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   Chapter 14 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

After completing our lunch we went down to meet karthik and Sahana. But they both already went to their training sessions it seems. So we too departed to our rooms after saying goodbye and to meet outside in the evening.

When I have entered into the conference room I can see that there are only two members present and rest of them still need to come. I went to my seat and placed my bag on the floor while taking my seat when someone called me from behind me.

"Hey Athira, you too are not shy type right?" Chandan asked me dragging his chair near to mine.

"What? Why do you ask like that" I asked him confused to why he got that doubt.

"Ya, because I tried to talk with Divya sometime ago, but she was so shy that she only answered my questions and nothing else. And I don't want the only other girl in our team to be shy too. So just clarifying my doubt you see" he said giving me his wide smile.

"Oh Divya. Ya even I too noticed that she is a bit shy. And don't worry, I am not shy definitely. " I said smiling at him.

"Thank God Athira." Said Ivan dragging his chair too near to mine. "Hai. We haven't officially met gorgeous. I am Ivan and people call me Ive when they love me" He said winking at me.

"Hai Ivan. Nice to meet you. But don't you think that this type of flirting became old." I asked making a look of thinking to which both of them laughed.

"Oh no. That's not fair Athira. Such a beautiful girl like you should not throw away a handsome guy like me you know" Ivan said as if he is the most handsome guy in the world.

"You know you have to try new types to flirt with a girl. These are old ways. Update Ivan." I said laughing to which he huffed his chest showing he is more than that.

"Burn." Chandan said laughing and tapping Ivan's shoulder. "You are awesome Athira. No one can easily flirt with you right. " Chandan asked smiling at me.

"Ya. You can say that. I have a friend who is a playboy too. So you can say that I got used to these type of old tricks" I said looking at both of us and winking.

"You think these are old ways. I will show you my new ways. Wait and see" Ivan said huffing his chest showing his male ego. I think I have busted his male ego.

"Bring it on Ivan" I said winking to which Chandan laughed making us all laugh when the rest of the team members came inside with Abhilash. The moment I saw him my laughter died down making my heart beat faster. I averted my eyes to see Ivan and Chandan seated on either side of me.

"Ok guys. I hope you enjoyed your lunch." Abhilash said standing near the table leaning on it and folding his hands. "Now everyone take this file and look into it. This is what your task will be to complete your design. I will give you one week of time to complete this design. Everyone will get a different one. So there won't be a

bags. She wrote something on her book and once she disconnected the call, she leaned on the lift wall to balance herself from falling due to heavy breaths. I don't know what was the matter but I think it's something serious since she is acting that way.

"Are you fine Aunty?" I asked looking at her in concern. She slowly nodded her head and got up from the wall.

"Thank you. You didn't have to do that" she said trying to take her bags. I shook my head and said that I will carry her bags up to her door.

Once we got to the 25th floor, we both got out and went towards the only door on the left side.

"Come in kid" she said once she opened the door. I got inside and placed the bags to the corner and stood at the entrance.

"Want to have some coffee or tea?" She asked politely smiling at me.

"Oh no. I have to go. I just came to help you. That's it" I said shaking my head and smiling at her.

"No. You helped me. You have to drink coffee. I persist" she asked looking at me. Even I want to spend some time with her. But I have to go. Dev might come back at any moment now.

"No aunty. Maybe next time. I'm staying on the 24th floor itself. Will meet again. My friend will be waiting for me" I said getting to the entrance door. "It was nice meeting you aunty" I said smiling and coming out of her house. She too came out of her house behind me following me to the lift.

"Ok. Make sure you will come to have coffee tomorrow in the evening then. And what is your name?" Aunty asked me coming towards the lift.

"My name is Athira. Sure Aunty. Will come tomorrow to have coffee then. See you. Bye" I said before the doors to the lift closed. She was good. I don't know why I have accepted to have coffee with her. But I feel like she is gentle and kind. It's nice to meet the one who is not of our age. I smiled thinking to myself and got into our flat by closing the door.

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