you already got the information about this meeting from your colleagues I think" he said looking at me from his laptop by folding his hands. The moment his eyes met mine I froze on the spot. But composed myself very quickly and nodded.

Stupid heart and those stupid chocolate brown orbs.

"Yes. They informed me in the morning" I said agreeing and rubbing my palms on my dress. Great again i'm becoming nervous.

"Good. I will be giving you our previous project in which you need to identify what was lacking in it that it got rejected by our client. I pretty much know that clause already. But wanted to see how much you are capable of. I said to everyone that I gave a different project to each of you, but in fact I have given the same one. I want to know who will be the first one to find out that clause in the project" he said looking at me seriously as if studying me.

So he is trying to check our ability to find the clauses in the projects. Good. This is going to be one interesting task then. I thought doing little dance in my brain. What? I like working and it's my dream to do this job. So yes I'm pretty excited with this task. Who wants to miss the chance to point out what mistake they have done. Not me definitely.

"Sure. I will give my best effort in finding it" I said looking at him confidently and giving my broad smile.

"Confident are we Athira?" He asked raising his eyebrows "I don't want efforts. I need smart thinking. Think out of the box." He said leaning leisurely on his chair and looking at me.

That arrogant jerk. Wants to prove me wrong? And challenging me to accept it.

Woah... Mr.Abhilash I love challenges and especially if they are related to work. Don't underestimate me.

"I am confident because I know my capability. Overconfidence is dangerous but not confidence. One needs to be confident if he wants to achieve his goal." I said looking e

me out of my chest at any moment.

"Really? What you are asking about then?" He asked still acting innocent. I glared at him to which he smirked challenging me to say out loud about this situation. He inched closer making it only 2 inches gap between our faces. My breath caught in my throat and same unknown feeling started erupting in my stomach.

"Aa.. Abhi…. Wha…" I am unable to complete my sentence due to this closeness. He smirked looking down at me with satisfaction in his eyes as if he knows how much he affects me. True though. He affects me so much. But I am not going to accept it in front of this arrogant jerk.

He again inched closer looking at my lips and suddenly all the questions and all the doubts went out of the window making me to concentrate only on him and his lips. I don't know but even I wanted him to kiss me again. I know that it's wrong to expect it. But for this once I want to feel his beautiful pink lips against me. I want that feeling back when he kissed me with that passion back in the pub. For one last time I wanted to be selfish forgetting about Omisha and my goal. I want to kiss him back.. Suddenly his mobile started ringing getting us back from our europhia. I glanced at him and was shocked to realise that we were about to kiss each other again. What happened to me? God what I was going to do if not for the phone call interruption? Shit…

I pushed him back immediately and got out running to my cabin. Once I entered the cabin I placed the file on the desk and took the seat while catching my breath. What is wrong with me? What happens to my judgement when he is near to me? Why I always find myself getting attracted to him? What is so special about him?

Arghhh….. I was going to kiss him again. You arrogant, Hotheaded, dickhead, muttass Abhilash. Why don't you leave me alone dammit…. I was deep in thought when my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID to see it was Dev. Shit. I forgot that he was waiting for me in the lawn. I quickly packed my stuff and carried the file to work at home and left the office.

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