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   Chapter 15 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

By the time I got freshen up Dev came with the food and started serving us. We both started eating when Riya called to me. Dev took my mobile from the table by picking up the call.

"Hey Tiger, wassup?" Dev shouted on the call making Riya shout on the other line. He kept on speaker so that I too can listen.

"God dammit Dev. Are you nuts? Can't you talk normally like other people. What if I go deaf because of you" Riya scolded making us both laugh at her.

"Hello madam. So you too are with him and making fun of me then?" Riya asked indicating me to which I smiled. Drama queen.

"Don't bother Riya. I am not with him. You were complaining like a small child so I just laughed. That's it. So how are you?" I asked changing the subject. Because knowing her she won't leave the topic until she wins the last word.

"I am not a child. You are the child here if I am correct. And yes I am awesome. Me and Rishi are going to explore the city this weekend" Riya said excitedly. This was not the first time that they both are roaming together. But I think this is because of the place and staying together. She is happy with Rishi and I am happy for her.

"Wow that's great. And here we are sulking in the room because of the task given in the office" Dev complained about the project which is given to us. He has to design the waiting hall in a modern look using only black and white furniture.

"Awww.. already fed up with the job Romeo?" Riya asked teasing him to which he grumbled in response.

" Ah. Easy to say than doing madam. Anyway I need to bath. I think you gave a call to talk to your best friend. So carry on. I'm leaving. Bye" Dev said going to the bathroom to freshen up.

"Ya go boy. Need to talk with my girl." Riya shouted on the call making me cringe.

"Stop it Riya. He already left. Now you are going to make me deaf if you don't slow down your volume" I said removing the call from speaker and placing it to my left ear while taking a seat on the couch.

"Oh. Sorry babe. So wassup? How was your first day at the office?" She asked shuffling on the other line.

"It was great and hectic. As Dev said we got the task to complete in a week. But unlike him I'm excited to do it." I explained her thinking of the events from today.

"That's good. I know this is your dream. So what about new friends? Common choti. I need full information" Riya said demanding. I know that she wants to know if I met any new guy here. I am thinking whether to tell her about abhilash or not. But knowing her she won't leave me until I said everything. So it's better to tell.

"Actually Riya. There is something I want to say." I said sitting straight on the couch.

"Ok tell me" she said sounding serious. I think she too noticed the seriousness in my voice. So I explained everything from the start to her. From the moment I met him in the pub to our meeting in the conference room and how I am feeling about him whenever he is near to me or whenever he touches me. I need her suggestion in this matter but afraid to accept it.

"So you are saying that this Abhilash is none other than the one you have kissed in the pub?" She asked repeating for confirmation to which I said yes. "God. So I am correct when I said that it's not over." Suddenly she exclaimed on the other side. I moved away from the mobile preventing myself from her screams.

"Oh my. Riya please will you calm down." I asked shouting at her.

"Sorry sorry. I just got excited. I never expected it to become true. It was just my instinct at that time. But looks like it's really just a start for the both of you. " Riya said becoming serious.

"Please Riy

1.:00 AM itself it seems and now Ivan went inside 10 minutes back." She said taking a seat on the chair and looking at me.

"Really. I was not aware of that. So he is not calling us in line then?" I asked thinking.

"As per the current situation no. I think he is calling whenever he is free" she suggested leaning on the table and keeping her hands on it.

"Ya you might be correct. Shall we go then?" I asked after arranging everything in order and got up. I took my mobile and messaged in our WhatsApp gang to meet us at the same place in the cafeteria.

"Ya. Sure." She said getting up and following me. We both went to the cafeteria and I have introduced everyone to Divya. Surprisingly she is not that shy. I think it's only in the starting. Because once she was familiar, she even started making jokes with us. Lunch was one entertaining part because both Sahana and Karthik were bickering at each other.

I have even noticed that Divya was stealing glances at Dev whenever he is not watching her. Now this one is interesting. When Divya got the message that within 10 minutes her meeting will get started, we both got up saying goodbye to our gang and went to our floor. After reaching our cubicle Divya went inside for meeting when Bharat informed that each one of us are getting one previous designs. And from that designs we need to look for something which Abhilash will intimate us. I think this will be another task for us.

After talking some time with them I got inside my cabin and started working on my design. I want my furniture to look classy and walls with modern which gives both classy and modern look. After three hours

I got to know that even Chandan has completed his meeting half nour back. It's almost logout time and he didn't bother to call me for meeting. My mind is running through many different questions but the most important one is whether he will call me today or will he postpone it to tomorrow. Thought I will wait for another 15 to 20 minutes to find out. Even if I didn't receive any text from him by then I will leave. Everyone said their goodbyes before leaving and said to wait up to sometime to check. After 5 minutes or so I finally got a message from him saying to meet him after 10 minutes. Great. I messaged Dev that I will be late to which he replied saying that he will wait at the lawn. I checked the time and got up for the meeting. I need to face him without feeling anything.

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